The circle of the mechanical arts


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Seite 295 - they were in large flocks containing both species in the proportion of two of the former to one of the latter " (the present)
Seite 98 - And they said, Go to, let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Seite 356 - Moscow, like the fullest tones of a vast organ, or the rolling of distant thunder. This bell is suspended in a tower called the belfry of St. Ivan, beneath others which, though of less size, are enormous.
Seite 425 - The Holy war gave the Christians who had been there an idea of the Saracen works ; which were afterwards by them imitated in the West : and they refined upon it every day, as they proceeded in building churches.
Seite 212 - One drachm of sulphate of copper is dissolved in an ounce of distilled water, to which is added half an ounce of a saturated solution of bichromate of potash; this solution is applied to the surface of the paper, and, when dry, it is fit for use, and may be kept for any length of time without spoiling. When exposed to sunshine, the first change is to a dull brown, and if checked in this stage of the process we get a...
Seite 356 - I endeavoured in vain to assay a small part. The natives regard it with superstitious veneration, and they would not allow even a grain to be filed off ; at the same time it may be said the compound has a white shining appearance unlike bell-metal in general.
Seite 325 - Other and common reds are given by the oxyd of iron, but this requires the mixture of alumine, or some other substance refractory in the fire, otherwise at a full red heat the colour will degenerate into black.
Seite 328 - ... aquafortis from acting where the particles adhere, and by this means cause it to corrode the copper partially and in the interstices only. •When these particles are extremely minute, and near. to each other, the impression from the plate appears to the naked eye exactly like a wash of Indian ink. But when. they are larger, the granulation is more distinct ; and as this may be varied at pleasure, it is capable of being adapted with great success to a variety of purposes and subjects.
Seite 101 - In the country, bricks are always burnt in kilns, whereby less waste arises, less fuel is consumed, and the bricks are sooner burnt. The bricks are first set or placed in it, and then the kiln being...
Seite 312 - He was so very well assured of the strength of his building he should only wish to be there in the greatest storm that ever blew under the face of the heavens, that he might see what effect it would have upon the structure.

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