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Walls of build ings.

Demolishing buildings.

Chimneys, etoves, ashes, etc.

XIX. To control and regulate the manner of erecting brick or stone walls for buildings, and the thickness of the same, and to prohibit or require the removal of any such as they may deem dangerous to life or injur ious to property, and to prescribe penalties for the violation of such rules aud regulations.

XX. To raze or demolish any building or erection which by reason of fire or any

other cause may

become dangerous to life or bealth, or may tend to extend a conflagration.

XXI. To regulate the construction of chimneys and the cleaving thereof; to prevent the setting up or to require the removal of stoves, pipes, boilers and ovens deemed dangerous; to prohibit or regulate the deposit of ashes; to authorize any city officer or any person designated by them, to inspect any place or places, to ascertain whether the same are in a safe condition, and if not, to require the same to be made so; to regulate the carrying on of manufactures dangerous in causing or promoting fires; to regulate or prohibit the sale or use of fire-arms; to extend and define from time to time the grounds to be included within the fire limits; to require, regulate or prohibit all such other acts to be done as they may deem proper to prevent the occur. rence or to provide for the extinguishment of fires.

XXII. To prevent the incumbering of streets, avenues, alleys, highways, sidewalks and crosswalks with railway cars, locomotives, engine or engines, carriages, carts, wagons, sleighs, boxes, lumber, firewood, or any other substances or materials whatever; to compel the owner or occupants of buildings or grounds to remove snow, dirt or rubbish from the sidewalks, streets, alleys, avenues and highways opposite thereto, and to compel such owner or occupant to remove from the lot owned or occupied by him all such substances as the board of health or the street superintendent shall direct, and in the default of such owner or occupant, to authorize the removal or destruction thereof by some officer of the city at the expense of such owner or occupant, or of the lots from which the same shall be removed or destroyed, and to collect the expense there. of by assessment, fine, or in an action in the name of the city against the owner or occupant, as is hereinafter provided.

Incumbering streets.

XXIII To prevent and regulate the erection or Erection of construction of any stoop, step, platform, bay.window, formes, etc cellar-door, area-stairs, descent or ascent into any building, any sign-post, awning, erection or projection from any building, or otherwise in, over and upon any street or sidewalk, or the removal of any building or house through the streets of the city, and to prevent and punish for the building, placing or removing of any house or building on any street, alley, lane or avenne, or any public place, park or square. XXIV. To direct the digging down, draining or Digging down

and ti ling lots, filling up of lots whenever they shall deem the same atd. to be necessary to prevent injury to the steets, side or Crosswalks, or to adjoining property, at the expense of the owners thereof, and to prevent, prohibit and cause the removal of all obstructions and incumbrances in and upon all wharves, streets, lanes, alleys, sewers, gatters, ditches, streams and public squares, and the thr,wing of dirt, filth, rubbish or other things in and upon the same.

XXV. To encourage and regulate the planting, Trees. removing, trimming and preserving of ornamental and shade trees in the streets of the city, and also upon the parks and public grounds of the city.

XXVI To prevent the riding or driving of any Riding on borse, mole, cattle, hogs or any other animal on the sidewalks, etc. sidewalks in said city, or in any way doing any damage to said sidewalks; to prevent the hitching of horses, teams, oxen or cattle to any fence, tree, lamp-post, or pump, and to prevent any injury to the same.

XXVII. To make regulations to prevent the intro- Contagious duction or dissemination of contagious or infectious diseases, diseases within the city, and to provide a hospital for the reception and care of persons sick with such diseases; to provide and make regulations for the care of cemetery grounds within or without the city limits, and to do all acts and make all regulations which may be

Decessary or expedient for the preservation of health and the suppression of disease.

XXVIII. To prevent persons from bringing, de. Patrid carpositing or having within said city, or placing in any of the streams in or adjacent to said city, any putrid carcass or other unwholesome substance, and to require the removal of the same by any person who shall have upon his premises any such substance or any putrid or


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Piers and

unsound beef, pork, fish, hides or skins of any kind,
or on default to authorize the removal thereof by some
competent officer, at the expense of such person or per.
sons, and to assess the expense of such work against
the lot or premises from which the same was done, or
frorn which such removal was made.

XXIX. To establish the assize and weight of bread,
and provide for the seizure and forfeiture of bread

haked contrary thereto.
Drunkards, ob XXX. To restrain drunkards, immoderate drinking
scenity, etc.

or obscenity in the streets or public places, and to pro-
vide for arresting, removing and punishing any per-

son or persons who may be guilty of the same. Weights and

XXXI. To provide by ordinance for a standard of weights and measures, and for the punishment of the

use of false weights and measures. wharves.

