The Wiccamical Chaplet, a Selection of Original Poetry: Comprising Smaller Poems, Serious and Comic; Classical Trifles; Mock-heroics, Epigrams, Fragments, &c., &c

George Huddesford
Leigh, Sotheby, 1804 - 225 Seiten

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Seite 58 - SHALL I, wasting in despair, Die, because a woman's fair ? Or make pale my cheeks with care, 'Cause another's rosy are ? Be she fairer than the day, Or the flowery meads in May, If she be not so to me, What care I how fair she be...
Seite 79 - But if, like me, he knew how fruitless all The thoughts that would full fain the past recall, Soon would he quell the risings of his heart, And brave the wild winds and unhearing tide, The world his country, and his God his guide.
Seite 58 - Think what with them they would do That without them dare to woo ; And unless that mind I see, What care I how great she be ? Great, or good, or kind, or fair, I will ne'er the more despair: If she love me, this believe, I will die ere she shall grieve : If she slight me when I woo, I can scorn and let her go ; For if she be not for me, What care I for whom she be ? George Wither.
Seite 108 - HUMID seal of soft affections ! Tenderest pledge of future bliss ! Dearest tie of young connexions ! Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss ! Speaking silence ! dumb confession ! Passion's birth and infant play ! Dovelike fondness, chaste concession, Glowing dawn of brighter day...
Seite 221 - Queen of every moving measure, Sweetest source of purest pleasure, Music ! why thy powers employ Only for the sons of joy ? Only for the smiling guests At natal or at nuptial feasts ? Rather thy lenient numbers pour On those whom secret griefs devour : Bid be still the throbbing hearts Of those whom death or absence parts; And with some softly- whispered air Smooth the brow of dumb despair*".
Seite 7 - For him though wealth be blown on ev'ry wind, Though Fame announce him mightiest of mankind, Though twice ten nations crouch beneath his blade, Virtue...
Seite 76 - Advancing slow forewarns the approach of day (What time the young and flowery-kirtled May Decks the green hedge and dewy grass unshorn With cowslips pale and many a whitening thorn...
Seite 86 - And mark the lessening sand from hour-glass fall; Or 'neath my window view the wistful train Of dripping poultry, whom the vine's broad leaves Shelter no more. Mute is the mournful plain; Silent the swallow sits beneath the thatch, And vacant hind hangs pensive o'er his hatch, Counting the frequent drips from reeded eaves.
Seite 79 - ON these white cliffs, that calm above the flood Uplift their shadowing heads, and, at their feet, Scarce hear the surge that has for ages beat, Sure many a lonely wanderer has stood ; And, whilst the lifted murmur met his ear, And o'er the distant billows the still eve...
Seite 112 - tis all for thee ; Hast thou a wish ? — 'tis all for me ; So soft our moments move, That angels look with ardent gaze, Well pleased to see our happy days, And bid us live — and love. If cares arise — and cares will come— Thy bosom is my softest home, I'll lull me there to rest ; And is there aught disturbs my fair?

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