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[Published March 18, 1868.1

AN ACT to authorize the legal voters of Juneau county to vote

upon the question of the removal of the county seat.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The qualified electors of the county of May vote for reJuneau may vote at the annual town meeting in April ty seat. next, upon the question of removing the county seat from the village of Mauston to the village of New Lisbon in said county. The board of registry in the several towns and precincts of the county of Juneau, shall meet on the last Tuesday, preceding the town meeting in April next, for the purpose of correcting the registry list of voters made in November last, and shall proceed to correct and make up such list in conformity with the law, applicable to the general elections; and the lists thus corrected shall be used at the polls, for the purpose of guarding against illegal voting at said town meeting, and such lists when so corrected, sball at all times be opich 10 the inspection of all persons desiring to examine the same, and no person whose name does not appear thereon shall be allowed to vote upon such question at said election, unless he shall sbow to the board of inspectors of the election, that he is lawfully entitled to vote, by furnishing such evidence to them as is required by the general registry law of the state, and in such towns as have established election precincts prior to the passage of this act, all legal voters residing within the boundaries of such precincts shall be allowed to vote upon this question in the precinct in which they reside.

SECTION 2. The votes shall be given by ballots on Form of ballot. separate pieces of paper in the following form : " for Maustonor contra,"" for New Lisbon," and shall be received by the inspectors of the several election precincts and deposited in a box separate from ballots cast for town officers.

SECTION 3. The votes cast upon this question shall How canvassed be canvassed by the inspectors in the same manner as

and returned. other votes are canvassed and returns made to the clerk

If vote for removal, clerk to

of the county board within six days after the town meeting

SECTION 4. The clerk of the county board shall, at the expiration of the time specified in the foregoing section, call to his assistance two justices of the peace to act with him as canvassers, and they shall proceed at once to canvass the votes that are properly returned by the inspectors of the several precincts in said county of Juneau. SECTION 5. If

upon the final canvass by the board issue order for specified in the preceding section, it is found that a county offices. majority of the votes cast are for New Lisbon, the

clerk of the board shall at once issue an order to each of the county officers to move their offices, books and papers, to the village of New Lisbon, within thirty

days after receiving such notice. Penalty for dis SECTION 6. In case of refusal or willful neglect of obeying order. any of said officers, obeying the order specified in the

fifth section of this act, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and subjected to a fine by any justice of the peace of not less than ten dollars, or impriso iment not less than ten days, for every day he shall continue to hold his office in the village of Mauston.

SECTION 7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 4, 1868.


[Published March 18, 1868.]

AN ACT to authorize school district No. 1, in the town and village

of Manitowoc to levy a tax to build a school house.

May vote and levy tax.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. The electors of school district No. 1, in the town and village of Manitowoc, in the county of Manitowoc, are hereby authorized and empowered to vote and cause to be levied, a tax upon all the taxable property in said district, not exceeding the amount

sessed and col.


of five thousand dollars annually, for the purpose of building a school house, which, when completed, shall cost not less than ten, nor more than twenty-five thou. sand dollars.

SECTION 2. The tax authorized by this act shall be How tax aslevied, assessed and collected in the same manner as lected. taxes for other purposes in said district are or may, by law be levied, assessed and collected and when collected, shall be paid over to the treasurer of the district, who is hereby required to give his bond with sufficient Bureties to the district in double the amount of such tax, conditioned for the keeping and disbursing the moneys so coming into his hands, in the manner provided in this act; such bond to be appproved by the clerk or director or both.

SECTION 3. Before any such tax shall be levied, District clerk the clerk of the district, on application in writing of plans and speten or more electors of the district, shall without un. necessary delay, procure from some competent archilect. plans and specification for four several buildings to be constructed either of brick or stone, or of both, the estimated cost of which when completed to be respectively ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five thousand dollars, and shall submit such plans and specifications to the inspection of the said electors and forthwith give public notice of not less than twenty nor more than thirty days by publishing the same for three successive weeks, in the two newspapers published in said district, of the time and place that a meeting of the said electors will be held for the purpose of determining by vote which of said plans, if either, shall be adopied, and the sum to be annually raised by tax for constructing the building upon such plans: provided, that if at such meeting or at any subsequent meeting the said electors shall fail to adopt either of said plans, of to vote any tax, then upon like application the said clerk shall give like notice of a meeting submitting the same or other plads to a vote of said electors.

