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painful soon after they are inflict- kept separate, by well regulated ed, we believe nothing affords dressings. Splints and bandages such certain relief as cold. This may also be necessary to prevent inay be applied by means of a contractions. bladder nearly filled with water and applied to the part-it some CELLULAR INFLAMMATION. times is useful to add ice to it;

J. H. James, Esq., surgeon, or ice may be applied over the Exeter, describes his own case, dressings, agreeably to the re- in which very extensive local discommendation of Sir James Earle. ease with constitutional disorder

Burns have almost always this was caused by the absorption of peculiarity in healing ; namely, morbid virus. they shoot up fungus most rapidly; Mr. James having assisted at nor is this easy to subdue, even the examination of a man who had by active caustics, which we are died of diabetes, in whom erysialmost always obliged to use. pelatous inflammation occurred There is little or no sensibility in round the orifice after repeated this fungus, when it is abundant ; venesection ; on the following day we have applied caustic often to set out for London. A painful such surfaces, without the pa- sensation was soon felt in the left tient's expressing the least unea- biceps, over which two red lines siness. When it is more mode- were traced, marking the course rate in quantity, it is generally of inflamed absorbents. On the more sensible.

following day, there was faintness It may be proper to mention, and depression, succeeded by a that we have seen great error rapid increase of the swelling and committed in the application of redness of the arm. There was caustic, by its being spread over a sensation of burning heat, with the whole fungous surface. This, great tenderness and enlargement we believe, is never necessary ; of the axillary glands. for the healing proceeds pretty

On the subsidence of the diffuse constantly from the margin of the inflammation tivo carbunculous abwound; consequently, it is only scesses formed in the course of necessary to suppress its excess the absorbents, which had a livid immediately at the edges. Dry tinge, with phlyctenæ on the surlint, where compression can be face, containing sanies and sloughs made easily, is very useful in re- of cellular substance. The seat moving this superabundant pro- of the nailspring was occupied by duct. But the lunar caustic is an indolent foul ulcer. Extreme the least irritating, and most cer- nervous irritability with spasms tain of all the escharotics we of the back and trunk followed have employed.

the state of prostration. When burns are healing, great On arriving at London, Mr. pains should be taken that no two 'Abernethy directed frequent evaparts that are naturally separate, porating poultices, small doses of should come into contact, lest calomel and jalap, and effervescthey adhere permanently. On ing draughts. In about a month this account, when the hands or Mr. J. was enabled to return to feet are the seats of the accident, Exeter. the fingers and toes should be After some general remarks on


the influence of morbid poisons, to four or six hours, and the attacks Mr. J. concludes with recom- were proportionally diminished. mending the hands of the dissect Dr. D. remarks that this medior to be washed in citric acid and cine_has great advantages over water to ascertain the seat of the most others; 1st, because it is eawound or scratch, and afterwards sily taken, even in large doses; 2d, to suck the part and cauterize because it is not capable of causing freely.--Medical Recorder. any local or general disorder in the

system. None of our author's paSUBCARBONATE OF IRON. tients complained of headache, Dr. Duparque has been testing, flushings of the face, acceleration to use an American phrase, and by of the pulse, or any other unpleano means a bad one, the virtues of sant effect from the medicine. It subcarbonate of iron, in neuralgic generally increased the appetite, affections, and it appears, from his and improved the functions of ditestimony, that the

of gestion. Frenchmen are nearly as suscepti- It is gratifying to find this corble to the steeling process, so long roboration of the therapeutical efemployed in this country, as those fects of the carbonate of iron in of John Bull. Dr. D. has related foreign countries. Indeed, we think a considerable number of cases in that, next to quinine, the medicine the July No. of the BIBLIOTHEQUE in question is one of the most imMEDICALE, where the carbonate portant we possess in the reduction of iron succeeded, after quinine and of that morbid sensibility of the various other remedies had failed, nervous system, so prevalent in this in facial and other neuralgiæ. We country.-Medico Chirur. Review. shall only give the particulars of one case, as an example.

