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Bocb records shall be evidence in courts, the same as
the original papers or proceedings. With the consent

tween the first day of April and [the time for] the col-
lection of taxes for the same year, such temporary
loans for the different funds, anticipating the revenue
of the current year, as be shall deem expedient, and
such loans shall be subject to the approval of the com-
mon council. He shall examine the books, reports,
papers, vouchers and accounts of the treasurer, and
from time to time perform such other and further
duties as the common council may direct. He shall
keep a record of all bis acts and doings, which record
shall be open to the inspection of all parties interested.
He shall not be directly or indirectly interested in
any contract or job to which the city or either of the
wards shall be a party. He shall have
minister oaths and affirmations. All claims and de-
mands against the city, before they are allowed by the
common council, shall be audited and adjusted by the
comptroller, and the common council may modify,
correct or disallow the same.

SECTION 4. The city clerk shall keep the corporate Clerk-his seal and all the papers and records of the city, except the records of the comptroller. He shall, ex officio, be clerk of the board of education, clerk of 'the board of public works and clerk of the board of health. He shall attend the meetings of such boards and the meetings of the common council, and keep a correct record of the proceedings thereof. The records kept by him shall be evidence in all legal proceedings, and copies of

papers filed in his office, and transcripts from the records certified by him under the corporate seal shall be evidence in all courts, in like manner as if the origi. nal were produced. He shall keep a full and accurate account of all orders drawn on the city treasury, in a book provided for that purpose, under appropriate beads

, chargeable to the fund upon which they may be drawn. He shall record all papers and proceedings had relative to the opening and laying out, widening, grading , improving or vacating streets, lanes or alleys,

papers and proceedings in any public improvement which is done, controlled or authorized by the city, in books prepared for that purpose

, and shall certify as to the time such records are made; and all of the common council, the city clerk shall have power

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and also all

Treasurer-bis duties.

to appoint a deputy, and in case a deputy is not appointed, and the clerk shall be absent, the common council shall have power to appoint a clerk pro tem. The city clerk shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations.

SECTION 5. The treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the city, and keep an accurate and detailed account thereof, together with an account of all disbursements, in such manner as the common council shall direct. He shall collect all licenses, duties and moneys, all taxes and assessments which may be levied or assessed upon the real and personal property in the city, and exercise the same powers, when not otherwise prescribed by this act, as control and govern treasurers of towns, and shall be subject to the same liabilities : provided, that he shall receive no fees for his services except such salary as shall be paid him by the city. He shall pay all orders drawn upon the treasury, under an order of the common council, or as is otherwise authorized out of the proper funds. He shall report to the comptroller quarterly at least, and at such other times as the common council shall require, a full and detailed account of all receipts and expenditures after the date of the last quarterly report, and also of the state of the treasury, which statement shall be filed with the city clerk.

SECTION 6. The city attorney shall conduct all the law business of the city and of ihe departments thereof, and all other business in which the city shall be interested, when so ordered by the common council. He shall furnish written opinions upon subjects submitted to him by the mayor or common council, or any department of the corporation. He shall keep a docket of all cases to which the city may be a party in any court whatever, in which shall be briefly entered all steps taken in each case, which shall at all times be open to the inspection of the mayor, comptroller, or any committee of the common council. It shall also be his duty to draft all ordinances, bonds, contracts, leases, conveyances, and such other instruments in writing as may be required by the common council, and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the ordinances of the city, or by any resolution of the common council: provided, the common council

Attorney-his daties.


his duties.

shall have power to appoint such other attorneys to transact any business as may be deemed necessary.

SECTION 7. The city surveyor shall be a practical Surveyor-his survepor and engineer. He shall keep his office at sone convenient place within the city, and the common council shall prescribe bis duties and fix the fees and compensation for any service performed by him. All surveys, profiles, plans and estimates made by him for the city, shall be the property of the city, and shall be carefully preserved in the office of the surveyor, open to the inspection of the parties interested, and when required by the common council, he shall file copies of plans, profiles and estimates with the city clerk, and all books and papers appertaining to said office shall be delivered over by the surveyor, at the espiration of his term of office, to his successor or the common council.