SECTION 4. 'At any meeting so notified as aforesaid, Names of votthe names of all the electors present and voting shall er to be regisbe registered by the clerk, and if a majority of those present and voting shall vote in favor of any sum for a school house to cost not less than ten thousand dollars, such sum shall be levied, assessed and collected in amounts not exceeding in any one year the sum of

Clerk gball give

District board


five thousand dollars; and it is hereby made the duty of the proper officers of said district to annually levy, assess, collect and disburse the sums so voted to be raised by tax in the manner provided in this act.

SECTION 5. As soon as the plan of a school house potice for pro- shall have been adopted and the sum necessary for the

construction voted by the electors of the district, it shall be the duty of the clerk of the district 'to give notice of not less than twenty nor more than thirty days, by publishing the same in all the newspapers published in said village, that sealed proposals for the construction of the said house on the plan so adopted will be received by him, and on a day to be named, the same will be opened and contracts entered into by

the board, and thereupon the said board or a majority may make con- of them may enter into contract or contracts with the

lowest responsible bidder or bidders for the completion of the wbole or any portion of said house, such contract or contracts to be guarantied by sureties approved by a majority of the board, and may contract to pay to the contractor or contractors upon their contract or contracts, money or orders or both, and for that purpose they or a majority of them may direct their clerk to sign and their directors to countersign orders on the treas. urer to the amount and payable in those years in which the said tax is to be annually levied and collected, and the said treasurer to pay over the same on the contract or contracts according to the terms thereof; and for the purpose of raising money to be paid on any contract or contracts, the said board or a majority of them are hereby further authorized and empowered to negotiate and sell for money any or all of such orders so authorized to be issued at any rates of discount below their pominal par value, not exceeding the legal rate of annual interest on the dollar of such nominal par value; and all such orders which may be so issueà, paid out or negotiated and sold shall be receivable by the proper officer in payment of any such tax so as aforesaid to be levied in the years in which the same shall become due and payable.

SECTION 6. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved February 5, 1868.


AN ACT to amend the title of chapter 496, of the private and local lars of 1867, entitled “an act to incorporate the Milwaukee Verchants' and fire insurance company,

" and to amend section one of said chapter 496. The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

ard assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The title to chapter 496 of the private Amended. and local laws of 1867, is hereby amend so as to read as follows: "An act to incorporate the Merchants' marine and fire insurance company of Milwaukee.

SECTIox 2. Section one of chapter 406, of the Name of comprivate and local laws of 1867, is hereby amended by pany changed. striking out the words, “Merchants' insurance com. pang," in the seventh line of said section, and inserting the words "Merchants marine and fire insurance company of Milwaukee," so as to read as follows: That Lester Sexton, Edward D. Holton, William A. Corporators. Prentiss, David Furgeson, Jobn Nazro, Hoel H. Camp, John A. Dutcher, Edwin Townsend, T. H. Judd and John J. Talmadge and their associates, successors and assiges, be and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of the #Merchants marine and fire insurance company of Mil. waukee, and by such name may have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, Powers of the answer and be answered unto, in all courts and places corporation. wcatsoever, and have and use a common seal, and may renew and alter the same at pleasure. Said compans alall have power to purchase, hold, enjoy and convey all such real and personal property as may be necessary for the convenient transaction of the business and affairs of said company, and for the preservation and safe-keeping of their books, papers and records, and also to make all such by-laws, rules and regula. tions not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States, or of this state, as shall be necessary for the proper management, regulation and control of their business affairs, and may alter and amend the same from time to time at pleasure.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect and be in
force from and after its passage.
Approved February 5, 1868.

3 P. & L LAWS.

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