PAIN IN THE BACK BONE. Madame P. 68 years of age, had Mr. Wakley has published an been afflicted, for 16 years, with interesting case of a painful affecsuborbital neuralgia of the right tion chiefly in the dorsal portion side. The pains returned at irre- of the spine. The immediate gular periods, but were seldom seat of the disease, he supposes, more than eight or ten minutes ab- to have been either in the spinal sent. The pains were of a tearing, marrow, or its envelopes. The burning character, accompanied by patient, Mary Peck, about 45 sneezing, lachrymation, and redness years of age, was of a florid comof the conjunctiva. The motions plexion. She had been under the of the lower jaw, the tongue, and care of Mr. Beaman, a scientific the pharynx, were sometimes al- general practitioner, of Covent most annihilated, and the whole Garden. When she first applied body rendered stiff, as in tetanus. to Mr. B. for his advice, she comAll the means that could suggest plained of sore throat, and pain in themselves to the most eminent Pa- her limbs, which gave way to risian practitioners were tried, but mercury and the Lisbon diet all in vain, and it was contemplated drink. 'She applied to him on acto try a division of the nerve ; but count of a violent pain in the back at this time Dr. D. administered bone. The symptoms inducing the carbonate of iron. After four Mr. B. to suppose inflammation days, the intervals were lengthened had taken place in the membranes

of the spinal marrow, he applied The result of this case is certainleeches over the seat of the dis- ly in favor of the practice recomease; after which he had recourse mended by the late Dr. Baillie, to counterirritation, and purga- of increasing the dose of laudative and anodyne medicines. This uum, in cases of pain, or increastreatment succeeded in abating ed action, unconnected with inthe anguish, of pain during the flammation, till it has an effect on day, but it recurred in greater the disease. This was his favorviolence every evening. The ab- ite practice, in cases of diabetes, straction of blood evidently afford- which he attributed to increased ed considerable relief. The dis- action of the secretory vessels of ease continuing obstinate, she was the kidneys.-L. Gaz. of Health. sent to St. Thomas's Hospital, where she was admitted an inpatient, under the care of the obser- BOSTON, TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1827. vant and scientific physician, Dr. Elliotson. The treatment adopt. THE PHYSICIAN AND THE PATIENT. ed by the Doctor, in the first in Some months ago something was stance, was the application of the said by a number of physicians in tartar emetic ointment along the Connecticut and in Boston respecting side of the spine ; but in conse, the impropriety of visiting the sick quence of extreme tenderness of the parts, the remedy could not on Sunday, excepting in cases of nebe properly used. Five days af- cessity or urgency,—and perhaps we ter her admission, the pain being may now speak on the subject with very acute, the Doctor prescrib- less danger of being indiscreet or ed laudanum, in the dose of sixty misunderstood, than we might have drops, to be taken in the evening, done in the short time during which The following day, the dose of laudanum was increased to seven

some excitement existed, while the ty five drops. The pain still con- topic was under discussion. tinuing to recur in great violence It was said that no visits or opeevery evening, the Doctor order- rations should be deferred to the ed å drachin of laudanum to be Christian Sabbath wbich might be administered three times a day. done as well on some other day of This treatment succeeded in

the week, and this we think is worshortening the paroxysms, and in subduing the anguish of pain. At thy of all respect and observance; this time, the pustular effects of for surely no one disposed to spend the tartar emetic ointment had the Sabbath in the most suitable and considerably advanced. Aster profitable manner would encumber persisting in the use of the lauda- the day with any labor or distraction num, in drachm doses, three days, of mind which could rightfully be she was affected with headache and vomiting, which induced the

avoided. We readily admit that no Doctor to reduce the dose of lau-patient ought to be attended by the danum to half a drachm. The physician on Sunday whose case is pain continued to decrease in vio- not in some degree urgent, or which lence, so that in the course of a does not at least require attention, week she was discharged, cured. But what is to be received as evi

