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[Published March 17, 1868. ]

AN ACT to legalize the proceedings of the county board of supervisors of the county of Grant in laving out a certain road therein.

The pople of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The action of the board of supervisors Legalized. of the county of Grant in laying out a road through the towns of Lancaster, Liberty and Cliften in the year 1866 is hereby rendered in all respects lawful, notwithstanding any informalities.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved January 24, 1868.


[Published January 27, 1868.)

AN ACT to prevent the obstruction of the navigation of the Kin. nickinick river in the city of Milwaukee.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows :

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SECTION 1. The Kinnickinick river from the place Declared nave

gable. of its contluence with the Milwaukee river, to the place where the common highway road or street known as Clinton street, crosses the same, is hereby declared to be a navigable river and public highway of water, and it shall not be lawful for any person or corporation to

Building of erect. construct, or maintain any bridge or other ob- bridges probibo straction in said Kipnickinick river, which shall interfere with, binder or prevent the free use and navigation of said river, between the points aforesaid, with any watercraft which is commonly used in any branch of the carrying trade on lake Michigan, and in the harbors thereof, except the same shall be specially authorized by act of the legislature.



City surveyor shall designate place of draw

Railway com SECTION 2. The Chicago and Milwaukee railway pany draw in bridge company, their successors and assigns, are hereby au

thorized and empowered to keep and maintain their railway across said Kinnickinick river, where the same is now located: provided a good and sufficient draw or opening in said railway shall be made, kept and main. tained as provided and required in the next section of this act.

SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of the city survey.

or of the city of Milwaukee, subject to the approval of bridge.

the common council of said city, immediately after the passage of this act, to designate the place where such draw or opening in said railway shall be made and maintained, and notice in writing of such designation shall be given to the president, superintendent or a director of said company, and within three months after receiving such notice, said company shall construct and complete a good and sufficient draw or opening in said railway at the place so designated, which draw or opening shall be at least fifty feet in width and shall be capable of being so managed as to admit the passage through the same of all boats, vessels and water-crafts navigating, or which may hereafter navigate said Kinnickinick river, without hindrance or unnecessary delay, and such draw or opening shall be attended and so managed by said railway company, its successors and assigns, as to permit all such boats, vessels and water-crafts at all times to pass free of expense and without unnecessary delay or interruption.

SECTION 4. In case such draw or opening in said to be ground for gere railway across said river shall not be constructed and ffen of injunc- completed within the time limited therefor in and by

section three of this act, the failure so to complete the same shall be sufficient ground for an injunction to restrain said railway company, its successors and assigns, and all persons acting for or under it, or by its authority, from keeping up, maintaining or operating their said railway over and across said Kinnickinick river, until such draw or opening therein shall be made and completed as in this act required; and such injunction shall be granted at the snit of any person owning or having a lease of, or any interest in, any real estate abutting on that part of said Kinnickinick river which is hereby declared navigable, and it shall not be necessary in order to obtain such injunction that the plaintiff

Failure to com

sball show that he has sustained special damage in con. sequence of the obstruction of said river by said railway, nor shall such plaintiff be required to give any security on the allowance of such injunction.

SECTION 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved January 25, 1868.


[Published January 29, 1868.

IN ACT to amend the charter of the Rock river paper manufact

urez company, and to consolidate the Rock river paper manu. facturing company and the Beloit paper mill company.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate

and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Sereno T. Merrill, Judd M. Cobb, Corporatore. William E. Hale and the other stockholders in the Rock river paper manufacturing company and the stockholders in the Beloit paper mill company, together with such persons as may hereafter be associated with them, are hereby created a body corporate and politic by the name and style of the “Rockriver paper com- Name or comÞECY," and by that name shall have perpetual succes- pany. 540p and shall have and enjoy all the privileges, fran. et ses and immunities incident to a corporation. They Trás make, have and use a common seal, and may alter and renew the same at pleasure. By that name they may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, con. tract and be contracted with, may take and hold by grant, lease or contract or in exchange for its stock or Otper property owned by said company, any estate, real

, personal or mixed, and may grant, bargain, sell, lease

, convey, pledge or mortgage the same or any part thereof, and generally do and perform all the acts and things which any corporation may do or perform.

