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by authorized to be formed, shall be exempt from ser-
vice on juries and from military duty during the con.
tinuance of such membership (except in cases of insur-
rection or invasion), and any person having served for
the term of seven years in any of said companies, in suc-
cession, shall be forever thereafter exempt from serving
on juries, from poll tax, and from military duty, ex-
cept in cases of insurrection or invasion.

Whenever any person shall refuse to Arrests at fires. obey any lawful order of the fire marshal, the mayor, any alderonan, fire warden, the chief of police, or any policernan at any fire, it shall be lawful for the officer giving such order to arrest or to direct orally any policeman, constable or any citizen to arrest such person, add to confine bim temporarily in the watch-house, any safe place until such fire shall be extingished, and in the same manner such officers, or any of them, may arrest or direct the arrest and confinement of any person at sach fire, who may be intoxicated or disorderly ; and if any person shall refuse to arrest or aid in arrestimp. any person so refusing, or any person who shall be intricated or disorderly, he shall be liable to such penalty as the common council may prescribe, not ex. Oseeding twenty dollars.




SECTION 1. The common council shall annually, Board of health at the time of appointment of the city officers, appoint a board of health, consisting of not more than one person from each ward, whose duty it shall be to investigate and ascertain causes tending to create sickness, and make diligent inquiry with respect to all matters affecting the health of the city. The said board shall cause all nuisances to be abated or removed.

SECTION 2. It shall be lawful for said board to take care of sick, such measures as they may from time to time deem etc. necessary to prevent the spread of any pestilential or infectious disease, to see that suitable provisions are made for the accommodation of such sick persons as properly come under the care of the city, and to make day, weekly or monthly reports of the mortality of the city, as they may think proper.

Report of infectioas cases.

SECTION 3. Every person practicing physic in the city, who shall have a patient laboring under any malig; nant or yellow fever, or other infectious or pestilential disease, shall forth with make report thereof in writing ito to the clerk of said board, and for neglecting so to do, shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to a fine of fifty dollars, to be sued for and recovered in an action of debt, in any court having

cognizance thereof, with costs, for the use of said city. Abatement of SECTION 4. Every member of the board of health nuisances.

within the ward where he resides, shall have power to direct or cause the removal or purification of all filthy or nauseous places or substances producing disagreeable smell, or tending to produce disease, or in case the owner or occupant of the premises on which such places or substances may be, shall neglect or refuse to purify or remove them when ordered by said board, or any member thereof, such person shall be liable to a fine of not less than three nor more than fifty dollars and all costs, and in default of the payment of such fine, to be imprisoned in the watch-house or county jail for not less th:n ten nor more than sixty days, at the discretion of the court or magistrate before whom he is

convicted. Expenses of re SECTION 5. The costs and expenses of removing all moving nui.

nuisances and nauseous substances, and of purifying filthy or nauseous places, shall be and remain a charge against the person whose duty it should have been to remove or purify the same, and may be collected by suit for and on behalf of the city, in the same manner as other demands are sued for and collected ; and in case the owner of any lot or parcel of land shall have been the cause of any such nuisance, or whose duty it should have been to remove or purify the same, of whom the costs and charges cannot be collected by suit, the same shall be a lien upon the lots, parts of lots or parcels of land from which such nuisance or filth shall have been removed, and also upon all non-resident lots from which such nuisance or filth shall have

been removed. To be a lien

SECTION 6. When the costs and expenses of removapon lot.

ing any filth or any nuisance by virtue of this act, shall become a lien upon any lot, part of lot or parcel of land a list of all such costs and expenses, together with description of the lots or parcels of land against whic

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they are a lien, sball be made out and certified by any member of said board to the common council, for their approval and allowance. If the same are approved and allowed, the city clerk shall make out and the comptroller countersign certificates of indebtedness for such costs and expenses, and if such certificates are not paid before one month previous to the levying of the general city tax, the same shall be entered in the tax roll against the lot or parcel of land, and be collected in the same manner that other city taxes are collected.

SECTION 7. Any member of the board of health, or Board of health any person authorized by them, shall have power to buildings. enter any building, house, store or stable, and to cause the floors to be raised if it shall be deemed necessary,

order to authorize the examinations of cellars, vaults sinks or drains, or low ground; to enter upon all lots or grounds, and to cause all stagnant waters to be drained off

, and all pools, sinks, vaults, drains or low grounds to be cleansed, filled up or otherwise improved or changed ; to cause all privies to be cleansed and kept in a good condition, and to cause all dead animals or other nauseous or unwholesome things or substances to be buried or removed beyond the limits of the city.