SECTION 8. The fire marshal shall in all cases have Fire marshalcontrol of the different fire companies of the city, their engines, steamers and fire apparatus, and also the direction and control of the members thereof when called out on duty, subject only to the control of the common council. He shall see that the engines, steamers an i apparatus of the fire department are kept in perfect order and readiness for immediate use, and shall cause all necessary repairs to be made, without letting the same by contract, and report the same to the common council for approval and allowance. He shall use his utmost endeavors in preventing and subduing fires, and control the firemen thereat. He shall perform such other further duties as are prescribed in other provisions of this act and by the ordinances and resolutions of the common council.

SECTION 9. The street superintendent shall hold Street superin b's office during the pleasure of the common council. duties. It shall be his duty to superintend and control all repairs to streets, alleys, lanes, public grounds, wells, Tezervoirs, gutters, sewers and public pumps, at the expense of the proper ward, under the direction of the aldermed thereof, and shall see that all the ordinances of the city relating to the obstruction and cleaning of sidewaiks, streets, alleys, public grounds, reservoirs, sewers, guiters and water courses within the city, are duly observed and kept. He shall weekly make report to the commissioners of the ward in which any work

of schools-his

has been done, of the amount thereof and the number of days employed therein, and if such work is charge. able to any lot, to report the description thereof, and shall perform such other and further duties as the common council may prescribe. He shall not be directly or indirectly interested in any work or in any contract to work or furnish materials for said city, under penalty

of removal from office. Superintendent

SECTION 10. The superintendent of schools shall duties.

perform such duties as the board of education shall require by ordinance or resolution, or by other provisions of this act. He shall act under the advice and direction of the board, and shall have the superintendence of all public schools, school houses, books and apparatus. He shall acquaint himself with whatever principles and facts may concern the interests of popular education, and with all matters pertaining in any way to the organization, discipline and instruction of public schools, to the end that all the children in said city who are instructed at the public schools, may ob. tain within their respective schools the best education which their schools are able to impart. He shall visit all schools as often as his duties will permit, and shall pay special attention to the classification of the pupils in the several schools, and to the apportionment among the classes of the prescribed studies. He shall carefully observe the teaching and discipline of all the teachers employed in the public schools, and shall report to the board whenever he shall tind any teacher deficient or incompetent in the discharge of his or her duties. He shall attend all the meetings of the board of education when required, and shall keep the board constantly informed of the condition of the public

schools and the changes required in the same. Chief of police

SECTION 11. The chief of police shall hold his office during the pleasure of the common council, and shall perform such duties as shall be prescribed by this act, or by any ordinance of the city, for the preservation of the public peace, the health of the city and for the collection of fines and license money. He shall possess the power of a constable at common law, or by the laws of this state, and shall receive like fees, nor'shall he receive any fees for serving any process, making any arrest, or performing any duties from the city of Fond du Lac, except such salary as may be

-his powers and duties.

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provided by the common council. He shall, under the direction of the mayor, be the chief executive of the police department. He shall repair to all fires, riots and tumultuous assemblies, take charge of the police present, and use every exertion to protect properiy, disperse mobs and cause to be arrested all persons engaged in disturbing the peace.

He shall bave power to direct the policemen to any place where he shall deem their services necessary.

He shall promptly report to the mayor all complaints against the policemen, and cause to be obeyed all rules and regulations prescribed for the police department. He shall have charge of the watch house and the keys thereof.

SECTION 12. The police justice shall have and police justice possess al general authority, powers and rights which jurisdiction. are or may be given to justices of the peace by virtue of any law of the state now in force, or which may be hereafter enacted, and shall also possess all the authority, powers and rights of justices of the peace in civil and criminal proceedings, and shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all cases to which the city shall be a party cognizable before a justice of the peace, and shall Lave the same power and authority

in cases of con. iera pt as a court of record : provided, that nothing berein contained shall be deemed to divest the judges of the circuit court or of the county court of their authority as conservators of the public peace, or to atect in any manner the powers or jurisdiction of the circuit or county courts of Fond du Lac county. He skall be entitled to receive for his services the same compensation in fees as is allowed by law to justices of the peace for similar services, and no other; but the city sha:l not be liable to said police justice for his sard fees, except such as accrue in prosecutions for the violation of the charter or ordinances of the city, wherein the costs are not and cannot be collected of the difender, and whenever the common council shall allow the same. In case of the absence, sickness, or In case of abother inability of the police justice, the mayor, by war- sence. rant, may authorize any justice of the peace within said city to perform the duties of police justice during such inability; and it shall thereupon be the duty of the mayor to inform the city attorney and chief of police of such substitution, and make report thereof to the common council, and the common council may

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