Paisley's Sudoku Kingdom Large Print: 100 Hard Sudoku Puzzles - 1 Per Page

Independently Published, 07.02.2017 - 104 Seiten
Limited discounted copies at $4.99 ($15.97)
  • EASY TO READ - 1 Sudoku Puzzle per page
  • Tough, challenging and hard sudoku puzzles
  • Book size - 8.5X11
  • Actual Sudoku Size - 7.5X7.5
  • Hundreds of unique books by the Publisher
  • Big grids for easy solving
Sudoku for Kids

Kids are loving it. The boxes are so big, that sometimes kids like to color them red, blue and yellow!

Sudoku Books for Adults

"Strain your brain, not your eyes." Elderly people are loving it! Looking for a gift for your granny? You got it!

Beware of other Sudoku Sellers!

Other sudoku sellers put 4-6 sudoku puzzles per page to increase their profit margin by reducing the printing cost per page. It's impossible to solve such small sudoku puzzles. It's an utter waste of money. Stay away from books with hundreds of sudoku puzzles but with less pages.

We understand your pain!

Before starting our publishing company we have read hundreds of reviews of sudoku solvers. The number one complain of most people is that 'small print' sudoku puzzles are flooding the market. People have a lot of regrets after spending their money on 'small print' sudoku puzzles. So, we solved the issue! We only sell sudoku books with large prints. All our Sudoku puzzles are 7.5X7.5 in size.

We have hundreds of books with thousands of unique sudoku puzzles! You will never run out of sudoku puzzles ever!

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