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visited upon the children is alike God's there is Will quickened to overcome as Word and Nature's Law. The infant well as Consciousness to discern the is as passive to the influences about it wrong and its consequences. You are as the violet is to the frost or sun- called upon to see that the growing shine, or as the youngest lamb is to the germs of wisdom and goodness be balmy south or the sleety and chilling cherished and rightly directed. You north. If you expose your household are called upon to watch for each indibird to the snow and frost it will die. cation of genius, capability, and direcIf you place your household rose-tree tion, and to adapt your impartation and in the dark and stagnated air of a celo government to the peculiar exigency. lar, or if you saturate its roots or You are called upon to see that your leaves with a poisonous gas, or expose child, who is also God's child, fulfils it to the outer night of winter, its the divine end of its creation, and leaves will shrink, its blossoms fade occupies that sphere of usefulness for from beauty into blackness and decay, which Heaven has specially organised and it will perish from its farthest and directed its spiritual life. You sin tendril to its deepest root. The child in neglecting the culture, either of body, is as susceptible to sorrounding in- mind, or heart. From the bread that fluences as the rose-bush or the bird, nourishes the body, to the truth and the spring violet or the unweaned love that feed the soul, must extend lamb. Nay as much more susceptible your supervision. The instinctive ană as its organism is more complicated unwise fondness of the mother who and delicate, and its capability more displays her love, by dress, by indul. divinely beautiful and lasting. That gence, by pampering the appetite into young life, in constant process of for- disease, or by indulging the will till mation, must take outline, colour, and it becomes wilfulness, is as evil in direction from the influence that im- its effects as the opposite extreme of mediately surround it and perpetually government maintained through brutal inclose it. Thus, unless the atmosphere force, and affections stifled by unwise of the home be genial, healthful, lov- severity. The wolf who gives her ing, and beneficent, the child must grow young pure milk is more faithful and to maturity, imperfect, unhealthful, and commendable in her duty than the wodepraved.

man who feeds her child with stupify. T'here is, then, a duty incumbent ing opiates or passion-creating luxuries. upon the Man in his relations with the Parental love is not instinctive, but child, whose sacredness and whose im spiritual. It is the soul that asks care portance cannot be over-estimated. and culture, not alone the outward Good grows out of faithfulness, evil out form. of unfaithfulness, which Eternity can Neither have you a right to force the alone reveal. You are called upon to life of the child into a channel that its see that the organism be so built up in intuitions resist : no right to say im. purity and health, that it shall not be peratively what avocation, provided it to the undwelling soul, a prison or a be useful, it shall or shall not follow : lazarhouse, but a shrine of beauty and no right to insist that your child shall of strength. You are called upon to be a merchant, a lawyer, or statesman, see that no enemy sow tares among the because this opens the way to wealth and wheat,—that no fatal vice be established position, or shall not be the artist, the as a constitutional habit, before as yet artizan, the teacher spiritual, or intelthe young spirit can distinguish his lectual, because these avocations involve right hand from his left,—vice from less of gain and more of labour and virtue. You are called upon to see of sacrifice. God has need of all his that no fatal delusion of error be bumed children in carrying out his vast designs. into the intellect, before as yet the Spiritually he organises them for their young mind be able to separate the several spheres of life, and implants in light from darkness,—the true from the them an instinct and an impulse toward false. You are called upon to see that their providential calling. He who no temptation be brought near it before gives to the sky-lark its wings and its

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aspiration to soar in the morning large societies at least, can never come heaven and to "pour out its full heart" but from children maturing in the in the matin song: he who gives to the midst of celestial and healthful influyoung swan, born beside the arctic ences, and so prepared for inspirations snows, its longing to float in tropic of the Highest and the Holiest, and thus streams and to feed among the tropic for earthly realizations of heavenly and flowers, and who guides it from the zone harmonic life. "Of such is” and from to zone upon its unknown way,--the such must be unfolded, "the kingdom same God has implanted in your child of Heaven.” its angel instinct with its angel wing, Our duties to our own children derive and through the might of aspiration and their peculiar sacredness from the fact in the direction of its desire, he seeks that each child of ours is also God's to guide it to its providential calling, and child. And now, in further consideraits glorious destiny of usefulness and tion of the subject, we are brought on joy. You are then and not alone to look these questions in the face. parents, but all who ever have passed Does our responsibility to God for the the threshold of home and been where culture and care of His children end children dwell—you are then to co- with the discharge of the duties we owe operate with angels, and to follow the to those of them whom by private ties guiding intimations of the Heavenly he has made our own ? If little childProvidence. You are to protect the ren, left friendless and unprotected, are young child from all that may injure irremediably polluted and destroyed it in body or soul. According to the before the dawn of moral consciousness clearness of your light and the measure or moral will, is not this crime a disreof your ability, you are to educate it in gard to duty, for which those who are mind, heart, and will : you are to afford guilty must render up an account to full scope to its genius, and to aid it, as God? If they are deprived of their far as in you lies, in finding and in fill- natural protectors, or if these wickedly ing that position of usefulness which betray their trust, is not the communiGod has designed it for, that thus His ty, in its individual members, and as purpose and its blessedness may be a collective unity, made chargeable with

