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stage, or than in the intervals ; research to experience will apand finally, that the practice may prove of venesection in the first be adopted in the first stage of all period of concussion of the brain. fevers, and probably will be found —N. Amer. Med. & Surg. Jour. useful by surgeons in concussion of the brain.

Professor Mott of New York, While we agree with Dr. has recently performed the opeMackintosh in the belief that ration of passing a ligature around “Cullen's system has been a the common iliac artery, for the great bar to all improvement in cure of aneurism. medicine, and is the principal

Dr. Dewees relates a case of cause of the backward state of pathology in this country, when ¡liac passion, successfully treated compared with the strides made by bleeding ad deliquium, croton in this department by our profes- oil and injections ; the patient sional brethren in France,” we passed a ball of the shape and are not prepared to adopt his size of a pullet's egg, together practice of bleeding in the cold with many small stones, of an irstage of intermittent fevers. It regular shape, pretty highly polhas, we know, had its advocates ished, and of a fine brown color, among many physicians of the resembling the seed of the tamaRush school in the United States, rind; but streaked with bright but the success has not been such yellow. The large mass consistas to ensure our confidence, or, ed of layers, about the thickness speaking less equivocally, to re- of an egg shell. move our fears of this plan. We remember very distinctly, before

Dr. Physick has recently met the study of medicine had engaged with an instance of a tumor, reany portion of our time, to have sembling a genuine wart, occurheard a physician of ripened age, ring on the adnata ; its presence tell a friend, of his narrow escape caused considerable uneasiness

, from death, in consequence of his and after several applications to having been bled, at his own de- it, of the nitrate of silver, it was sire, during the cold stage of an entirely destroyed, and has not intermittent fever. As regards returned. venesection during the hot stage, we can positively aver, in oppo A case of intermittent, in a sition to the opinion of Dr. Mack- child of six weeks, is related by intosh, that the first instance in Dr. Dewees; it was cured by arwhich we made use of the lancet senic; the following is the prein intermittent fever, was during scription employed. this period, with the effect of preventing a recurrence of the

Sol. Mineral Fowl. 3i. paroxysm. Similar success un

Aq. Font. 3 xij. der like circumstances has at- Six drops administered every teoded the practice in some oth- four hours. er cases in which we have had When there was any evidence recourse to it.

We moreover of the chill coming on, three doubt

very much, whether the drops of laudanum were ordered surgeon, who unites pathological to be given.-Phil. Journal, &c.

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sary to combine an opiate with the BOSTON, TUESDAY, AUG. 21, 1827. cathartic, in which case the latter

remedy should be increased in quanTHE DYSENTERY.. tity in proportion to the quantity of The respected Editor of the East- anodyne administered with it. ern Chronicle, in his paper dated

After the bowels have been suffiGardiner, Me., Aug. 10, 1827, gives ciently evacuated, whether spontahis views of the proper treatment of

neously or by art, the next indication dysentery, to which he seems to in- of cure is, to moderate the remainvite our attention. We willingly em

ing symptoms of ihe disease, and to brace the occasion to make a few

relieve pain. In this stage of the remarks on the subject.

treatment, the occurrence of a geneThe first point to be settled in the ral and equable perspiration is highphysician's mind, in the treatment of ly beneficial, if suitably induced, this complaint, is commonly, the ex- that is, if brought op without excit. pediency or inexpediency of giving ing too much heat, and so conducted a cathartic. If on investigating the as not to prostrate the sick. This case it should appear that any undi- appropriate and remedial kind of gested food, or other irritating mate. sweating may be produced by some rials, whose presence might have doses of spirit of ammonia, tincture excited, or still continue the dis- of opium and wine of ipecacuanha, ease, are yet present in the stomach in combination, accompanied with or bowels, they are to be removed mild, mucilaginous drinks, as a defrom the system as the first condition coction of sage and flaxseed, or sage of relief. How this indication can and slippery elm bark, in combinabest be accomplished, must depend tion. on the symptoms and state of parti

Supposing the patient to be thus, cular cases.

If castor oil alone, or or otherwise, relieved, and to labor this combined with spirit of turpen- only under the effects of the disease, tine, can be retained on the stomach much care and discretion are requi. and intestines till its evacuating ef- site, particularly after severe cases, fect is secured, probably no cathar- to conduct the patient through the tic is more convenient, speedy or period of convalescence to health. beneficial in its operation. When Success here often depends more on puking occurs, rendering it difficult the discretion and selfgovernment of to retain any purgative substance on the invalid, than on everything else. the stomach, sulphate of magnesia, The common errors in these cases or calomel, or both, in alternate consist in taking food with too little doses, will often succeed to evacuate care in selecting the proper articles the intestinal canal.

only,-in taking it too early and too The pain and suffering of the pa. freely, and in the use of brandy, othtient are sometimes so severe and er stimulants and astringents. The intolerable from the commencement food, on the contrary, should be of the disease, that it becomes neces. small in quantity, chiedy farinaceous

and digestible, as arrowroot, rice, quiring useful knowledge for useful mutton broth, &c.

purposes. If these are the actuating The reverend Editor, in speaking motives, and the real characteristics of the cure of dysentery, bas step of quacks, under whatever pame, proped out of his usual province and fession, or disguise they may infest profession, but has done it with cau

the community, all honest men should tion and candor, and abjures the idea unite to hold them up in legible chaof quackery in his profession or ours. racters, so that the credulous and onBad as medical quackery is, we enlightened portion of the people, should sincerely rejoice with Mr. who are first assailed and most deeply Drew, if this were the only species suffer, may seasonably detect and of quackery in the community. The. avoid them, as they would a mad ological quackery is quite as base dog, the smallpox, a famine, or a and mischievous as any other, and pestilence. one cause of the mischief is, that no

THOMAS GOODSELL, M. D. of Utipretender or impostor is ever con

ca, N. Y., has been appointed Lectented to be useful io a quiet, unos

turer on Materia Medica and Obstetentatious way. The disease to be

trics, in the Berkshire Medical Insubdued, whether physical or moral,

stitution. must be excessive and striking, and Dext to desperate, in order to mag

DICTIONARY. nify the agent and bis means in the Ad deliquium, to fainting; till faintsame proportion. Hence the love of ing is produced.

