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"THE COMPREHENSIVE CURSE," Notwithstanding this article has involving the ruin of every facul; occupied so much, perbaps too ty, wbecher moral, intellectual or much, of our limited space, the physical, which distinguishes man above is but a part of the report of from all the irrational creation, the Committee. The whole report, It is no wonder, then, if all our from the facts, the correct views and sympathies should be enlisted in repressing its ravages and limiting reasoning which it contains, deserves its banefol influence ; and it is no tbe careful attention of all those who wonder, if in our eagerness to ac- would act understandingly and guccomplish an object so desirable, cessfully in resisting the inroads and we should lose sight of all conse- devastations of intemperance. We quences except the redemption shall next week notice a new antiof the drunkard : but sincerity, is not truth, neither is purity of in

dote against the prevalect hankering tention a justification, where ig- for ardent spirit. norance is voluntary, or what is in effect the same thing, where preju

DISINFECTING LIQUOR. dice precludes a rigid examination

The solution of the chloruret of that which humanity itself may

of lime has been lately very ineven call a duty. It is not our dustriously advertised for the purbusiness to read a moral lecture pose of destroying the unpleasant for the direction of persons who odor arising from the basins, &c. , are the guides of our youth and the of water closets and chamber exemplars of society, though we utensils. The following compofeel bound to suggest a salutary șition has been found to answer caution to all those who so far better than either the chloruret mistake, as to lend their charac- of lime, or the chloruret of soda, ters and their influence to circu- and is at the same time cheaper late a Nostrum, which for all than either. they know to the contrary, though Take of Oxymuriatic Acid, 3 ounces; there is abundant room for suspi

Niiric Acid, half an ounce ; cion, and the information is easily

Water, a quart.--Mix. acquired, may produce DEATH,

The internal surface of the vesAll of which is respectfully

sel should be well washed with submitted,

the mixture by means of a brush. W. HAMERSLEY, M.D. Ch’n.

A little may be also poured into the pipe of the water closet. The

price of a quart of this composiJOHN WATTs, Jun. M.D.

tion is three pence.-G. of Health. Ansel W. Ives, M.D. FRANCIS U. JOHNSON, M.D.

New York, August 20, 1827. The following composition has

Resolved, that the Report of been found to succeed better than the Committee on Chambers' the scouring spirit generally emMedicine, just read, be referred ployed for removing oil or any to the Committee on Quack Me- other grease from woollen cloth, dicines, to be published under silk, &c. their direction.

Take of Pyroligneous Ether, 1 oz., Extract from the Minutes,

Essence of Lemon, 3 dr.

John J. Graves, M.D. Sec'y.



The parts should be well rub- pech's memoir, entitled Traitebed with tow or a piece of wool- ment de la Gale, for the outlines len cloth moistened with this com- of which we are indebted to the position. The price of the above April number of the Archives Gtquantity is eleven pence.Ib. nerales de Médecine.--Ib. Stramonium in Chronic Rheuma

Preparation for Blacking, by tism.--The extract of the leaves of

M. Braconnot.—Take of plasthe stramonium, beginning with a dose of one grain in the twenty- 4 ounces ; lampblack about 9

ter, ground and sifted, 2 pounds. four hours, and gradually increase ed till vertigo is induced, is recom- brewers, 18 ounces, olive oil,

ounces; barley malt, as used by mended by M. DE KIRCKHOFF,

ounce. in chronic rheumatism. He also

Steep the malt in water, almost makes use of frictions with the tincture of the plant, or a cata- boiling hot, till the soluble porplasm of the leaves to the pained solution into a basin, stir into it the

tions are well extracted; put the parts.-N. A. Med. & Surg. J.

plaster and lampblack, and evaTreatment of the Itch.--Profes- porate to the consistency of paste; sor Delpech, of Montpelier, con- then add the oil, the quantity of siders the itch as purely a local or

which may be increased by decutaneous disease, which may be grees. To the mixture may be promptly cured without danger of added, if desired, a few drops of internal disorder. He instances oil of lemons or of lavender, as a the fact of six thousand soldiers perfume. If ground plaster be suffering under the itch, who not attainable, its place may be were all cured in a few days with supplied with potter's clay. out any sinister effects resulting,

This is undoubtedly the cheapby their washing one another est and finest blacking; it spreads twice daily, at first with soap and evenly, dries and shines quickly water, and subsequently with a

on the leather by a slight friction solution of an alkaline hydrosul- of the brush, and has not the obphuret. Dr. Delpech has, more-jection of burning the leather. over, discovered by comparative