their education and right direction? If These views are, I know, not new to thousands in a community are forced you. I do not offer them as in any de- to grow up with passions stimulated to gree novel, original, or peculiar. I take madness, and with consciences deadenhigher ground. They are absolute, im- ed to idiocy,—if their only homes are perative, universal. They are fixed in dens of unimaginable guilt and shame, the

economy and rectitude of God : they where instead of fathers or mothers are the intuitions of each pure and they have thieves and harlots for their healthful soul: and being God's truth, instructors, or if their parents them. they reveal our duty ;-and wo, wo, to selves are thus fatally and foully lost,us and our children, if we refuse to if the only education which their faculhearken and obey. What the world ties receive is complete perversion,needs for its redemption, is not novel if the only obvious path to gain or theories, not accumulated gold ; but pleasure, is through beggary, theft, or clear-minded, pure-hearted, right-willed personal desecration,-ifthus from the men and women, who shall be visible cradle they are saturated with evil ta manifestations of angelic life and har- the farthest fibre of their nature-is mony; who shall unfold divine order not Manhood responsible for it all? Is and radiate divine love in their orderly not Manhood's neglect of duty the cause and faithful lives : and thus, inspiring of the child's destruction ? the world with a higher virtue, and There is, in almost every community, gladdening it with more real beauty, an ignorance of duty, and an evasion awaken it from its selfishness, its sen- of responsibility, and a consequent de suality, its distrust of men, its sceptical secration and destruction of innocent doubt of Providence to a new and fruit childhood, which is undreamed of ful hope. And men and women, in among all. I have not been dealing

fully won.

with superstitions, but with realities. Law is learned but for its evasion, and The evil, to which allusion has been Virtue, and Truth, and Chastity, and made, has, like a cancer in the system, Religion are trampled upon as factions struck its roots into our own community, of an unnatural society. This devourand this city, whose wealth is so great, ing vortex is fed continually by the unwhose advantages so numerous, whose fortunate, the intemperate, the exhaustprosperity so unexampled, nourishes ed poor, who losing all self-respect within its bosom this deadly wrong. with the loss of property, or virtue, or

A spectacle is presented in our midst standing, or health, hide themselves in which might rather seem the dream of miserable dens, where their children an insane fancy than the reality of a grow up deformed and imbruted, and Christian age. The recent report of the from whence they issue to their evil Chief of Police, discloses the fact that trades. — These orphaned children, THREE THOUSAND CHILDREN, from eight whose widowed mothers have perished years and upwards, in the lower wards in unknown wants, sink into the hands of our city, gain subsistence solely by of harpies in human shape, who shelter theft, beggary, or unnameable vice. If them till they can go forth to plunder we add to this estimate those under or be sold for a price. There in noisome eight years who are growing up under abodes lingers the pestilence, slaying in the same influences, brothers and sisters secret, and gathering power for noon. of these, and if we extend our survey to day ravages. There is the inner court include the entire city, we shall arrive of private vice and the fastness and at the conclusion that eight thousand citadel of public crime. children are involved in this extremity I will not, I dare not, unveil the hide of evil. And thus our infant population ous picture, the more hideous reality. is decimated, not by a conscription, not It is enough to say, that of the young by a famine, not by a pestilence, but by children of the denser part of our city, a destroying curse that eats from body one in ten is doomed to a life of inevitato soul and involves the whole nature ble vice, misery and degradation : doomin its ruin.