dence that the case is of this charac. Christ, to show what be thought ter? We answer, the request to the was proper to be done on the Sabphysician to visit the sick is to be bathday, and to reprove the faulttaken as plenary evidence that this finding spirit of the Jews, said to the is the fact. Who can know that the man, “ Stretch forth thy hand; and case is not of this kiod, but the me. he stretched it forth; and it was redical attendant, and this too, after he stored whole, like as the other." On has seen the patient ? We all know some other occasions, and in similar that the people are not in the habit circumstances, Jesus performed a siof calling in the physician too soon ; milar miracle to show how much on the contrary, we know that eve more excellent and worthy of his ry day many attacks of disease are Father and of himself was the great rendered severe, protracted and dan- purpose of his mission, the hoaling, gerous from the want of timely re- of the moral and physical disorders sistance. A message on the Sah- of the world, than the ceremonies bath, on Sunday, or the Lord's day, and rituals and the narrow and unfor we would not cavil about names, teachable minds, and inconsistent is to receive, according to its tenor, conduct of the people to whom he the same attention which is due to was sent. it on all other days. It seems singu With regard to the reputation of lar that any physician indeed of a the medical faculty, to attempt to sound mind and having Christianity establish at this period for the first for his guide, can have any doubt time, a rule that no unnecesary vi. as to what is proper and incumbent sits be made to the sick on Sunday, in this case, for, both the example is to imply that such visits are now and precepts of the founder of our made. After some inquiry on the religion bear with remarkable di- subject we cannot learn that any rectness and distinctness on this physician in Boston is now in the point,--and we presume no man will habit of making such visits, nor, that seek or wish for higher authority for 30 years past at least, has there than this to direct his course. been more than one practitioner of

Christ, we read, once went into a medicine and surgery who was more synagogue of the Jews and found or less in the habit of preferring a man there whose hand was wither. Sunday for bis capital operations. ed. “ And the Jews asked him, say. We are sorry to believe that there ing, is it lawful to heal on the Sab- are some members of the profession bathdays ? that they might accuse who are capable of doing what is him. And he said to them, what unquestionably criminal and altogeman shall have one sheep, and it fall ther unpardonable in any human triinto a pit on the Sabbathday, will he bunal : but as to this reflection of not lay hold on it and pull it out? making superfluous visits on Sunday, How much then is a man better than we are happy to say that we can a sheep? Wherefore it is lawful to find no evidence of the fact, nor have do well on the Sabbathdays." Then we any inclination to suppose that it

exists. But be this as it may, least week on Monday. We will cheerof all things need the public appre- fully pay thirty dollars to any person hend that the sick will be neglected, who will point out to us the indivifor, while one in the hundred of dual, or individuals, if more than physicians may doubt or delay with one, from whose misconduct either respect to the discharge of an obvi- of these failures has occurred.-Ed. ous duty, the pinety and nine, in this good land, will bold themselves pre


M. Louis Noisette has published pared and disposed to obey every

the description of 137 modes of call of humanity, and to execute

grafting. Most of them are the inevery office for the sick which rea

vention of the late Professor Thouson shall require, or revelation en- in, and described by him in the Mujoio. In this will they most honor sée Francaise, as well as exemplified demselves, aod wbat is more, in

in the Jardin des Plantes. this, as we believe, will they act

DICTIONARY. most consistently and acceptably as

Chancre, a veneral ulcer, or sore. Christians.

Chlorine, oxymuriatic gas, so call

ed from its yellow greenish color. THE POST OFFICES.

Chloruret or chloride,-a compound We publish the foilowing facts for of chlorine with a simple base. the informatiou and benefit of those

N. B. The "chloruer” of our concerned,—io other words, for the last No. should have been chloruret.

Chloruret of oxide of sodium, or of public, for we are all concerned in

calcium,-a compound of chlorine detecting the misconduct of public with sodium, or of calcium, the same agents, and in preventing or curing salts which were formerly called oxthe consequent evils. Dr. Stevens, ymuriate of sodium, and of lime. a subscriber, writes thus from Cas.

Chlorometer, an instrument to mea.

sure the strength of chlorine, or its tine, Me.

salts. "Your paper comes to me

Deliquescent salt, one which atwith such irregularity that it is of tracts moisture on exposure to the little utility. I have not receiv

air. ed more than onefourth of the Eflorescent sall, one which loses numbers since I subscribed. For

its water of crystallization on expoupwards of three months I did not

sure to the air. receive one, and for the last four

Hydrochlorates, the same as mu.

riates. weeks I have received but one."

Hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid. Another gentleman, Dr. Raymond,

Hydrated lime, pure lime containof NewSharon, Me. writes that he ing water chemically combined. does not get one half of bis papers, nose.

Ozæna, an offensive ulcer in the and that he had previously written Phagedenic ulcer, an eating, cortwo letters, to this office, neither of roding ulcer. which has been received bere. Our Phlyctænæ, small pellucid vesicles papers, strongly covered, have been containing a serous Huid. put into the Post Office here, punc- the womb.

Prolapsus uteri, a falling down of tually, without one exception, every

Psora, the itch.

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