SECTION 8. In order to the carrying out of the pro- Notice to abate visions of the preceding sections, it shall be the duty of the board of health, or any member thereof, to serve a notice, in print or writing, or partly in print or writing, apon the owner or occupant, or agent of any lot, building or premises in or upon which any nuisance may be foond, or who may be the owner or cause of any

nuis ance, requiring him to abate the same, or to do any other act authorized by this chapter, in such manner and in such reasonable time as such officer shall prescribe.

SECTION 9. The common council shall have power Rules and regu from time to time to pass and enforce such laws, rules and regulations for the board of health, and provide for the necessary expenses of such board, or any member thereof, as they may deem expedient for preserving the health of the city, and for the prevention of disease and siekness

, and enforce them by fines, penalties and imprisonment






Title to school property.

Board of Edu. cation.

SECTION 1. From and after this date the title to all school property, real, personal or mixed, now in said city, as well as that to be acquired hereafter for school purposes, shall be vested in the city of Fond du Lac, and, while kept for school purposes only, shall not be subject to taxation nor be levied upon and sold by virtue of any warrant, execution, judgment or decree; and the said city in its corporate capacity shall be authorized to receive and hold or dispose of any real or personal estate transferred to it by any corporation, company or person, by grant, devise or bequest whatever, for the use and benefit of the schools of said city.

SECTION 2. There is hereby established in said city a board of education, consisting of two school commissioners from each ward. In all the business transactions of the board, except as is otherwise expressly provided for in this act, a majority of all the members thereof shall constitute a quorum. The said board shall have the power to appoint a clerk pro tempore in case of the absence of the clerk or in his inability to attend the business meetings.

SECTION 3. The board of education shall elect a presiding officer, and in his absence a president pro tempore may be appointed, who for the time being shall possess all the authority of the president. The city clerk, by virtue of his office, shall be clerk of said board, and it shall be his duty under the direction of the board, to keep a record of the proceedings thereof in a book to be provided for that purpose. He shall also enter therein, or in a book especially provided for tha purpose, copies of all official reports made by the board or by the superintendent. It shall also be his duty under the direction of the board, to take the annua enumeration of the scholars residing in the city, at th time prescribed by law. He shall keep and preserv all records, books and papers, or other property belong ing to his office, and deliver the same to his successo or to the common council.

SECTION 4. The said board of education shall po sess the following general powers and duties :


Powers of board.



I. To establish and organize such and so many To establish schools in said city, or the several wards thereof, as they may deem necessary and expedient, and to alter and discontinue the same. II

. To have the custody and safe-keeping of the Have castody school houses, out houses, books, furniture and append- houses, etc. ages

, and all the property belonging to the schools in said city.

III. "To contract with and employ in behalf of the Contract with city, all teachers in the common and ward schools, and such other schools as may be under the direction of said board, who shall have been licensed by said board, and at their pleasure to remove them.

IV. To have in all respects the superintendence, Rules, regulasupervision and management of all the public schools tions, etc. in said city, and from time to time adopt, alter, modify and repeal

, as they may deem expedient, rules and regulations for their governmerit, organization and in. struction, for the reception of pupils and their transfer from one school to another, and generally, for the promotion of their good order, prosperity and utility.

V. Whenever in the opinion of said board it may May sell school be advisable to sell any of the school houses, lots or houses, etc. sites, or any of the school property now or hereafter belonging to the city, to report the same to the common council.

VI. To prepare and report to the common council Ordinances, such ordinances and regulations as may

be necessary

etc.; of proper for the protection, safe-keeping, care and preservation of school-houses and appurtenances, and all the property belonging to the city connected with or appertaining to the schools, and suggest proper penal. Penalty for ties for the violation of such ordinances and regulations, and annually to determine and certify to the comptroller, before the 10th day of August in each year, the amount of money in their opinion necessary or proper to be Taised for school purposes, specifying the sum required for each of the purposes therein mentioned, and the

SECTION Ö. The board of education shall have Expenditures. power to appropriate and expend any sum or sums of money not exceeding in any one such appropriation the sum of thirty dollars, for any of the purposes SECTION 6. The board of education shall have the way direct

buildings, etc.

reasons therefor.

mentioned in this chapter.

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