eu to be ground to powder in the vortex It is hard to speak of this in calm of infamy and shame. Yes, those whom language or in cool blood. Little God has made helpless, that their help children, one in ten in the lower wards, lessness might defend them,- those sent out to pilfer, to importune, to sink whom God has made innocent, that into utter depths of personal degrada- their innocence might teach man's heart tion, spending their days in vice among and make him the guardian of their each other, and in war against mankind, purity,—these, in the midst of that in. returning at nightfall to yield up their nocence, and because of that defencewages of fraud and shame to unnatural lessness, are remorselessly destroyed. owners or more unnatural parents, and They are led like young lambs to the then devoting the night to low revelry, slaughter. They are despoiled of their sinking the soul and body in one common divine birthright and their rich inherihell ! From these nurseries of crime tance. They are robbed of their strength, come the bold and unscrupulous ene- their light, their love, their destiny. mies of society, who furnish votes to the They are cast not into the grave,—that demagogue, torches to the incendiary, were a mercy,—but into a hell of wrong, and weapons to the assassin ; from these that they may pass a lifetime in selfcome those pale and miserable unfor- consuming agonies. tunates, whose life is a continual de- We call the old Spartans barbaric, struction of purity and virtue ; from and unnatural, because they exposed these come those corrupters of the their newly-born to the mountain cold young, parasites and panderers who re- that the weaklings might perish ; we morselessly destroy the children of condemn the ancient Libyans as devilopulence and station, plunderiug them worshippers, because they passed the through ministering to vice. Within first-born through the fires to Moloch; these abodes of darkness, prayer is sel- we name the Hindoos heathen and cruel, dom offered, or reformation attempted. I because they offer young infants to the

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crocodile god of their sacred river, the ing, that what these children need is Ganges; we find no language with which kindness, education, remunerative lain sufficient severity, to denounce the bour. If they had breathed an atmosCarolinian or Virginian Planter who is phere of love; if their faculties of mind reported to sell his own offspring to a and heart had been properly cultivated life of toil in the corn-field or the rice

--if labour had been provided for all of swamp;-but what shall we say, what them who were willing to do it, this tershall we do, when God's children in our rible evil would never have risen to its own midst are cast out to the wolves height. We must, then, as a community of a moral wilderness—passed through -proceed to organize a Home for Childfires fiercer than those of Moloch, to a It should see to accomplish three darker doom,—thrown into a stream results, Reformation, Education, Rewhose billows are like lava, where love, munerative Employment. Its doors should and virtue, and innocence, and hope, be open for all children wishing through are overwhelmed and lost, --sold to the compliance with its rules to secure its service of a more cruel master than any advantages. All children found enwho wields the slave-whip in the tropics, gaged in beggary or theft should be re--forced with the blow and the threat, moved to its shelter. Details resulting and the still more horrid allurement and from this general plan will readily sugsolicitation, to the desecration of body gest themselves to all. Our immediate and soul?

work is then to inform the public mind Oh, from below the deep foundations and the public heart of the extent of the of our splendid civilization ; from dens evil and the practicability of its removof unimagined guilt that reach beneath al. I know of no duty so incumbent, our churches and our palaces; from so pressing, so immediate, so fruitful of charnel houses that witness the enor private and public good. He who would mous agonies of the living-dead; the win a blessing, let him take the little children call to us,—Yea Mother, yea child in his arms, and in purity, virtue, Father, each child as dear to God, as and consecration, lift it up to God. But sacred, as divine, as the youngling of he who would draw down upon his your heart, the first-born of wedded head the lightnings and thunders of relove, they say,—with dumb lips they tribution, let him set his heel on the say it, but God hears them as well as child's heart and trample it into ruin, man,--they say, “We are orphans alike opposing himself to him who says, to the love of man and the knowledge “Suffer the little children to come unto of God; earth is all ice to our tread and me, and forbid them not; for of such is heaven all darkness to our vision ; we the kingdom of Heaven.” are dying, mind and heart, in self-de

IMAGINARY EVILS. vouring agonies. Oh hear us, pity us, LET to-morrow take care of to-morrow, save us; hear us in mercy, that God may Leave things of the future to fate; hear and have mercy on you and your

What's the use to anticipate sorrow, children in the hour of your final need." if to hope over-mueh be an error,