XXXII. To regulate the construction of piers or wharves extending into Lake Winnebago and on the Fond du Lac river, within the limits of said city, and to prescribe and control the prices to be charged for

pierage and wharfage thereon. Platting of lots. XXXIII. To cause all out and in-lots within said

city of less size than teu acres each, that have not been platted and recorded by the owner thereof as required by law, to be platted and recorded by authority of the common council, and to tax the charges for the platting and recording thereof against the lot or lots so platted and recorded, to be collected the same as other

corporation or general taxes. Changing beds XXXIV. To straighten, widen, change and alter and of streams.

regulate and improve the bed, current or channel of either branch of Fond du Lac river, or any stream, creek or river within said city, and to prevent and prohibit obstructions or encroachments thereto or thereon, and to drain the lands adjacent thereto. Whenever said river or either branch thereof, or any creek or stream, or the bed, current or channel of the same shall be so improved or in any way changed, or said lands drained, the proceedings shall be the same, as near as may be, as in the case of laying out, altering or changing streets, and the common council shall have the same power to enter upon such lands, or such as are adjacent thereto, as the laying out of streets.

XXXV. To erect and establish a watch-house for Watch house. the confinement of disorderly, drunken or riotous per: sons or vagrants, and purchase or lease all necessary grounds, and pass all such ordinances for the regulation thereof, and appoint a keeper and as many assistants as may be necessary.

XXXTI. To make, ordain and pass ordinances, by- Police regulalaws and regulations for the police, and to enforce such rules for the observance of laws, ordinances and regulations of the city and the laws of this state, by punishment of fine or imprisonment in the city watchhouse or county jail of Fond du Lac county, or both, in the discretion of the magistrate or court before whom conviction may be bad: provided, such fine shall not exceed five hundred dollars, and such imprisonment shall not exceed six months.

SECTION 6. The common council shall also have Further powers power, by resolution:

I To require any building, fence or other erection Removal of built or placed within the line of any street or highway buildings, etc. in the city, to be removed therefrom by the owner of occupant thereof, and in case of his neglect or fail. are so to remove the same, to cause the removal at the expense of the owner or occupant. İL

. To compel the owner or occupant of any wall Removal of or building within the city which may be in a ruinous or unsafe condition, to render the same safe, or to take down or remove the same at the expense of the owner, and to prohibit the erection of such wall or building

III. To require the summary removal or abatement Nuisances. of all nuisances, or substances likely to become such, from any street, lot or building.

IV. To require the immediate enforcement of any and all ordinances and regulations which may from time to time be adopted by the common council.

V. To let by proposal to the lowest bidder, all con- Contracts to tracts for services or work and materials, and order payment for the same, and to provide generally for the city, except as otherwise provided for by this act.

VI To let by proposal to the lowest bidder or bid- Printing. ders all printing or publishing to be done by the city, and the lowest bidder for the publishing shall be call ed the city printer.

VIL To require any officer to furnish reports, infor. Reports of


Enforcement of ordinances.

lowest bidders.



Common nuisances.

Auditing and examination of accounts.

mation or estimates whenever deemed proper by the common council, and to require other and further duties to be performed than are herein prescribed.

SECTION 7. The powers conferred upon the common council to provide for the abatement or removal of nuisances, shall not bar or hinder suits, prosecutions or proceedings in the courts, according to law. Depots, houses or buildings of any kind wherein more than ten pounds of any gunpowder are deposited, stored or kept at one time, gambling houses, houses of ill-fame, disorderly saloons, or houses or places where liquor is sold without the license required therefor within the city limits, are hereby declared and shall be deemed public or common nuisances.

SECTION 8. The common council shall examine, audit and adjust the accounts of the city and ward officers or agents of the city or of any ward, and also at the end of each year, and before the term for which the officers of said city are elected or appointed shall have expired. And the common council shall require each and every such officer and agent to exhibit his books, accounts and vouchers for such examinaticn and settlement, and if any such officer or agent hall refuse to comply with the orders of said council in the discharge of their duties in pursuance of this section, or shall neglect or refuse to render his account or present his books and vouchers to said council, it shall be the duty of the common council to declare the office vacant; and the common council shall order suits and institute proceedings at law against any officer or agent of said city who may be found delinquent or defaulting on his accounts or in the discharge of his official duties, and the common council shall cause to be made a full record of all such settlements and adjustments.



Paying out money.

SECTION 1. All moneys, credits and demands belonging to the city and wards of Fond du Lac, shall be kept by and deposited with the city treasury, and be under the control of the common council, and shall be drawn out only upon the order of the mayor and city clerk, authorized by a vote of the common coun

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