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THE First Volume of the TRANSACTIONS of the LITERARY and PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY of NEW-YORK, is now, with due deference, submitted to the Public.

Besides the eloquent and elaborate Introductory Discourse of the President, this volume will be found to contain such Communications, from its different members, as have from time to time been read before the Society since its organization in 1814, and which have been considered worthy of preservation in a printed form. In the Selection of Papers for the press, the Counsellors, to whom that office pertains, have directed their views solely to the intrinsic merits of the several Memoirs submitted to them; and the Society here wish it to be distinctly understood, that they now disclaim, and ever shall, all responsibility as to the verity of facts, or the soundness of the speculations contained in the Communications they may publish : These must rest with their respective authors.

In the disposition of Papers the Committee of Publication for this Volume have had regard chiefly to the order of time in which the different Communications were read before the Society.

New-York, August 1st, 1815.

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