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traordinary retention of chaly. but both concurred in stating, that beate pills in the intestines, and none had been used within the suggests a salutary caution in the preceding six months. employment of such remedies, From this time the pills passed especially to those females who were collected, and above fifty empirically resort to them. were thus obtained. The identi

F. G., a delicate girl, 17 years ty of the pill was established by old, who had never menstruated, chemical analysis ; Mr. Cuff, a was seized with acute pains of very intelligent chemist of this the head, and general fever, city, having demonstrated the the health having for sometime chalybeate impregnation. For previous_been in a declining the most part they were passed state. Three children, in this separately ; a few masses, howefamily, had fallen victims to hy- ver, were discharged, in which drocephalus, a fact which render- from six to eight were conglomeed the assemblage of symptoms, rated. At first they were swolin this case, sufficiently formida- len to about twice the original ble. A hot skin, parched tongue, size, but evaporation of the fluids flushed face, with eyes bright and absorbed, soon reduced them, so sparkling, added to the severe that when compared with pills pain of the head, and inordinate taken from a fresh box, oven the action of the heart, denoted active outward appearance perfectly disease within the brain. The corresponded. attack yielded to prompt and de The long retention of these cisive treatment, the particulars pills was itself sufficiently exof which I need not detail, the traordinary ; but the degree of object of this paper being to re- mischief occasioned by such a cord an unexpected occurrence quantity of iron being so long lodgwhich took place in the course ed in the bowels, demands more of it.

serious scrutiny. It appears to Under the early purging it was me to have injured in two waysnotified to me, that the pills ad- by disordering the bowels, and by ministered were passing unchang- producing excitement in the heart ed. Satisfied that they were lit- and arteries, with determination tle likely to remain undissolved, of blood to the brain. I directed the pills discharged The bowels were in a highly with the stools to be saved, and, morbid condition, the stools being on inspecting them, I readily per- foul to a degree, greatly exceedceived that they were none of ing that of ordinary febrile mothose which I had prescribed. tions, and continuing so in despite

( now learned, for the first of active and steady purging. time, that twelve months before, The abdomen was concave, this girl had been persuaded by a so as to give the impression of the lady to employ Hooper's pills as parietes being nearly in contact a remedy for amenorrhea, and with the spine ; it was tense, its that she had, at different times, skin harsh and dry, and a diffused taken three boxes of forty pills tenderness pervaded the whole. each. The mother and daughter The irritability of pulse, too, were not agreed as to the precise was unusually slow in yielding ; lime when the last were taken, for though bloodletting, purging,


calomel, antimony, and digitalis, valuable, from the caution which made due impression on the more they suggest, not only to those formidable symptoms, the action who resort to patent drugs, but of the heart continued inordinate, to regular practitioners --who, in and palpitation, with throbbing administering pills with iron, pulsation in the head, prolonged should be careful to ensure their distress, and very slowly abated. ready solution by appropriate It is almost superfluous to add, combination, and also by having that the general emaciation was them always freshly prepared. considerable.

Ibid. Honper's pills, I believe, consist chiefly of iron and myrrh. CASE OF CHOREA, PRECEDED BY Prepared in large quantities, and

HEMIPLEGIA, CURED BY CARBOremaining an indefinite time in the shops, they acquire great hard- WILLIAM WALTERS, an unhealthy ness, and possessing naturally but looking boy, about twelve years of little solubility, it is not surprising age, was admitted to St. Thomas's that they should pass through the Hospital, London, on the 28th of bowels unchanged. The reten- September, 1825, under the care tion of such a quantity, for more of Dr. Elliotson. than six months, is less easily The boy stated that he had been comprehended, and only to be un- ill upwards of six weeks, being derstood on the supposition of first attacked suddenly in the night their having lodged in the cæcum, with loss of power on the right side or in the expansions of the colon, of the body ; to this shortly sucfound between its annular bands. ceeded universal chorea, and the

