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his employment one of the first artists and TR. BEATH invites those who de. most ingenious mechanics in the United dangerous and distressing disease of Rup: Trusses. At this great depository may ture, to call at his office, 672, Washington be found every sort of Truss, manufacturStreet, where he is in constant attend- ed either in Europe or America, made in ance, to adapt his trusses to the particu- the most elegant style, and warranted to lar case of the patient.

accomplish every object which a good After the experience of nearly thirty Trugs can effect. To medical men it is years, Mr. B. is now able to state to the needless to state the important advanpublic, that almost every person who has tages which arise from having the instrustrictly followed his directions, has in a ment well adapted to the part to be reshort time experienced, not only relief lieved. Here the patient, if unable to from pain and danger, but a partial cloc suit himself with those on hand, may sure of the orifice, and in many cases a have one made agreeably to the exact total cure-some of which he is at liberty measurement of his body. to refer to.

French Elastic Catheters. Among the variety of trusses made by Just received, from France, a few gross Mr. Beath, are Patent Elastic Spring of the most approved Catheters, used by Trusses, with Spring Puds :- Trusses the first physicians and surgeons in the without steel springs; these can be worn French metropolis ; they are sold at a day and night. Improved Hinge and Pis very low rate. rot Trusses, Umbilical Spring I'russes,

Bay Rum. and Trusses with Ball and Socket Joints. A few dozen bottles of this excellent Trusses for Prolapsus Ani, by wearing embrocation in cases of hysterical and which, persons troubled with a descent nervous affections, &c. of the rectum, can ride on horseback with

Also, Whitwell's Original and Genuine perfect ease and safety, Mr. B. makes Liquid Opodeldoc. also Trusses for Prolapsus Uteri, which April, 1827. have answered in cases where pessaries have failed. Suspensary Trusses, Knee

CHARLES WHITE, Cape, and Common Trusses, are kept always on hand, charged at the lowest 271, Washington Street, corner of Winter prices. Machines for remedying deformi

Street, ties, Artificial Legs, &c.

H of

AS received by the London packet, Surgeons' Instruments and Trusses repaired at the Manufactory.

DICINES, & SURGEONS INSTRU. We have often witnessed Mr. Beath's suc

MENTS, -making, together with those cess, and have been personally benefited by them are-narcotine, morphine, acetate

in store, a complete assortment,--among his ingenuity.- Ed. Med. Intel.

of morphine, sulphate of morphine, soluTHE following works are for sale at tion of acetate of morphine, extract of this Office.

opium deprived of morphine ; emetine, A Treatise on Verminous Diseases, iodine, hydriodate of soda, hydriodate of preceded by the Natural History of Intesa potash, hydriodate of mercury, hydrio. tinal Worms, and their origin in the Hu- cianic acid, colchicum seeds and roots, man Body. By V. L. BRERA, Professor extract of elaterium, extract of belladona, of Clinical Medicine in the University of extract of henbane, extract of hops, exPavia, &c.

tract of hellebore, black drop, croton oil, Bichat on the Membranes.

blue pill,i pneumatic nipple pumps, silver, Discourses on Warm and Cold Bathing. ivory, wood, lead, glass, and gum elastic

A Dissertation on Medical Education, nipple shields, &c. and on the Medical Profession.

Strict personal attendance paid to Remarks on the Dangers and Duties of Physicians' prescriptions, and medicines Sepulture.

delivered at any bour of the night.

T this Ofice.

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Published weekly, by John Cotton, at 184, Washington St, corner of Franklin St., to whom all communications must be addressed, postpaid. The price will vary with the time of payment. If paid on subscribing, or within 3 months after, the price will be 3 dollars per annum ; if paid after 3 months but within the year, it will be $ 3,50 ; but if not paid within the year, it will be 4 dollars. No paper to be discontinued till arrearages are paid. Advertisements, 1 dollar a square.




VOL. 5.

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 1827. .

NO. 2.


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MR. ABERNETHY, ON EDEMA, AND melancholy profession. I next go

OTHER LOCAL AFFEC- to speak of diseases arising from TIONS, ULCERS, &c.

deficient absorption. Mr. Hunter Now the last local affection I speaks of interstitial absorption have to speak of is edema. In and progressive absorption : by every surgical book you read that progressive absorption, I presume edema rises from too great depo- he means the passage which is sition, or too little absorption. made for the exit of foreign boNow the question is, which ? dies. A woman swallowed some That edema rises from too great pins by accident, the number was deposition, is probable. Mr. Hun- exactly known; in six months they ter remarks that edema disap- alt came out at different parts of pears frequently before death. the body ; during that time there