Bul. D'Encour, March, 1825. trials made in the hospital at Montpelier, that simple olive oil, Artificial Eyes.-Mr.John Scud. rubbed over the skin, will as der, of New York, advertises speedily cure those laboring un- that on application to him, he will der the disease as the various sul- supply the loss of an eye by an ar. phureous preparations in common tificial one, made to imilate the

He found indeed that one real one, and to move with it in hundred soldiers were entirely any direction, and so nearly resemcured in an average period of se- bling life as to deceive the most venteen days, by the former men- sceptical.” His eyes are made of tioned treatment, whereas twen- the finest French enamel, highly tythree days elapsed before the polished, and he says will last like number were entirely re- twenty years if not broken, and lieved by the use of the sulphur may be worn with ease, and withointment.--Vide Professor Del- out the least paia..


the Quebec Medical Journal, the BOSTON, TUESDAY, OCT. 20, 1827. vue Encyclopédique, Broussais' Jour.

nal, &c., have bestowed a just MEDICAL JOURNALS.

tribute of commendation on this jourNothing shows more strikingly nal. Portions of the Quarterly Sumthe increase of medical science in mary of the Philadelphia Joarnal, our country than the number of me- and in some instances its reviews dical periodical publications which have been seized by the writers of are now set forth from the Ameri- similar articles in England; and an can press. At a time within our apalysis of French experiments in own recollection, there was scarcely physiolog', which were first made one worth mentioning in the whole and published in Philadelphia by one country. Now, medical publications, of the editors of the N. A. Medi and embracing the latest improvements Phys. Journal, has been reprinted as in theory and practice, and contri- something new in London publicabnting themselves to extend the tions,—thus migrating 6000 miles power and resources of the healing to get over the British channel ; to art, are printed from Maine to Ohio, be improved in favor perbaps, like -from the weekly paper of a single travelling Madeira, or London parsheet, to the bulky and ponderous ticular. The conductors of the N. quarterly of two and three hundred A. Med. and Phys. Journal have alpages. They have generally, too, ready given sufficient evidence of improved as much in character and their ability to be useful, and we merit as they have increased in have been informed that they hold number.

themselves at liberty to obey the Among these works we know of best motives to become so. They no one which has higher claims to espouse no party, or particular docrespect and patronage than The trines in medicine, they are not upNorth American Medical and Surgical held, nor bound in turn to any colJournal, published quarterly in Phi- lege, school, sect or establishment. ladelphia. It possesses these claims That blighting spirit which turns in our estimation solely on account maioly on the love of making moof the ability, industry, candor and ney, has not infected them; no rich independence with which it is publisher is engaged to force their conducted ; and for proof of its being literary ware into the market against So conducted, we would merely refer the public demand, or like some the impartial inquirer to its pages.forced manufactures, too imperfect We are informed by the Editors in to supply this demand where it ex. their number for this month, that ists. The property is professional, many of their papers bave been co- the efforts and influence are profespied into medical journals in Europe; sional, aiming to diffuse intelligible this indeed we knew before, and and practical information,- for the have pleasure in adding to the infor. best of all possible medical, and we mation these gentlemen bave given had almost said of moral purposes, us of their labor and prospects, that the wellbeing of society.





ESPECTFULLY informs the custo- 844, Washinglon St., opposite Avery St. & Smita, and the public in general, that A cukinds of surgical instruments and

cutlery are made, ground, repaired, he continues the business of Druggist polished, honed, &c., with the finest edge and Apothecary, at the old stand, 121, for use, New penknife blades are fitted Washington street, where he offers for to old handles. sale a large and general assortment of articles usually found in his line, among


DRUGS, &c.

, . emet. do ; rhubarb, gentian, orange peel, D-33, India

Street, near the head of chamomiles; sub carb. soda; tartaric Central Wharf, have for sale, a very large acid ; carb. of ammon. ; fine and coarse

assortment of Surgeons' Instruments sponge ; hat case ; refined liquorice ; camphor English ppt: lozenges ; croton oil, &c., at very low prices. Gentlemen wish

Drugs, Paints, Dyestuffs, Window Glass, French and English ; calc. magnesia, from ing to purchase are respectfully invited to Apoth. Hall, London; gamboge, pulv. call.

Aug. 21.

