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are the chief means of supporting hectic fever,--the victim of igthe body in an erect position, re- norance, idleness, and bad manmain unexercised; and when, at agement. Yet, children can take length, the effort to walk without more exercise in a given space of the prop is made, these muscles time, than can be supported by do not contract with sufficient many adults ; but it is accompapower to overcome the habit of nied with repeated rests, at short contracting which is familiar to intervals; and perhaps the healththeir antagonist muscles, and the ful state of children who have a child either totters or falls on his playground, or other limited space face.

for exercising themselves, may So soon as an infant is capable be altogether attributed to this of running alone, he should be al- method of proceeding. A child lowed to take as much exercise starts off, and runs with all the as he pleases ; and as there is a velocity in his power ; but the “ restless activity incident to effort is one of short continuance; youth, which makes it delight to he sits down or lies down, till he be in motion,” a child ought not feels refreshed; then starts again, to be urged to exceed his inclina- and repeats his exertions ; but in tion, which in this respect is a such alternate exercise and rest, tolerably certain indication of his he never over exerts his powers. power.

Neither should a child in winter, a spare or empty room be taken out for the purpose of is preferable to a playground, for what is generally understood by young children ; for no error is the term “ a walk,” unless the more productive of disease, than parents can confide in the judg- that of endeavoring to render ment of the nurse, not to permit children hardy, by exposing them, him to walk far on a stretch ; or in winter, to the alternations of if the parents be in that rank of heat and cold, and the severities life which obliges them to be the of the weather out of doors. Pure personal attendants of their child- air is undoubtedly requisite for ren, they should never permit a children ; but in towns, and partichild under three years of age to cularly in the metropolis, health walk till he complains of fatigue, is better preserved by keeping and desires to be carried. In cer- infants at home than in sending tain predispositions of the habit, them abroad, provided means be rickets, scrofula, and mesenteric adopted for amusing their minds affections, are the consequence of and exercising their limbs. This over fatigue at this period of life. maxim, however, is not meant to I have more than once witnessed apply to children who are old disease brought on in apparently enough to keep themselves warm stout, vigorous infants, by long with exercise ; but, when these walks: the stomach loses its di- are taken abroad in cold weather, gestive power ; the crude, undi- they should be urged to run, so as gested food brings on diarrhæa; to return home in a glow, instead the limbs become emaciated, the of requiring the aid of a fire as belly large and tense, and the soon as they enter the house. whole features shrunk, owing to It is melancholy to observe the the obstruction of the mesenteric efforts of some parents to make glands; and the child dies with their children prodigies of prema


ture intellectual attainments,

From the London Lancet. whilst their health is neglected. Sedentary occupations were never The case of the unfortunate intended by Nature for the infant Ann Hudson, published in the state ; and it is extraordinary that Morning Herald of the 6th inthe fatal results of the unfortu- stant, with that of the equally nate experiments which have unfortunate Mr. Powel, as debeen made to rear ssch prodigies, tailed in The Times of yesterday, do not deter parents from sacri- furnish, within one week, two ficing their offspring to the at- melancholy proofs, in addition to tempt. Health is undoubtedly those already on recood, of the the first object to be attained ; total inefficiency of every variety and civilized man, with all his of medical treatment recommendpride of learning and refinement, ed by the faculty of the present would do well to imitate the sav- day, in this truly unconquerable age portion of his species in this disease. respect ; to leave his progeny un It may indeed be questioned, restrained in childhood to the free whether the free and always deexercise of their limbs and the spairing administration of such acquirement of health.

When powerful poisons as Prussic acid, the foundation of a powerful and belladonna, nux vomica, acetates vigorous state of body has been of lead and of morphine, do not laid in infancy, the culture of the hasten its fatal issue, and, howemind may be afterwards pursued ver revolting the thought, thus without dread of interruption ; become the only boon which the and it requires no prophetic spi- science of physic, in its present rit to prognosticate, that without state, can offer to the devoted such a foundation, that most en- victim. As all those around the viable of all the states of which sufferer know that the disease humanity is susceptible, “mens leads rapidly to death, if the mesana in corpore sano,” -a sound dicinal poison cannot effect some mind in a healthy body--can never change in its course, they say, let be possessed !