In books of Nosology this is di- was the greatest irritation and disvided into edema aquosa, edema turbance to the constitution. solidum, and edema erythemata. Some of these pins came out beThis is merely saying that some- fore, and some behind ; when the times you have watery affusion in- last pin came away, she lost all to cellular substance, sometimes her irritation, and got well. matter, &c. It is almost con I say these cases are curious, stantly connected with a bad state and ought to be borne in mind. I of health, and reducing measures remember the case of a man who are contraindicated. It will not had an ulcer in the leg, and the do to use depleting remedies ; in surgeons in the country could not short, gentle friction and bandages heal it ; he therefore came up to are what we rely on for the cure London, and I perceived a black of edema. A woman had this dis- substance, which with my probe ease attack half of her face, in I took hold of, and drew out a the same way paralysis sometimes long black thorn. The ulcer soon affects one half. Some said it healed. On my questioning him was erysipelas; but it was not. he said he recollected, a year and Many people die of diseases, a half before, while getiing over when on dissection you cannot a hedge, a thorn got into the calf discover anything particularly of his leg. These extraneous wrong, and it only shows the defi- bodies travel in a very odd way. ciency of our knowledge, and thre A surgeon, in using a catheter, necessity of your deeply studying let it slip into the bladder; an everything connected with your abscess in the hip formed, and a profession ; it is a very useful, black, rustylike metallic subthough at the same time a very stance presented itself; it was



the catheter, and this took place ing it up like the mouth of a a considerable time after the oc- purse, and giving it a very un

I now speak of ulcer- sightly appearance ; I say it ation, which may be the result of puckers it up, this happens in weakness or undue action. Mr. circular sores. Prosecutions have Hunter fixed his mind a good deal been instituted against surgeons, on an anecdote which a man, not for supposed malpractice; a child, medical man, reported.

reported. I for instance, has become burnt in mean the chaplain of Lord Anson's the neck and face, and the chin voyage. In passing the southern and collar bone come in contact. parts of America, they were The surgeon takes his fee, makes short of provisions, and sickness his bow, and if he did not apprise and scurvy attacked most of the the parties of what would probacrew. The narrative says, that bly happen, he deserves, I say, in those who had broken bones, to be prosecuted ; another surthe bones became disunited, by geon is called in, and he says, the absorption of callus, and sores – O! I'll soon set this to rights,” which had healed, to all appear- so he cuts it, and lets it loose, ance soundly, broke out again ; but in a short time the same conwhich shows that newformed parts traction happens again. are not endowed with so much Mr. Earle in several cases cut life as the original compages of away the cicatrix and made an the body. The story, by many elliptical ulcer, and there was no common readers, was looked on contraction. Mr. James, of Exto partake rather of the marvel- eter, followed up this practice, lous ; but it is perfectly consists and put a collar on. I was at ent with the phenomena observed Exeter this last autumn, and saw in disease, and there is no reason a patient at the county hospital to suppose this man reported any- with one of these collars on. thing but what was true ; he was Children, as you know, are not a medical man, and had no sometimes born webfooted, and new or favorite theory to support. also webfingered—and great cauUlcers heal by granulation, and tion is requisite to prevent this the process of granulation is tar- puckering, when operations are dy, as newly formed parts have performed in such cases. less energy of life. In the pro It seems to me, that the tongue cess of skinning, the vessels shoot joins in this manner--a person horizontally. Mr. Hunter called may have a fit of epilepsy, and it skinning; some call it cicatriz- may bite his tongue two thirds ation—now this is not a good term, through. Now, what would you for the word cicatrix means a scar. do? Would you sew it up? No, Does the rete mucosum become certainly not, it would be absurd. reproduced ? Some think not, Monsieur Louis made a little bag for in the ulcers of Africans, the for the tongue-he had a horror new formed skin covering sores of sutures--the patient should be is white ; no part of the body is enjoined to keep quiet, and if his

completely reproduced. tongue is not an unruly one, this Say that there was a circular ul- will be attended to. I have told cer, three inches in diameter ; you of the filling up of an ulcer, the skio puckers in healing, draw- which is a very compound dise



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ease :--when the granulations are the irritability, and if you ask me carried on healthily, they are what is the best application, I small and of a conical shape, and should say a watery solution of red. I remember when I was opium, and apply it warm ; for young, the patients were always irritable parts do not bear cold kept in a horizontal position--if applications. An irritable tooth, you let the limb hang down the for instance, tortures one most granulations become purple, they horribly, if cold water be applied, have neither the healthy color, but not so with warm water. nor the life of the other granula- This is the way irritable sores tions, differently treated. Now ought to be treated ; by soothing, the deviations in ulcers from a endeavoring to produce tone and healthy state are various, some- tranquillity, as I am accustomed times they discharge merely sa- to express it. I now lay down a nies, often ichor, and not unfre- principle which I would have you quently an acrid ichor oozes from regulate your conduct by in treatthe sore.

