Auld Robin Gray, a ballad [with 2 continuations, ed. by sir W. Scott].


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Seite 9 - Before he had been gane a twelvemonth and a day, My father brak his arm, our cow was stown away ; My mother she fell sick — my Jamie was at sea — And Auld Robin Gray, oh ! he came a-courting me.
Seite 10 - But she look'd in my face till my heart was like to break : They gi'ed him my hand, but my heart was at the sea; Sae auld Robin Gray he was gudeman to me. I hadna been a wife a week but only four, When mournfu...
Seite 10 - I hadna been his wife, a week but only four, When mournfu' as I sat on the stane at my door, I saw my Jamie's ghaist — I cou'dna think it he, Till he said, 'I'm come hame, my love, to marry thee!' 0 sair, sair did we greet, and mickle say of a'; Ae kiss we took, nae mair — I bad him gang awa.
Seite 5 - Had he asked me the question obligingly, I should have told him the fact distinctly and confidentially. The annoyance, however, of this important ambassador from the antiquaries, was amply repaid to me by the noble exhibition of the ' Ballat of Auld Robin Gray's Courtship,' as performed by dancing-dogs under my window.
Seite 9 - When the sheep are in the fauld, when the cows come hame, When a' the weary world to quiet rest are gane, The woes of my heart fa in showers frae my ee, Unken'd by my gudeman, who soundly sleeps by me. " Young Jamie loo'd me weel, and sought me for his bride; But saving ae crown-piece, he'd naething else beside. To make the crown a pound, my Jamie gaed to sea ; And the crown and the pound...
Seite 4 - Gray' was either a very very ancient ballad, composed perhaps by David Rizzio,and a great curiosity, or a very very modern matter, and no curiosity at all. I was persecuted to avow whether I had written it or not — where I had got it. Old Sophy kept my counsel, and I kept my own, in spite of the gratification of seeing a reward of twenty guineas offered in the newspapers to the person who should ascertain the point past a doubt, and the still more flattering circumstance...
Seite 2 - Gray,' so called from its being the name of the old herd at Balcarras, was born soon after the close of the year 1771. My sister Margaret had married, and accompanied her husband to London; I was melancholy, and endeavored to amuse myself by attempting a few poetical trifles.
Seite 3 - Gray' was always called for. I was pleased in secret with the approbation it met with ; but such was my dread of being suspected of writing anything, perceiving the shyness it created in those who could write nothing, that I carefully kept my own secret.
Seite 2 - She did not object to its having improper words, though I did. I longed to sing old Sophy's air to different words, and give to its plaintive tones some little history of virtuous distress in humble life, such as might suit it.
Seite 11 - Nae langer she wept^— her tears were a' spent,— Despair it was come, and she thought it content; She thought it content, but her cheek it grew pale, And she droop'd, like a lily broke down by the hail.

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