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to a similar tumor at the knee. but for his ignorante he might Vesalius was cousulted about a have averted his patient's fate. tumor in the back, which he pro- The ancient surgeons were connounced to be an aneurism, but an stantly placed in this situation, ignorant practitioner having made and the dread inspired by it rean opening into it, the patient in- tarded the progress of surgery stantly bled to death. Nothing more than all other causes put tocan be more easy than to confound gether. Not only were they teran aneurism of the artery of the rified from interfering with the neck with a swelling of the glands most painful and destructive disin its neighborhood, with a swell. eases, which experience has ing of the cellular substance proved to be capable of safe and which surrounds the artery ; with easy removal, but they were abscesses of various kinds ; but if afraid to cut even the most trivia surgeon were to fall into this al tumor. When they ventured error, and to open a carotid aneu- to remove a part, they attempted rism, his patient would certainly it only by means of a ligature, or be dead in the space of a few mo- by the application of burning irons. ments. It must be evident, then, When they determined to amputhat a thorough knowledge of ana- tate, they never thought of doing tomy is not only indispensable to so, till the limb had mortified, the proper treatment of cases of and the dead had separated from this description, but also to the the living parts; for they were prevention of the most fatal mis- absolutely afraid to cut into the takes.

living flesh. They had no means There is nothing in surgery of of stopping hemorrhage, but by more importance than the proper the application of astringents to treatment of hemorrhage. of the bleeding vessels, remedies the confusion and terror occasion- which were inert ; or of burning ed by the sight of a human being irons, or boiling turpentine, expefrom whom the blood is gushing in dients which were not only inert torrents, and whose condition none but cruel. Surgeons now know of the spectators is able to re- that the grand means of stopping lieve, no one can form an ade- bemorrhage is compression of the quate conception, but those who bleeding vessel. If pressure be have witnessed it. In all such made on the trunk of an artery, cases there is one thing proper to though blood be flowing from a be done, the prompt performance thousand branches given off from of which is generally as certainly it, the bleeding will cease. successful, as the neglect of it is Should the situation of the artery inevitably fatal. It is impossible be such as to allow of effectual to conceive of a more terrible external pressure, nothing further situation than that of a medical is requisite : the pressure being man who knows not what to do on applied, the bleeding is stopped such an emergency. He is con- at once : should the situation of fused; he hesitates : while he is the vessel place it beyond the deciding what measures to adopt reach of external pressure, it is the patient expires: he can never necessary to cut down on it, and think of that man's death without to secure it by the application of horror, for he is conscious that, a ligature. Parè may be pardon.

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ed for supposing that he was led The most common form in to the discovery of this invaluable which it is employed in this counremedy by inspiration of the Dei- try is that of ointment ; but the ty. By means of it the most for- recent importation of the French midable operations may be under- fumigating baths has afforded us taken with the utmost confidence, some opportunities of avoiding the because the wounded vessels can unpleasantness of this plan, and be secured the moment they are though somewhat more tedious in cut: by the same means the most bringing about a cure, they are frightful hemorrhages may be ef- sometimes entitled to preference fectually stopped; and even when on account of the superior degree the bleeding is so violent as to of cleanliness the patient is enathreaten immediate death, it may bled to observe during the treatoften be averted by the simple ment. expedient of placing the finger on The history of the sulphur vathe wounded vessel, till there is por bath appears to have comtime to tie it. But it is obvious menced with the experiments and that none of these expedients can researches of Dr. Gales. The be employed, and that these comparatively rude and unpleableedings can neither be checked sant expedient of saturating blanat the moment, nor permanently kets with the vapor, by means of stopped, without such a know- the warming pan, was first adoptledge of the course of the trunks ed, on the burning coals of which and branches of vessels, as can be the sulphur was strewed when acquired only by the study of the vehicle was introduced into anatomy.-Westminster Reviero. the bed, till the combustion was To be continued.

complete. The patient was then

directed to enter it naked, and THE TREATMENT OF SCABIES, was covered (up to the throat.

