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Watching perchance some angel's flight
That bore on his wings her request each night;
For her's was the prayer of faith and of love,
That ever finds grace in that world above.
Though heaven may please awhile to delay
The favor that's sought from day to day,
Still it hearkens and hears, and will answer give,
To such as hy faith its bounties receive.
And so did it prove with that maiden fair,
Whose.pure faith banished all gloom and despair.

So, at the same hour, the next even-tide,
There knelt by her one that called her his bride,
Who had hastened from war to fulfill his vow,
While victory's wreath was fresh on his brow.
And, hand joined in hand, by that mountain stream,
They sat to rehearse love's long.cherished dream;
And hovering round came angels cf light
Soft whispering joy, then winging their was
The bliss of that hour was dear to each hea:m
That love had entwined, now never to part


My barp is on the willow hung;

To me the morning brings to light •
No ray of sun or moon I see,

But one unchanging night.

I cannot view those gem-like stars,

That sparkle in the ethereal skies ;
Nor trace the clouds with golden fringe,

That o'er the sunset rise.

Nor gaze upon the blooming flowers,

That make the face of nature gay ;
Nor watch the ocean's sparkling waves

Where dancing sunbeams play.

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Oh, sweet is the dawning hour,

When dews like holy incense rise, And waft to God, on mystic wings,

Earth's morning sacrifice.

Ard fair Aurora tints

Tie azure sky with golden ligaty And chases far the sable clouds,

That vail the world in night.

And angels bright, that nightly watch,

While earth reposing lies. Spreading their pure celestial wings,

Mount swiftly to the skies.

Or rosy twilight fades

Before the gorgeous king of day,
Who from the east rejoicing comes

In glorious array.
And gentle zephyrs kiss

Dew-drops from the blushing flowers, That waking shed their odors eweet,

Through fields and summer bowers.

And on the ocean's wave

Sụnbeams like golden shadows glearn And laughing breezes catch the spray

That leaps from mountain stream.

And to the huntsman's horn,

The echoing rocks and hills reply, And beasts of prey that nightly prowl,

Like falcons swift go by.

And insect voices greet,

With songs of praise the waking day And feathered songsters warble sweeten

To God their morning lay.

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Having given in the preceding pages a somewhat detailed account of a sufficient number of authors, and extracts from their writings, to establish the literary

character of the blind, we next proceed to notice in a more summary manner, the success of this class in the scientific pursuits. As the hydrographical chart points out to the mariner a safe course over the trackless ocean, and national history affords to the legislator the experience of past ages, so the biographies of those who have risen against every tide of opposition from a lowly station in life to one of honor and distinction, serve in a powerful inanner to stimulate others to grapple with similar difficulties. Whatever may be the impediments in our course, if we have the assurance that others, under like circumstances, have surmounted them, and arrived in triamph at the mark to which we aspire, the bugbear of impossibility is removed, and the timid heart, gathering courage, moves forward, cheered by the way.

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