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Officers-elective and appointive.

sball be vested in a president, who shall be ex officio trustee, and six trustees, and such other officers as are hereinafter provided for; and said president and trustees shall receive no compensation for any services rendered conformably to the provisions of this act.

SECTION 3. The officers of said corporation shall be one president and six trustees, one clerk, one treasurer, one police justice and one constable, who shall be ex officio marshall of said corporation, and such other officers as the trustees shall ordain. The president and trustees and police justice shall be elected by the qualified voters of said corporation, on the second Monday of May of each year, and shall hold their respective offices for one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. The clerk shall give at least ten days' notice of the time and place of holding an election, and the president and trustees, or any two of them shall preside at every such election; and any vacancy in the office of president shall be filled by a special election, and vacancies in the office of trustees shall be filled by the president and trustees. All other officers shall be appointed by the president and trustees, and shall hold their offices during the term for which the trustees are elected, and until their succes.

sors are appointed and qualified, and shall be subject Qualification of to removal by the president and trustees.

All persons qualified to vote in said village for member of the state assembly and who shall have resided in said village for twenty days next preceding the election, at which he may offer to vote, shall be entitled to vote for any officers required to be elected by this act. Whenever any person shall present himself to give his vote, and either of the judges shall suspect that such person does not possess the qualifications of an elector, or if his vote shall be challenged by an elector, the judges or some one of them, before receiving the vote of any such percause such


to take an oath that he possesses the qualifications prescribed in this section, and that he has not voted at such election, which oath may be administered by any or either of such judges ; and the general provisions of law so far as applicable, relating to the challenge of voters and the oath to be tendered, administered or taken by a person whose vote is challenged, and the penalties provided for taking such oath falsely, wilfully and knowingly, shall all


son, shall


Duty of president.

Municipal court.

conditions and with such sureties as said trustees or a majority of them shall direct.

SECTION 9. The president shall preside at all meetings of trustees, sign all permissions, licenses and permits which may be granted by the trustees. He shall matintain peace and good order and see that the ordinances of the village are observed and executed, and when presiding at any meeting of the trustees, shall have a casting vote when the votes of the members are equal.

SECTION 10. There is hereby created and established a municipal court in said village, to be styled the police court, and the person elected the police justice of said village shall hold the said poilce court; and he shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations, and to take and certify acknowledments and proofs of the execution of deeds and other instruments of writing relating to real estate, and other matters required by law to be acknowledged or recorded, or both. As a judicial officer and court, the said police court and justice shall have and possess all the authority, juris. diction, powers and rights of justices of the peace and justices' courts in civil and criminal proceedings; and shall bave concurrent jurisdiction with justices of the peace and justices' courts of this state residing in the said village of all civil and criminal actions and causes for the violation of any provisions of tbis act,

or of any ordinance, by-law, rule, regulation or resolution of the said village; and the said police justice shall receive the same fees as a justice of the peace receives for his services, but the village shall not be liable for his fees except such as accrue in prosecutions or actions brought in the name of the corporation for the violation of the provisions of this act, or for the violation of the ordinances of said village. Appeals and writs of certiorari may be taken from the judgment of the police justice in the same manner and with the same effect as from justices of

the peace.

Meetings of trustees.

SECTION 11. The president and trustees shall prescribe the time and fix the place of their meetings, which shall at all times be open to the public ; and shall determine the rules of their proceedings and keep a journal thereof, which shall be open for the inspection of every elector at all reasonable times and hours ;

him, and shall not be drawn therefrom except by a

and shall have power to preserve order and propriety, in their proceedings; and may adopt such by-laws, rules and regulations for their government as are not inconsistent with provisions of this act; and shall have power to compel the attendence of its members.

Section 12. The marshal shall possess all the pow. Duties of marers and enjoy all the rights of a constable of this shal. state, and be subject to the same liabilities. It shall be his duty to execute all writs and processes to him directed by the police justice, or other judicial officer and when necessary in criminal cases, or for the violation of any of the provisions of this actor of any ordinance of said village, or by-law, rule, regulation or resolution thereof, he may serve the same in any part

of the state of Wisconsin. It shall be his duty to suppress all riots, disturbances and breaches of the peace and to apprehend all disorderly persons in said village, and pursue and arrest any person fleeing from justice in any part of the state of Wisconsin ; to apprehend any person in the act of committing any offense against the provisions of this act, or of the laws of this state

, or the ordinances, by-laws, rules and re gulations of the village, and forthwith to bring such person before competent authority for examination; and for such and other similar services he shall receive like fees as allowed to constables for like services. It shall be the duty of the marsbal to see that all peddlers, hawkers, and common showmen, and all other exhibitors, pay their licenses according to law and this act and the ordinances of the village, and in default of pay. ment to prosecute for the same in the corporate name of the vilage and pay over the same to the treasurer

SECTION 13. The treasurer of said village shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as may be lawfully required of him by the ordinances, rules, regulations, resolutions or by-laws of said village, and by law. All money raised, received, recovered and col. lected by means of any tax, license, fine, forfeiture or otherwise, under the authority of this act, or which belongs to said village, shall be paid to and received by written order, signed by the president, and countersigned

Such order shall specify the amount of money to be drawn and its ob

when received by him.

Duties of trca

by the clerk by order of the trustees.

jects. He shall keep a just and accurate account of all moneys and other things coming into his hands as treasurer in a book to be provided by the trustees for that purpose, which shall remain the property of the village wherein he shall note the time when, the person from whom, the amount of the several sums received, and the source from whence the said sums arose, which said book, at all seasonable times, shall be open to the inspection of the electors of the village. He shall as often as the trustees require, render to such trustees a minute account of his receipts and payments, and at the expiration of his term of office he shall pay over and deliver to his successor all moneys, books, and

vouchers in his possession belonging to said village. Duties of clerk.

SECTION 14. It shall be the duty of the clerk to keep a record of the doings of the board of trustees, especially of the passing of by-laws, ordinances, rules, resolutions and regulatior s, and also a faithful record of all the doings and votes of the inhabitants of said village at their annual and other legal meetings, and to keep on file all papers which may be ordered by the trustees. The records kept by the clerk shall be evidence in all legal proceedings, and copies of all papers duly filed in his office and transcripts from the records of proceedings of the board of trustees, certified by him under the corporate seal shall

be evidence in all courts of the contents of the same. He shall keep the corporate seal of the said village. He shall keep a full and accurate account of all orders drawn on the treasury, in a book provided for that purpose, and shall keep all accounts of the corporation with individuals and shall keep an accurate account with the treasurer and charge him with all taxes levied and the sums of money paid in the treasury; and all receipts of the payment of money or property to the treasurer, shall be countersigned by the clerk before they shall be a legal voucher against the village. The clerk sb

The clerk shall have power to administer oaths. Other officers

SECTION 15. The president and trustees shall have

power from time to time to require other and further pointed.

duties to be performed by any officer whose duties are herein prescribed, and to appoint such other officers as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this act, and to prescribe their duties and to fix the compensation of all officers elected or appointed by

may be ap

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