Seven repetitions of this process A great variety of applications in as many nights was found to have been made use of in the cure be adequate to the cure; and it of itch, notwithstanding our know- seems probable, that in very deliledge of a decided specific. The cate habits, or in the cases of unpleasantness of the smell of pregnant women, it is entitled to sulphur would render it very de- preference over the vapor bath at sirable to find a substitute for it, present in use. and many trials have been made,

The vapor of the sulphur is upbut hitherto without effect; the questionably the agent by which undermentioned* have, however, the cure is brought about, and been found sometimes adequate there seems as little doubt that to the removal of trifling cases of the destruction of the insect conthe disease; but there is no doubt stitutes its modus operandi. Dr. that sulphur is the safest and most Horn, of Berlin, and Dr. de Carexpeditious remedy.

ro, of Vienna, appear to have

been next to Dr. Gales in the use * Solutions of potash, muriate of am- of the bath. Subsequently to monia, oxymuriate of mercury, arsenic; these, Mr. Wallace, of Dublin, decoctions of hellebore, digitalis, and to has published his observations ; bacco; sulphuric and oxygepated muriatic acid properly diluted, &c. &c. and step by step, by the joint im



provements or suggestions of the gards those occurring on parts observers, the instrument, from covered by an extremely delicate having been inconvenient and un- cuticle, as the glans penis, &c., a comfortable to the patient, is now very slight degree of excitement become not only an important and only being necessary to their dedecided remedy of great value in struction in these situations ; but many cutaneous diseases, but an when they occur on the hands, absolute luxury as regards the the most expeditious mode is as patient's feelings.

follows: A small portion of the The number of fumigations ne- Emplas. Lyttæ is to be laid on cessary to the cure of Scabies the crown of the wart, and retaindiffers much, according to the ed in this situation by adhesive virulence of the disease, the de- plaster : in a day or two the subgree of irritability of the skin, stance of the wart is in a soft and &c.; but if the clothes of the pa- moistened state, and a little ring tient be suspended in the bath of vesication appears round its during each application, which is base. In this condition the greatalways prudent in the cases of er part of the wart may be picked the lower class of people, the or sliced off ; and if this be done, cure will be much expedited. so as to bring it down to a level

Besides the advantages of the with the surrounding skin, the apbath already alluded to, it is plication of a little caustic will never followed by that irritation generally be all that is necessary. of the skin, which long continued Venereal warts, as they have use of the ointment is often found been termed by English authors, to produce, and which has not un- the végétations syphilitiques of frequently led to the continuance Alibert and Rayer, yield with less of the remedy long after the dis- trouble to milder escharotics ; a ease has been really subdued.- fact which is satisfactorily referPlumbe on the Diseases of the skin. rible to the inferior solidity of

structure consequent on their ra.

pid growth.-16. Warts appear to be produced by disordered action in a conge ENCYSTED TUMORS OF THE rics of vessels on the surface of the cutis, commonly originating Mr. Wardrop lately removed from the irritation of substances from the head of a yonng woman which insinuate themselves into, six soft encysted tumors of difand, perhaps, sometimes through ferent sizes,according to the mode the substance of the cuticle. adopted by Sir Astley Cooper, Their structure and formation namely, of laying open the cyst so are almost too well known to re as to remove the contents, and quire description; it is, however, then by tearing away the cyst. evidently resembling the cuticle, The facility with which tumors and may be considered an irregu- of a certain size, and containing lar fungous production of this co- soft substances, the melicerous vering. It is said by some surgi- kind, can be removed by this methcal writers, that they are readily od, and the slight degree of pain and easily destroyed by stimulants which it inflicts, were well exemor caustics. This is true as re- plified in this case ; and the wounds



healing in two or three days, the though Mr. Wardrop did not find chance of suppuration, an objec- bleeding useful, others have suction that has been made to Sir ceeded with it, in a form which Astley's plan of laceration, was is regarded as a variety of ca. obviated. The removal of a tarrh. Then calomel and opium small portion of the cyst by the till salivation is produced ; local scissars we have found to answer bleeding, Dover's powder; blisas well as the removal of the whole ters behind the ear, to the temple cyst, adhesive inflammation taking and to the nape of the neck; local place, so as to obliterate the cay- frictions with laudanum, and the ity, and this is attended with no vinum opii diluted and dropped pain, and to us appears more chi- into the eye twice or thrice a day rurgical than the extirpation of has been found to be useful, after the cyst by forcible laceration, the active inflammation has been which is sometimes painful, and removed ; before this time, no lo the cure is not less expeditious. cal means are of any use, in the Gazette of Health. catarrhal variety.

