Real Innovation Creates Its Own Market: Learning from Wonder Bread, Apple Newton and BMW i3

Reichert GmbH Innovation & Management, 15.04.2014 - 48 Seiten
Innovation consultant Dr. Klaus Reichert describes vividly how innovations are successfully established in the market. For this purpose, seven components (as well as one "secret" ingredient) are especially important. His main focus is less on continued and gradual innovation processes, but on disruptive innovations. Examples from the fields of e-mobility, internet, IT and telecommunications as well as the consumer goods and fashion industry are used for clarification. This compact book is a helpful guide for innovation teams in medium-sized companies and corporates, as well as for start-ups who want to go to market with a new product or service line.
"Disruptive innovation has the advantage of the "open field". For example, the Walkman or iPhone creators had a great product as a goal and did not have to respond to offerings of competitors. Klaus Reichert describes these basic ingredients for real innovation."
Dr. Rolf Kunisch, "Mr. Nivea" & CEO Beiersdorf AG (1994-2005)

"We have completely reinvented our own concept over 100 years after the original design of the zeppelin. Without the great team, enthusiasm, and people who believe in our success, the Zeppelin NT would not have come to be. The innovation components referred to in this book directly resonate with us."
Thomas Brandt, CEO Zeppelin Luftschiffbau GmbH (Zeppelin Airships)

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Über den Autor (2014)

Dr. Klaus Reichert verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in der Managementberatung und Projektleitung basierend auf einer großen Anzahle strategischer und operativer Projekte bei DAX-Konzernen, mittelständischen Unternehmen und Start-ups:

• Strategieberatung
• Produkt- und Innovationsmanagement
• Geschäftsmodellentwicklung
• Start-up Coaching
• Beiratstätigkeit

Als kreativer und konzeptionsstarker Innovationsberater ist er tätig für engagierte Unternehmer und Manager von Technologiefirmen und begleitet die Entwicklung von neuen Ideen, Angeboten, Märkten und Strategien.

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