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AN ACT to incorporate the Buscobel and Crawford county bridge


The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:
SECTION 1. Alfred Palmer, O. P. Knowlton, G. W.

Corporators. Cowen, Francis McSpader, W. H. H. Beadle, Edwin Mever, D. G. Snover, W. W. Field, G. C. Harrington, Nelson Enyant, James Calloway and Alonzo Carson, their associates and succesors are hereby created a body corporate and politic by the name and style of the Bos- Name and cobel and Crawford county bridge company; and by powers. that pame shall have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, have a common seal, and alter or renew the same at pleasure, may purchase, hold, sell and convey real, personal and mixed property and estate, make by-laws and rules for the regulation and conduct of its affairs, prescribe the number, powers, duties and compensation of its officers and servants, and generally to possess the rights, privileges and franchises of a corportion.

SECTION 2. The business and affairs of said com- Board of dipany shall be managed by a board of five directors, rectors. who shall be stockholders and be elected annually by the stockholders of the company, at such time and place as may be prescribed by the by-laws of the ecrpany, or by resolution of the board of directors, and bold their offices for the term of one year, or Term of office. until their successors are lawfully elected, and in case a vacancy shall occur from any cause, the remain. Vacancy—how ing directors may elect another to fill such vacancy; ard in case any election shall not be effected at the regular time appointed therefor, said corporation shall Dot for that reason be dissolved, but such election may be beld at such other time as may be appointed by the directors, and at all such elections, each stockholder stockholders shall be entitled in person or by proxy to as many entitled to one votes as he holds shares of stock in said corporation, share. and the five stockholders receiving the highest number of votes shall be the directors for the year next ensuing such election.


books for sub

SECTION 3. Said corporation shall have power and May construct bridge.

is hereby authorized to construct and maintain a bridge across the Winconsin river, from Boscobel in Grant county, to some point in Crawford county, the

the precise locality to be determiued by the board of Dimensions of directors. The said bridge shall not be less than sixbridge.

teen feet in width, with strong railings at the sides, and shall be constructed and maintained in a safe and sub

stantial manner for the passage of teams, animals and Not to obstruct foot passengers, and shall not in any manner interfere

with or obstruct the full navigation of the Wisconsin

river or the running or rafting of logs or lumber. Capital stock.

SECTION 4. The captial stock of said company shall not exceed thirty thousand dollars in shares of fifty dollars each ; and said corporators or a majority of them,

are hereby authorized to receive subscriptions to the May open capital stock of said company, and may open books for Feription of subscription at such times and places as they, or a spítalstock. majority of them may direct, until said sum or such

an amount as they may deem necessary to secure the completion of said bridge shall be taken, which stock shall be payable in such manner as may be prescribed by a majority of said corporators, in the contract of

subscription. When meeting SECTION 5. Whenever one hundred shares of said may be ealled.

captial stock shall have been taken as provided in section four of this act, a majority of said corporators may, upon ten days' notice conspicuously posted in writing in some public place in the village of Boscobel, in the county of Grant, call a meeting of the stock

holders, specifying time and place, who shall be authWho shall be

orized to elect five of their number to be the first difirst directors. rectors of the company, and said directors so elected

sbal! immediately enter upon the managment of the business of the company as elsewhere provided in this

act. Shares personal SECTION 6. The shares of the capital stock of said property and

corporation shall be personal property, and transferable on the books of the company, but no stock shall be transferable while the holder is indebted to the company except by the unanimous consent of the directors, and the directors may receive subscriptions to the capital stock in such amounts as they may deem to be for the interest of the company, never exceeding in the aggregate the sum of thirty thousand dollars. They



may receive pay for such stock in such manner and Directors may time by instalments or otherwise as they may see fit, unpaid stock! and may forfeit and sell any stock upon which any instalment may be due and unpaid, such sale to be at public auction and to the highest bidder, ten days' notice of such sale having been given by posting notices in three public places in the village of Boscobel; and if there be any excess from proceeds of such sale over and above the amount of such unpaid instalments, costs and expenses of sale, it shall be paid to the person in whose name the stock stood upon the books before the forfeiture.

SECTION 7. The corporation hereby created is al-When bridge to lowe l until the first day of January 1870, in which to and when fincommence, and the first day of January 1872, in which to complete the construction of the bridge as provided in section three of this act; and whenever said bridge is completed it shall be lawful for the company to demand and collect tolls for passing over said bridge as tolle.

May collect follows: for any vehicle drawn by two animals, twenty. Rates of tolls. five cents; for any vehicle drawn by one animal, fifteen cents; for a single animal and rider, ten cents; for horses, mules, or cattle in droves exceeding ten in number, three cents each ; for such animals in smaller droves, five cents each; for hogs or sheep in droves, two cents each; for foot passengers, five cents each. The rates of toll allowed by this act shall be kept conspicuously posted at each end of said bridge.

SECTION 8. Any person who shall forcibly or fraud. Penalty for non alent.y pass over the bridge authorized by this act to 2010. be constructed without paying the legal toll, shall be guilty of trespass, and for each offence forfeit the sum of fise dollars to and for the use of the said company, to be recovered with costs, as in other actions in tort, in any courts baving competent jurisdiction.

SECTION 9. A majority of the board of directors Quorum. shall be a quorum to transact or direct business, and they may appoint such officers as they may think proper for the transaction of business, and may fix the compensation of such officers.

Section 10. Any and all acts contravening in any wise t'e provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

SECTION 11. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved February 8, 1868.


[Published March 18, 1868.]

AN ACT to amend section one of chapter 325 of the private and

local laws of 1867, entitled “an act for the preservation of fish in certain lakes and streams in the county of Waukesha."

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:


SECTION 1. Section one, chapter 325, of the private and local laws of 1867, entitled "an act for the preservation of fish in certain lakes and streams in the county of Waukesha," is hereby amended by striking out all of section one of said chapter, and inserting the following: No person or persons shall draw or use any spear, seine or net, in the waters of any of the lakes and streams in the towns of Summit, Oconomowoc and Delafield, in the county of Waukesha, or connected therewith, in the county of Jefferson, or use any other thing except hooks and lines, for the purpose of taking or catching fish therein or therefrom: provided, that this shall not apply to the use of any scoop-nets for taking minnows for bait for the catching of fish with the book.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 8, 1868.


(Published March 18, 1868.

AN ACT to extend the time for collecting the taxes in the county

of Clark.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:

Time extended.

SECTION 1. The time for the collection of taxes in in the county of Clark is hereby extended until the first

Monday in July next: provided, this act shall not affect the collecting of the state tax as now provided by law.

SECTION 2. 1 his act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 8, 1868.


UN ACT to authorize the state superintendent of public instruction

to apportion school moneys to the towns of Monroe and Strong's Prairie, in the county of Adams.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows : SECTION 1. The state superintendent of public in. Shall apportion struction in apportioning the income of the school fund school fund. in the year 1868, shall apportion to the towns of Monroe ani Strong's Prairie, in the county of Adams, the amount the said towns would have been entitled to if joint school district number one therein had maintained a school for five months during the year ending August 31st, 1867. SECTION 2. The town clerks of the said towns of Town clerks

shall apportion Monroe and Strong's Prairie shall, during the year 1868, full sum! apportion to joint district number one thereof the full sum of money said district would have been entitled to if the annual report of the clerk of said district for the

year 1867 had shown that a school had been maintained therein by a qualified teacher for five months during the year covered by said report.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after passage and publication.

Approved February 8, 1868.

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