Being thus insoluble, it may be affection was so severe that the conceived that they were harm- muscular agitation continued even less, further than as a foreign during sleep. In the absence of body exciting mechanical irrita- Dr. Elliotson, his colleague, Dr. tion, This supposition, however, Scott, directed a purging powder, can hardly be maintained, when composed of scammony and caloit is recollected that though undis- mel, to be given every second mornsolved, so far as regards their ob- ing; and at the same time, leeches vious bulk, they were permeated to be applied to the temples. by fluids to the extent of doubling This plan of treatment was contheir size, and that a means thus tinued without producing any meexisted for the saline ingredients lioration till the 9th of October, escaping, and mixing with the in- when Dr. Elliotson prescribed two testinal fluids.

drachms of the carbonate of iron, I can conceive nothing more to be taken twice a day. likely to excite the heart and ar On the 13th of October, teries inordinately, and dispose port was, that the chorea was rathe body not only to general in- ther less. On the 24th, no further flammatory action, but more es. improvement had taken place, and pecially to acute disease within the carbonate of iron was directed the head, than such a medicinal to be taken three times a day. On agency continuing uninterrupted the 7th of November, finding the for so long a period.

disease did not yield, Dr. Elliotson The facts here recorded are directed the carbonate of iron to

the re

be exhibited every six hours. The took nearly half an hour, because report made on the 20th states, the lad, too deeply affected by that the patient is much better; he his new sensation, could scarcely is quiet during sleep, and can hold contain bimself.” objects more firmly. On the 28th, he was still improving, and on the TAPPING THE PERICARDIUM. 15th of December there was A girl named Skinner, fourteen scarcely any disease remaining. On

years of age, residing in White the 25th of December he was re- 'Street, Cartergate, in this town, ported as quite well, and left the had this operation performed on Hospital shortly after.

Wednesday, the 14th ult. She The improvement which took was attacked with rheumatism in place in the boy's countenance and January last, at which time Mr. bulk, during the exhibition of the Jowett, the parish surgeon, detectcarbonate, was very striking, and ed by the use of the stethoscope, its effect in controlling the disease that the pericardium was inflamed. was no less remarkable. When

By the adoption of very active the boy was admitted, he could measures, the severity of the disscarcely walk or stand, and the ag- ease was subdued, and she appearitation of the whole body was very ed to be recovering for sometime; great, continuing, as we before ob- but the stethoscope, conjoined with served, even in sleep. During the other signs, indicated that considertime that the patient was taking the able ejusion or dropsy had taken carbonate of iron, he took aperient place into the pericardium. On medicine only three times. We the 13th of February she became had an opportunity of seeing the much worse, and on the 14th was boy about three weeks after he left so bad, that it was evident she the Hospital ; he was then living could not survive the night, unless as servant in a family, and was in some relief was afforded. The perfect health.

operation having been previously

proposed, was then consented to, CURE OF THE DEAF AND DUMB.

and performed the same afternoon, “ Dr. Andre, of Brussels, whose by Mr. Jowett, in the presence of fortunate cures of three children Dr. Manson, the consulting physiborn deaf and dumb, have already cian, an assistant, and the patient's been mentioned, has just operated friends. It was at first intended to with the same success on the son have drawn the fluid out by means of M. Maurus, baker, at Bruges, of a syringe pump, fitted with proaged fourteen years. We find in per apparatus, but an accidental the Gazette of West Flanders, circumstance occasioned what has the details of this operation, which since proved a material improvetook place on the 26th of Dec., ment, namely, the evacuation of and for which the lad came to the fluid into the left cavity of the Brussels with his father. The chest, which being in a healthy perforation of the left ear was state, absorbed it in a very short effected in less than five minutes, time. Within twelve hours after and, at the same moment, the the operation, there was a manifest boy heard the ticking of a watch improvement, and we are happy to and the barking of a little dog. say, that though she still remains in The operation of the other ear a very exhausted state, considera

ble hopes of recovery are entertain- facts it contains, and as comprising ed.-It is with great pleasure we the information which is scattered announce, that this important and through many voluminous works. dangerous operation has been per. The subject which it embraces is formed, for the first time, by a

such as to entitle it to the aitention townsman. Desault, an eminent French surgeon, attempted it twen- of every medical practitioner. It ty years ago, but discovered, after seems to us to fill a space which is the patient's death, that he was not occupied by any single work in mistaken in the complaint. M. the English language. The accuLaennec and several others, have rate plates annexed to it must be since proposed it, but no one, till considered as adding greatly to its the present instance, has hitherto

value. ventured to perform it ; and should it prove successful, it will redound This work is so clear and instincto the credit of our ingenious and tive, that it will be of great utility skilful townsman.-Nottingham, in every family where there are Eng. Review.