The pupil of the affected eye THE TREATMENT OF RHEUMATIC should be kept uuder the influence OPHTHALMIA.

of belladonna by smearing the In the first stages if the patient eyebrow and the eyelids every be bilious, purges are to be free- evening at bedtime. Bark is se ly given, and sudorifics if the skin commended in the chronic stage be dry. Cinchona Mr. Wardrop and Fowler's solution in the dose considers as a specific in this ma- of ten drops thrice a day also suit lady ; turpentine either singly or very well the catarrhal form; combined with rhubard also does however with regard to all these great good. Mercury used so far remedies the diathesis changes as to produce ptyalism aggravates very much according to the seathe complaint. Evacuation of son, and it is left to the acute and the aqueous humor, and after the discerning practitioner to discova operation, warm fomentations to what the character of the disease the eye, and if it continues irrita- is, whether inflammatory, typhous, ble the vinous tincture of opium, rheumatic, catarrhal, bilious, &c are found to be valuable in the and according to the general pre advanced stages. Local bleeding valence of either he may deterdoes little good in this complaint, mine what kind of remedy to use. excepting where there is a great In this view the surgeon will tendency to plethora with a full learn much from the experienced and hard pulse ; indeed so little physician : and without attending advantage attends the use of ve- to the general prevailing constitunesection in this disease that Mr. tion, neither will be able to do Wardrop considers this circum- much good. stance as a diagnostic.

Mr. Scudamore thinks that It may be observed, that the cups to the temples have done eye like other parts of the body much good; the poppy fomentamay be involved in any general tion has also effected great relief; diathesis which may prevail, as a cold solution of the acetate of rheumatic, catarrhal,' &c. and lead with a little spirit, applied must be treated accordingly ; by a layer of linen, has been use

ful. Purgative and then altera- year, after which he was restored tive doses of calomel, with to favor and covered with honors. James's powder at night, united The Date Obolum Belisario is thus with a little opiun, have done a creation of fancy, and a fine good, particularly combined with moral text disappears. the draught composed of the vinegar of colchicum, sulphate of

The smallpox is or recently has magnesia, carbonate of potash, been in this harbor and in a neighcarbonate of magnesia, and tar- boring village. It is now said to tarized antimony with as much prevail among the French at lemon juice as will neutralize the Chizenlook. În Halifax, N. S. potash, combined with distilled “ hundreds of families have been water and syrup, as before men- visited, some more lightly, but tioned. Bark with Fowler's so- most have to lament the loss of lution, in the convalescence, Mr.

one, two or three of their memScudamore has also found to be bers, and in some instances, whole valuable.-Philadelphi Journal families have been swept away, of Medicine and Surgery. Discussions are going on in the

papers relative to the surest preINTELLigence, &c, ventive, and the best method of

treating the disease. Some have Spots of Blood.-In a recent no faith in vaccination, others adsitting of the Paris Royal Acade- vise the inoculation for smallpox, my of Medicine, M. Orfila stated, while others again have full confithat since he had read to the dence in the efficacy of the cowAcademy the paper on the means of recognizing spots of blood on

Out of 30 deaths last week, in clothes,

&c. it had been published the city of Philadelphia, ten were on the authority of M. Dulong, by the smallpox !--a fact which that by aid of a microscope, it reflects no credit on the foresight might be seen whether the spots and philanthropy of our neighbor, were formed of human blood or when vaccination affords so simple the blood of animals. He had

and effectual a safeguard. since made experiments with the microscope, on spots of human

Such is the tendency of smallpox blood, and the blood of pigeons, to diffuse itself over the country ; both in a dry and liquid state, and and nothing can prevent its spreadthe result was, that so far from ing but depriving it of subjects on perceiving any difference, he which it can act. could not distinguish with any certainty whether they were really. blood or not.

Intemperance.-From an official

source, we are enabled to state Lacepede has shown, in his his. that during the first eleven months tory of Europe, that the story?of of the present year, the number the blindness and mendicant life of deaths in this city, from intemof Belisarius, is untrue. The fa perate drinking alone, has been mous commander never experi- twentyfive ! enced poverty, but was in dis If we were to say that one death grace with Constantine only one in six of all that have occurred dur

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