You are often obliged ing these sores; I may instance to use an ointment to defend the what happens in irritable ophthalirritable and tender skin from the mia, you first sooth the eye with action of the ichor; you generally tepid water, and then you use a judge of the morbid state of the weak solution of sulphate of zinc ulcer by the discharge.

0! the patient winces, and dashes The most scientific work on down the cup, and swears he will ulcers I know is that of Sir Eve- not touch it any more-he washes rard Home. I refer you to his it again, and it smarts it is true, book on the subject, for really I but not so much, and he bears it have no adequate powers of de- tolerably on the third application. scription ; if one were to describe You diminish morbid sensibility an ulcer that seems simply weak, the same way as you do natural one would say that it had a pallid sensibility. This is the proper aspect; that the process of gra- surgery of susceptible and morbid nulation went on slowly, and that surfaces in general. Now this the granulations should be flat, requires a reference to principle and not pointed. There seems to do it properly ; and when a much less vigor in ulcers the fur- surgeon has once got an ulcer to ther they are removed from the bear stimulants, I may say he has source of life, I mean the heart- got the whip hand of that sore. if, for instance, a man had two Sir Everard Home next describes ulcers, one above the knee, and an indolent sore ; he, in short, deone above the ankle, that above scribes the common ulcerated leg the knee would get well first. admitted into our hospitals. In Sir Everard Home speaks of ir- fact, weakness is the characterritable ulcers; that in this kind istic of an ulcer from the beginthere is surrounding inflammation, ning to the end. The irritable that there is great sensitivity of ulcers are to be soothed, the inthe surface; it is ulceration going dolent are to be stimulated ; an on which produces this surround- irritable ulcer will become indoing inflammation; and it is of un- lent, and an indolent one irritable. equal depths. What is to be I recollect the time when plaster done in this ulcer? O! to sooth of Paris was applied to sores, and

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it is astonishing how well it suc. there is in charcoal to correct
ceeded with indolent ulcers; but putrefaction. I once saw the
sometimes it was applied to an wonderful effects of charcoal in
irritable one, and then the pain this way. Some leeches had died
was excessive. After all, no- in a bottle of water, and the wa-
thing can inform a surgeon how he ter stunk most horribly ; some
is to treat these sores but expe- powdered charcoal was put in the
riencemit is tact ; he has been so bottle, and allowed to subside to
long accustomed to them, that he the bottom, and the water be-
says at first sight, I know what came perfectly sweet. I may
will do for this or that description mention also fresh vegetable
of sore. I perceive this, that juices; these seem to operate on
the morbid peculiarities are but the discharges of sores. Carrots
the offspring of general indisposi- and turnips are of this quality. I
tion from irritability in the system have an aversion to scraping car-
at large. The most effectual rots and applying them to sores.
way of relieving the morbid state I would express their juice and
of the ulcer is by tranquilizing mix it with crumbs of bread.
the general health; they are more Balsams are applied with good
likely to get well by medical effect to some sores. These bal-
treatment. I say there is some sams seem to act on sores like
thing i empirical in the manage- cordials to the stomach. Bal-
ment of ulcers ; the applications guire, who wrote on amputations,
are so 'various to sores. I have ordered balsams. The balsam of
often said give me the “ Materia Peru is used, but this balsam acts
Medica," and you can scarcely in certain cases as a stimulant.
show me a substance which has This is a branch of surgery I
not some time or other been ap- would have you by no means to
plied to sores. The discharges slight ; but study to the utmost of
from sores are also a good indica- your ability, and if you can get a
tion of the state of health. The dressing that suits the taste of a
bad quality of these discharges sore, 0, use it ! But there is
may be corrected by the differ something empirical in this prac-
ent acids in water ; Nitric Acid, tice, and all surgeons know this.
Muriatic Acid, Verjuice and wa- A round of applications has been
ter, &c. 0! there can be no doubt tried, and the last pitched on,
that many sores have this tenden- has, perhaps, agreed with it.-
cy corrected by acids. Acids Tar is a good application. I re-
should be used very weak, in a member once the case of a sore
high state of dilution. If you which nothing would cure, and
sublime cinnabar, what do you the tar ointment agreed, and
convert it into ? Volatile sul- seemed to act like magic. Some
phuric acid gas, and an oxyd of years ago there was a medical
quicksilver. Sores have been man in this town, who gained
fumigated with the carbonic acid great reputation by recommend-
gas. The fermenting poultice ing and using a flannel roller.-
with yeast is of this description ; Thanks are due to Mr. Baynton,
and charcoal fresh powdered has of Bristol, who improved on this
been sprinkled over sores. It is practice, and ordered a many-
astonishing what great power tailed bandage of sticking plastet.



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