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performance of any covenants in such lease, as are given by law in other cases. But no buildings shall be erected thereon : provided, no lease for a longer period than three years shall at any time be executed, and the owner or owners of the adjoining lot or lots shall in all cases have the preference in leasing such property; but a free passage over the same for all persons with their baggage, shall be reserved in such lease." Subdivision thirteen of said section three is hereby amended so as to read as follows: "To establish cemetery grounds, regulate the burial of the dead and the returns of the bills of mortality, to establish police regulations over any cemetery grounds belonging to said city, for the prevention of the discharge of fire-arms of bunting on said grounds, or mutilating or defacing any part of said grounds or any improvements thereon, or disorderly conduct on said grounds or in any manner trespassing thereon; and all burial or cemetery grounds and all grounds set apart for public use, belonging to said city are hereby declared to be exempt from taxation.” Sub-division twenty-four of said section three, is hereby amended by adding thereto the following: “To preserve the harbor; to prevent any use of the same or any act in relation thereto inconsistent with or detrimental to the public health, or calculated to render the waters of the same, or any part thereof, impure or offensive, or tending in any degree to fill up or obstruct the same; to prevent and punish the casting or depositing therein any earth, ashes or other substance, filth, logs or floating matter; to prevent and remove all obstructions therein and to punish the authors thereof; to regulate and prescribe the mode and speed of entering and leaving the harbor and of coming to and departing from the wharves and streets of said city by steamboats and other crafts and vessels, and the disposition of the sails, yards, anchors and appurtenances thereof while entering, leaving or abiding in the harbor; and to regulate and prescribe by such ordinances, or through their harbor master or other authorized officer, such location of every steamboat or other craft or vessel or float, and such changes of station in and use of the harbor as may be necessary to promote order therein, and the safety and equal convenience, as near as may be, of all such boats

, vessels, crafts or floats, and may impose penalties not


school, a certificate of qualification, and such certificate shall have the same force as a certificate of the highest grade issued by a county superintendent or other school officer of this state : provided, however, that if the person appointed by the board of education shall not act as principal of the high school, then the city council shall fix his salary as city superintendent at a sum in no case to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum, to be paid out of the general fund of the city."

SECTION 7. Section ten of title ten of said act is hereby amended, by striking out the words “one hundred” where they occur in said section and inserting in lieu thereof the words "one hundred and fifty."

SECTION 8. This act shall take effect and be in force on or after its passage and publication.

Approved March 2, 1868.



[Published April 3, 1868.]

AN ACT to repeal chapter 19 of the laws of 1868, entitled "an act to authorize school district number one (1), in the town of Whitewater, in the county of Walworth, to borrow money for the erection of a school building."


The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. Chapter 19 of the laws of the year 1868, entitled "an act to authorize school district number

one (1), in the town of Whitewater, in the county of Walworth, to borrow money for the erection of a school building," is hereby repealed.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 2, 1868.

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