6mo. ipecac. myrrh, guaiacum, rhubarb quicksilver, opsum, aloes, bals. capivi, Epsom oils of lavender, peppermint, cloves,

JOSEPH KIDDER, 70, Court St., anniseed, caraway, cinnamon, &c.; pul O'brugs and Medicines of the best

FFERS for sale a full assortment of phuric, nitros, and nitric acids; soda, Rochelle and Seidlitz powders; white phials, quality. Confining himself principally to assorted.

the retail business, every attention will A variety of patent medicines, such as be given to meet the wishes of Physicians Anderson's pills; Hooper's do,; bals.honey; and others in the preparation and delivery Henry's magnesia ; Turlington's balsam; of medicines. Prescriptions will receive Cologne water, superior from Paris ; com constant personal attention. mon do. ; French lavender, from the man

Rochelle and Soda Powders carefully ufactories ; cephalic snuff ; Riga balsam; prepared as above. antique oil; otto of rose ; Gorllrey's cordi Also, constantly for sale, Black Cural ; opodeldoc, &c.

rant Wine, prepared by Mr. Pomeroy. Also, bear's oil, for the hair : French hair powder ; English Windsor soap; fan RETAIL DRUG STORE. cy do. ; salts of lemon; court plaster, plackeranda white ; tooth powder 1 tooth HENRY, WHITE would inform his

friends and the public, that he has powder and lip salve boxes ; tooth brush

now established himself as a retail druges, a variety; fancy smelling bottles ; gist, at No. 188, Washington Street, op thermometers of different prices; an as posite the Marlbero' Hotel, where Physisortment of trusses of the most approved cians and Families may depend on the kinds.

most strict and personal attention to their Country physicians and dealers in drugs orders.--No Medicines will be put up unare invited to call as above, where they less of the first quality. can be supplied at a fair price. Physicians' prescriptions will receive of the night,

N. B. Medicines delirered at any hour all the attention and care that a long experience in the business has enabled him to bestow, and every article delivered

EUROPEAN LEECHES. will be such as they may calculate on. JUS

UST received a fresh supply of EuroMedicine chests of every description,

pean Leeches, for sale by for family and ships' use, are put up and EBENEZER WIGHT, Druggist, replenished with care and faithfulness.

Milk, opposite Federal Street,

Published weekly, by John Cotton, 184, Washington St.corner of Franklin St. - The price of this paper will vary with the time of payment. If paid on subscribing, or within 3 months after, the price will be 3 dollars per annum ; il paid after 3 months but within the year, it will be $3,50; but if not paid within the year, it will be 4 dollars. No paper to be discontinued till arrearages are paid.--All communications te lating to the present

or future concerns of this paper, to be addressed, always postpaid, to John G. Coffin.-Advertisements, 1 dollar a square.





VOL, 5.

NO. 25.


From the N. A. Med. and Surg. Journal. grains of opium, besides a consiBRINCKLE ON THE CURE OF derable quantity of laudanum, in INTEMPERANCE.

the course of three days, before Observations on the Use of Sulphea- sleep could be induced; by which

ric Acid in the Cure of Intem- he was completely relieved. temperance; with Cases.

When called to him on the 5th of


July, he was verging towards maIn the fifth volume of the Medi- nia a potu. His wife informed coChirurgical Review, page 480, me that he now was drinking from it is stated, on the authority of a

one to two quarts of rum a day, foreign journal, that M. BRUHL besides two, three, and four botCramer, a German physician, tles of porter. I requested her has discovered that sulphuric

to mix a drachm of sulphuric acid acid, taken with occasional bit- in a pint of rum; this was accordters, completely eradicates the ingly done; he had not taken

much disposition to the intemperate use of it, however, before he detectof ardent spirit, by exciting a dis- ed a difference in the taste, and gust to all spirituous potations.

refused to take the remainder, Aware of the difficulty of over- which he threw out, under the coming a habit so fascinating, I apprehension that poison had been received the above information put in it. More of the liquor was with some degree of distrust. sent for, and the same proportion Still, I was urged, by my hopes of the acid added. After taking of success, to give the plan a tri- about half a pint of this, he again al, whenever a favorable

refused it, declaring that it also

opportunity should be presented. Early contained poison. Though he in July, 1826, a case offered.

would probably have still taken Case 1.-A. H., aged thirty- the rum witbout the addition of three years, has for a long time the acid, I desired his wife not to been addicted to habits of intem- let him have it. At this time, perance. For the last three the symptoms of mania a potu years, he has taken from one to

became completely developed. four pints of brandy, gin, whiskey This was the fourth attack of this or rum, every day, with the ex

disease, and was soon subdued by ception of an interval of three the liberal use of opium, in conweeks nearly a year ago ! Re- junction with a strong infusion of peated attacks of mania a potu common hop. * Several days afhad been brought on ; in one of these I had given hin seventy five tion, that the latter article is a remedy of

* It may not be improper here to men

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