Adnata, one of the coats of the excitement and publicity, and the re

eye. sort to fear as a means of governing Ecchymosis, extravasation ; a black the multitude and of turning them to and blue swelling, either from a good account. The motives by which bruise or spontaneous extravasation

of blood. quacks are impelled, always make them dangerous members of society. not depend on any other disease,

Idiopathic disease, one which does There is sometimes, no doubt, a por- thus differing from a symptomatic tion of honest zeal in the compound affection, which depends on some impulse which drives them forward, other. but this is more ardent and consum

Primæ viæ, the first passages; the

stomach and intestinal tube. ing than discreet or salutary. Other Prussiate of Potash, a salt formed motives seem to bave no portion of by the union of the prussic acid and good to sotten or improve the mass potash. of alloy. These are a love of per- A noisy kind of respiration, as is

Stertor, or stertorous breathingsonal, sectarian and party influence; apoplexy. A sporing or sporting. a disposition to impose on the credu.

Subsultus, weak convulsive motions, lity of the weak and unsuspecting for or twitchings of the tendoos, mostly selfish purposes; a desire to be

of the hands.

Tinea capitis, of some consequence in the world

capitis, the scaldbead,

characterized by small ulcers at the without the labor of earning and de- root of the hairs of the head, proserving a fair reputation, or of ac. ducing a friable, white crust.


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nor est."

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are before the public: “ qui invidel naiof Clinical Medicine in the University of Pavia, &c.

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ing will be more complete and satisfactoDRUGS, &c.

ry than any course of instruction which AVID & JOHN HENSHAW & CO., has been given in this Institution. D 33, India Street, near the head of

J. P. BATCHELDER, Dean. Central Wharf, have for sale, a very large Berkshire Med. Instituion, assortment of Surgeons Instruments, Pittsfield, Ms. July 29, 1827. Drugs, Paints, Dyestuffs, Window Glass, &c., at very low prices. Gentlemen wish

ing to purchase are respectfully invited to

UST received a fresh supply of Euro-
Aug. 21.

6mo. JU

pean Leeches, for sale by ATHENEUM:


Milk, opposite Federal Street
FOR AUGUST 15, 1827,
TUST published by John Cotton, 194
JWashington a Cornetu Frantakelio

TREATISE on the Diseases of Fe

A , , CONTENTS. --The Rod and the Stream; D. Adjunct Professor of Midwifery in the A Discourse of Augling-My Wife's Mo- University of Pennsylvania, &c.&c. lately ther-Vicissitudes in the Life of an Actor. published, and for sale by Wells & Lilly.

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VOL, 5.


NO. 15.

The terms on which this paper is sent ed with little efficacy were he to to subscribers, are published at the end recommend for the palefaced, of every number.

slender, waspwaisted, schoolboy

dandy of this period, such rude From the London Literary Gazette.

aliments as supported the muscuMEDICAL ESSAYS.-NO. VI.

lar, athletic youth of ancient " Then, the whining schoolboy, with his times. It is with this impression

satchel And shining morning face, creeping like that I commence this Essay on snail

the diet proper for that period of Unwillingly to school.” Shakspeare. life which comes between infancy

A MORALIST, writing to improve and manhood. In treating the the age, and looking with regret subject, it will be necessary to on the increasing effeminacy of consider the effect of climate, and each succeeding generation, might the influence of the daily habits, and judiciously recommend a return to of predisposition to disease, in reguthe black bread, watercresses, lating diet: and I shall add a few and Spartan fare of Lycurgus, in remarks on the influence of diet in order to humble the pampered facilitating or retarding the deveappetites of the youth of the pre- lopement of intellect. sent day, and to excite that manly 1. Influence of Climate.-It redisregard for the luxuries of the quires little knowledge of the anitable which should ever charac- mal economy to be satisfied, that terise a period of life, when the the diet which is adapted to one mind,-naturally ardent in search climate would prove prejudicial of knowledge, and scorning diffi- in another; that the strong fare of culties and danger in its acquire- the Esquimaux could not be emment,--should look on food only ployed with impunity in the torrid as the means of nourishing the zone ; nor the rice and vegetable frame, and of epabling the body food of the natives of Hindostan in to undergo fatigue. A physician, the Arctic circle. The moist and writing on the subject of diet pro- variable climate of the British per for youth, may hold the same isles requires, that the food of opinions with the moralist, and, youth should be of a nature calcuin conjunction with him, may re- lated not only to supply the ordigret the causes which have con- nary waste of the frame, and adtributed to the degeneracy of the minister to the growth of the body, race: but it is bis business to pre- but to impart that property to the scribe for the passing generation ; animal solids which, in medical and this office would be perform- language, is termed tone ; that is,

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