Lite's troubles come never too late. The question before us is simply this: 'Tis one that the wise have preferred, What is to be done? how is this evil to And how often have hearts been in terror

Of evils that never occurred. be destroyed ? how are these children to be rescued ? how are the increasing lave faith, and they faith shall sustain thee,

Perinit not suspicion and care multitude who press on in the future to With invisible bonds to enchain thee, be preserved from the doom which has But bear what God gives you to bear. overtaken so many in the present and By his spirit supported and gladdened,

Be ne'er by forebodings deterr'd, the past? Sympathies, unless they flow

But think how oft hearts have been sadden'd to practical action, are uselessly excited. By fear of what never occurr'd. Wrongs which are incurable, injure us Let to-morrow take care of to-morrow, in their contemplation. If I fail to in

Short and dark as our life may appear ; dicate a method of action, I have erred

We may make it still darker by sorrow

Still shorter by folly and fear. in pieturing this cause so vividly, and Half our troubles are half our invention, in pleading it so importunately.

And often from blessings conferr'd
I would answer this question by say.

llave we shrunk in the wild apprehension
Of evils that never occurr'd.


PASSING THOUGHTS ON MEN importance of the Wesleyan Community,

rise, growth, and the present strength and AND THINGS.

not only as a religious body, but as an THE Anti-State Church Association in important part of the nation; and contends holding its Third Triennial Con- cluded by saying that whatever differference; and the Parliamentary and ences might rise in the connexion, whatFinancial Reform Association intends

ever might be its acts, or in whatever holding its first Conference during the way it might, as a body, tend, still the present month in London. The Anti

mass of the people, need not trouble State Church Association has now ex- themselves about such matters, but isted for six years, during which time it leave them to be cared for and settled has made a gradual and firm progress. by those directly interested, without It has been slow and sure in its oper- offering any interferance or suggestion. ations. Great caution and consistency To this opinion we most decidedly de seem to have characterized all its de- mur. If Wesleyanism in any way efliberations and acts. And though it fects the religious, social, and political has not been lifted into powerful interests of the nation, as most decided popularity either by its own inherent ly it does, then, most certainly it is the force, or by any extraordinary external duty of every citizen to do his best to circumstance, though it has not gather prevent any injury being done, or to ed around its standard many influen- do any good that duty demands of him. tial men, who must in heart sympa Deeply convinced that the whole nation thise with its purposes, still it has pur- is interested in the present agitation, we sued its way steadily, honourably, and make free to offer a suggestion or two. manfully. If its Third Triennial Con. There are evidently two parties, the ference be worthy of its predecessors, aristocratic, and the democratic, in the religious liberty will have gained an- Wesleyan body. The democratic party other step of progress. The Parliament- asks for a modification of the ecclesiasary and Financial Reform Conference tical machinery, so that it might work is almost sure to be an important one. more in harmony with the spirit of the The men who are actively engaged in age, and answer the purposes of Method. convening it, and who, no doubt, will ism more satisfactorily; the aristocratic take an active part in its deliberations, party, like all aristocracies, cling to the are of tried and established character. past. They wish to maintain their We anticipate the Conference will excite system intact as it came from the elagreat attention, and when it shall have borating hands of John Wesley. These consolidated its hopes and intentions, two parties have come into collision, into resolutions, and when these resolu- and the most independent and energetic tions shall, by the association, be of the democratic party have been exmanifested by acts, we think that no pelied and disgraced by the dominating ministry will be able to resist the de- aristocratic one. Hence the present mands of public opinion for important intense agitation. It might be expectchanges in our representative and finan- ed that in the meeting of such opposing cial systems.

elements, high words, exaggerated The Wesleyan Agitation.—The agita- statements and extreme things would be tion which has now been carried on in said and done; and they have been done. the heart of the Methodist body for The thing to be settled now is-shall several months appears to grow in the old, exclusive and priestly adstrength and importance. The Method. ministration, which might have done ist connexion is not only an elaborate for the past age, be continued? The ecclesiastical institution, but it is an party in power unhesitatingly, and inimportant religious and social element dignantly say, yes. But wait a bit, good in this country. Hence the propriety gentlemen; are you not too obstinate, of its acts being watched, not only by its and too strongly edged around with own members individually, but by every prejudice? We think so, and earnest, citizen. Some short time since a morning ly we call on you to bear in mind paper, in an elaborate article, showed the that you and your party are not the

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