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those of Burns would have been often unintelligible. He has therefore yielded to the earnest request of the trustees of the family of the poet, to suffer them to appear in their natural order ; and independently of the illustration they give to the letters of our bard,

it is not to be doubted that their intrinsic merit will


ensure them a reception from the public, far beyond what Mr. Thomson's modesty would permit him to suppose. The whole of this correspondence was arranged for the press by Mr. Thomson, and has been printed with little addition or variation.

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To this are added, the greater number of the songs furnished by our bard for Mr. Johnson's publication, entitled, The Scots Musical Museum," (See p. 269) and such other of his poems, not before published, as seemed not unworthy of seeing

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Correspondence between Mr. Thomson and Mr. Burns.


No. 1. MR. THOMSON TO MR. BURNS. 1792.

Desiring the Bard to furnish verses for some

of the Scottish airs, and to revise former songs, 1 II. MR. B. to Mr.T. Promising assistance, 3 III. Mr. T. to Mr. B. sending some tunes, 5 IV. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with The Lea Rig,and

Will ye go to the Indies, my Mary,” , 8 V. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with My wife's a win

some wee thing,and O saw ye bonnie

Lesley,. . . . . . 13 VI, Mr. B. to Mr. T. with Highland Mary,” 17 VII. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Thanks, and critical ob

servations, . . . . . . 19 VIII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with an additional stanza

to The Lea Rig.. . . . 23



Page. IX. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with "Auld Rob Morris"

and Duncan Gray,” . . . 25 X. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with 66 O Poortith cauld

&c.and Galla Water," · · 29 XI. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Jan. 1793. Desiring

anecdotes on the origin of particular songs.
Tytler of Woodhouselee-Pleyel-sends P.
Pindar's Lord Gregory.”Postscript

from the Hon. A. Erskine, , : 32 XII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. Has Mr, Tytler's anec

dotes, and means to give his own-sends

bis own Lord Gregory,. . 36 XIII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with Mary Morison,” 41 XIV. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with 6 Wandering

Willie,. . . . . 43 XV. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with Open the door to me, Ob!.

. 44 XVI. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with Jessie,i 46 XVII. Mr. T. to Mr. B. with a list of songs, and

Wandering Williealtered, . 47 XVIII. Mr. B. to Mr T. When wild war's dead

ly blast was blawn,and Meg othe

Mill,. . . . . 50 XIX. Mr. B. to Mr. T. Voice of Coila-Criticism

-Origin of " The Lass o' Patie's Mill,55 XX. Mr. T. to Mr. B. . . . . 61 No.

- Page. XXI. Mr. B. to Mr. T. Simplicity requisite in a

song-One poet should not mangle the

works of another, . .. 62 XXII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. Farewell thou stream

that winding flows."Wishes that the
national music may preserve its native

features, . . . . . 66 XXIII. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Thanks and observations, 68 XXIV. Mr. B to Mr. T. with Blythe hae I

been on yon bill,. . . 70 XXV. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with O Logan,

sweetly didst thou glide.O gin my

love were yon red rose;" &c. , 73 XXVI. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Enclosing a note

Thanks, · · · · · 77 XXVII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with 56 There was a

lass and she was fair,. 79 XXVIII. Mr. B. to Mr. T. Hurt at the idea of pe

cuniary recompense-Remarks on songs, 82 XXIX. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Musical expression, 85

XXX. Mr. B. to Mr. T. For Mr. Clarke, 86 XXXI. Mr. B. to Mr. T. with Phillis the fair,87 XXXII. Mr. T. to Mr. B. Mr. AllanDrawing

from John Anderson my jo," : 90 XXXIII, Mr. B. to Mr. T. with 6 Had I a cave"

&c.-Some airs common to Scotland
and Ireland, . . . . 92


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