The Dublin University Calendar, Band 1

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Seite 15 - Act provided, and the said printed books, shall be the register of persons entitled to vote at any election of a member or members to serve in Parliament which shall take place in and for...
Seite 409 - Ye, said he, are happy, and need not envy me that walk thus among you, burthened with myself; nor do I, ye gentle beings, envy your felicity ; for it is not the felicity of man. I have many distresses from which ye are free; I fear pain when I do not feel it; I...
Seite 362 - When he was told of the disaffection of one of his subjects, he merely asked, " How many thousand men can he bring into the field ? " He once saw a crowd staring at something on a wall. He rode up, and found that the object of curiosity was a scurrilous placard against himself. The placard had been posted up so high that it was not easy to read it. Frederic ordered his attendants to take it down and put it lower. " My people and I," he said, " have come to an agreement which satisfies us both.
Seite 385 - ... solaque culminibus ferali carmine bubo saepe queri et longas in fletum ducere voces.
Seite 73 - And, lastly, we do hereby for us, our heirs, and successors, grant and declare that these our Letters Patent or the enrolment or exemplification thereof shall be in and...
Seite 358 - I was a poor friendless boy. My parents, and those who should care for me, were far away. Those few acquaintances of theirs, which they could reckon upon as being kind to me in the great city, after a little^ forced notice, which they had the grace to take of me on my first arrival in town, soon grew tired of my holiday visits.
Seite 14 - Trinity college, and one for each of the thirty-one most considerable cities, towns, and boroughs) be the number to sit and vote on the part of Ireland in the house of commons of the parliament of the united kingdom.
Seite 16 - Such voting paper, the aforesaid date and names being previously filled in, shall, on any day subsequent to notice given by the returning officer of the day for proceeding to election, be signed by the voter in the presence of a Justice of the Peace for the county or...
Seite 427 - Bow, with their crowds of buyers, sellers, and loungers, jabbering all the languages of the earth. - Thence we go on by the little hill of the silver mine, and through the meadow of lilies, along the bank of that pleasant river which is bordered on both sides by fruit-trees. On the left...

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