SECTIUS 2. All the property and rights of the cor- Transfer of porations named in the title of this act are hereby pieghere transferred to and vested in the corporation hereby

2-P. & L. LAWS.

Ámount and distribution of stock.

created, and all acts, agreements, contracts and I ities of the said the Rock river paper manufact company" and the "Beloit paper mill company hereby made and declared to be binding upon th poration hereby created, and from and after the a tance of this act by a vote of a majority of the holders of each of said corporations present a regular or special meeting, and after an organi under this act, the said corporations named in th of this act shall be merged in the corporation by this act, and they shall thereupon and the cease to exist separately.

SECTION 3. The stock of said corporation ! created shall be one hundred and fifty thousan lars, and shall be divided into shares of one hu dollars each; and the same shall be distr amongst the present stockholders of the corpo named in the title of this act, in such proportions be agreed upon by them; and the same shall be and held by them in the place and stead of the s held by them in the said corporations pamed in t of this act. The capital stock of the corporation by this act may be increased from time to time by of the directors, but the same shall not exceed si dred thousand dollars.

SECTION 4. The business of the corporation created, shall be managed and conducted by a of directors, to consist of not less than three nor more than five, as may be determined by th holders at their annual meetings; the board of tors, after the first who are hereinafter name hold their offices for one year and until their so

are elected; and no person except a stockhold Annual meet- be eligible to the office of director. The time be ized by by. annual meetings of stockholders shall be fixed

by-laws, and if from any cause such annual me stockholders shall not be held at the time fixer by-laws, it shall be the duty of the secretary t special meeting of the stockholders by publi notice of such meeting in some newspaper prin published in the city of Beloit, once in each during the two weeks next preceding such a and at such special meeting the stockholders mi directors and do any other business that mig been done by them at their annual meeting.

Board of direct. on.


stitute quorum.

Powers of di


SECTION 5. A majority of the board of directors Majority to conshall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The board of directors may pass and enact by. laws for the transaction of business, not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, and may alter and amend the same. Said board shall have power to fill rectors. any vacancy that

may occur in their number from death, resignation, or any other cause. They shall bave power to elect a president, vice-president, secre. tary and treasurer of the corporation, each of whom shall be a member of the board, and they may elect or appoint such other officers or agents of the corporation as they think proper and necessary, and fix the compensation to be paid to any officer or agent of said corporation; and such officers and agents shall have and exercise sach power and authority as may be conferred on them by the board of directors.

SECTION 6. Sereno T. Merrill, Judd M. Cobb, Wil. First board of iam E. Hale and Lucius G. Fisher shall constitute the Erst board of directors of said company, and they shall bold their office until the first day of January, 1869, and until their successors are elected. The first First meeting. meeting of the board shall be held at the office of the Rock river paper manufacturing company in the city of Beloit, within one month after the organization of said company, under the provisions of this at, at such time as may be designated in a call signed by a majority of said board of directors; and thereafter, they may meet on their own adjournment of said first meeting, or any other meeting of said board, which may be thereafter held. Special meetings of said board Special meet

ings. may be called at any time by the president or by a marity of the board, upon notice thereof given in the manner provided by the by-laws, and no meeting of said board shall be deemed illegal for want of sufficient Ottice or by reason of any informality or irregularity in calling the same, if a majority of said board are present at such meeting, and take part in the business done by the board at such meeting.

SECTION 7. The said company may carry on the Business of the business of manufacturing paper of any and every de company. scriptive or kind, or any goods, wares and merchandize composed in wboleor in part of paper, or any other manufactoring basiness should it be deemed for the best inter6 of the company to do so, and for that purpose may

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