children, by enabling those who

have charge of them, early to susBOSTON, TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1927. pect or to ascertain the presence of

these unpleasant inmates, and in maBRERA.

ny instances to obviate the causes We beg leare to call the attention which favor their production. To of our readers, professional and do the practitioner it is almost indispenmestic, to the treatise on worms, sable in enabling him seasonably to which is advertised in this day's pa- perceive their influence in occasionper. The first part of the work ing a number of the disorders to contains the natural bistory of all the which we are subject, and in renderprincipal worms which inhabit the ing others more complicated and obhuman body ; in the second the au. scure, and more difficult to relieve. thor treats of their origin in the hu- All these circumstances, and others, man system; in the third he de- in favor of the work, have been scribes the various diseases, general more fully pointed out and acknowand local, produced by worms; the ledged both by English and Amerifourth and last division of the work can reviewers, than cap be repeated is devoted to the best methods of here. Those physicians who have curing these diseases. In five ex- felt the aid to be derived from Brecellent plates all these worms are ra, in their attempts to destroy hurepresented of their natural size, and

man worms and to cure the singular the engravings exhibit also dissected and dangerous complaints which and magnified views of them. The they often produce, would feel that medical Professors of Harvard Col- their efforts and resources would be lege bave expressed the following comparatively nothing without his opinion of the work.

facts and remedies to work with. "This book appears to us highly. An opinion has sometimes been ex• valuable on account of the numerous pressed that all children have more

or less of worms, and that some of pelling these worms before they these animals are even conducive to have done the mischief they are ca. health. This idea of the barmless- pable of effecting. ness of worms, we hold to be altoge "To decide the uncertainty where ther false and of dangerous tendency. worms are suspected, and effectually

It is not uncommon for the physi- to expel them where they are known cian to be called to a child in a state to exist in the human body, is not of insensibility, apparently lifeless, the least embarrassment of the physi. perhaps io fits; it cannot be made to ciao's occupation,"and that this book swallow, and nothing is done, or can will materially aid him in such an be done, to relieve the patient; the attempt, no one will doubt after sufferer dies,-no cause can be assign- reading it. ed for tbis sudden illness and death

Brera's Treatise has appeared of a child, who was just before in successively in the following lanperfect health to all appearance.guages; the Italian, the German, the On examining the body after death, Freoch, and the English. The Amea number of large and still living rican edition is considerably enlarged worms have been found in different

with new matter. parts of the stomach and bowels. No other cause than the presence

Lee's Pills. It seems that five of worms can be given for this unex. pecks of these articles are manupected and painful event ;-hence no factured a minute, by steam. child who has many or few worms

Where, in the name of all that is is safe till they are expelled from found for such a consumption ?

bilious, are the mouths to be the system. We say few, because Consumers must be manufacturedwe have seen this fatal event to fol- by steam also, or pills will become low, as far as could be ascertained, as cheap as they ought to be.from the presence and irritation aris- N.Y. Courier. ing from one or two worms only. It is certain that from the want of The annual report of the Vaccine, grateful food, from something taken Establishment in London, states, that into the stomach which disturbs

within the last twelve months, only

503 deaths occurred from smallpox worms, or from some other opknown within the bills of mortality ; those cause, they are capable by their of the year preceding were 1,099. movements, or by compressing, pricking, or in some mapper not sat The late Dr. Horne, Bishop of isfactorily explained,-in some of Norwich, among his collection of these ways, they are capable of ir- anecdotes, has the following :-In

one of our universities there were: rilating and paining the nerves of six physicians ; of two, their breath the alimentary canal so as to briag on was very offensive, one was remarkinsensibility, or fits in so sudden and ably slender, two were exceedingly powerful a manner that no remedy quarrelsome and turbulent, and one can be interposed, in time to save the

was very igoorant of his profession.

They were called plague, pestilence, victim. Much of the preservation and famine, battle, murder, and sudthen of children must consist in ex- den death.-Mirror.

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