the drug be till some alteration in During the month of February, the symptoms is produced. But, the inclemency of the weather unfortunately, they do not recolbrought with it an unusual num- lect, or perhaps do not know, that ber of inflammatory diseases, such the symptoms arising from the abas coughs, catarrhs, pleurisy, and sorption of all and every one of acute rheumatism. Parents should the active poisons hitherto expebe very careful not to send out rimented on, are precisely those young children in such weather as that characterize the disease rethat of the end of February; and sulting from the bite of a rabid those adults whom business or dog.-Prussic acid, strychnia, pleasure leads from home, should upas tieuté, upas anthiar, the poibe aware that more risk is in- soned arrows of Java and of Afrieurred by entering a hot room ca, the extract of nux vomica, the from a cold atmosphere, than from essential oil of tobacco, the venom exchanging a heated temperature of a viper, when applied to a for the cold air.

T. wounded part, all produce tetanic March 3, 1827.

spasms, stricture of the muscles

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of deglutition, irregular respira- porbath, and sudden immersion in
tion, convulsions, and death. The cold water; yet none of these re-
poison of the rabid dog, when it medies are resorted to in the
enters the circulation, gives rise present day.
to the same train of symptoms. Modern and wellauthenticated

I would ask, then, on what pro- experiments have proved, tbat cess of reasoning is the expecta- when a poison, whether mineral, tion founded, that the exhibition vegetable, or animal, is applied of any of these poisons can allevi- to a wound, the animal is not afate the symptoms, or avert the fected till absorption has taken death which they all produce with place ; for if an exhausted cupequal and unerring certainty ? pingglass be placed over the poiHow can the phenomena, arising soned part, but one minute before from the mixture of one or more the expiration of the time at of these poisons with the blood, which the poison is known invaribe distinguished from those of the ably to produce its effects, the others, seeing that the character animal exhibits no symptoms istic effect produced by all and whatever. Now it is a law, that every one of them on the animal, absorption cannot take place in is irregular contraction, as well vacuo ; therefore the mixture of of the muscles of voluntary as of the poison with the circulating involuntary motion ? A disease fluids is affected during the last then, of which irregular muscular minute of its application, that is, action is the leading peculiarity, at the instant that the convulsions cannot be relieved by poisons ca- begin. pable by themselves, not only of ag The notion that the hydrogravating, but of producing this phobic poison is taken up and mixcharacteristic and deadly symp- ed with the blood after the mantom; in fact, as the effects of the ner of other substances similarly medicinal and rabid poisons cannot circumstanced, but that it does be distinguished accurately from not produce its peculiar effects each other, no rational bounds can till after it has wandered through be assigned to the administration the penetralia of the animal durof the former, nor any very cer. ing forty days or longer, is in ditain criterion established as to the rect opposition to ali analogy."* share which the latter may have Everything, on the contrary, leads bad in the destruction of the indi- to the belief that the virus, which vidual. The melancholy expe- is afterwards to contaminate the rience of some centuries has circulation, is generated in the placed these facts beyond the pale wounded part from the germ first of doubt'; yet we find these poi. deposited there by the tooth of sons every day prescribed in hy. the dog, just as we see take place drophobia, and strange enough to in variola, vaccine pock, and lues. say, to the exclusion of modes of The period of assimilation of the treatment which have authority, fluids of the inoculated part is difexperiment, and analogy to re- ferent in all these. But as soon commend them.

as absorption of this assimilated In this disease, Galen and Celsus employed, and not without

* Experimental Rescarches by Dr. success, the cuppingglass, the va- Barry, page 251.

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matter commences, the symptoms If these poisons be employed of the disease begin to show internally, at the same time with themselves.

the measures here recommended, Under the presumptive im. the patient may perish from their pression then, that in hydropho- effects, whilst by those about him bia, as well as in all other varie- he is thoought to have died of ca. ties of poisoning, the transport of nine hydrophobia. · Besides, no the deleterious matter from the precise information can be ob. wound into the system, and the tained by this double treatment, appearance of the symptoms pe- whether the case terminates faculiar to the poison, follow each vorably or otherwise. other as cause and effect--as soon

MYSOTOXICOS. as hydrophobic symptoms come on, London, March 9, 1827. when the cicatris begins to feel at all tender, or as soon as there

From the same. is sufficient evidence that the an

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. imal that inflicted the bite was

There has been no part of our rabid, we should—1st. Imme- science which has occupied so little diately apply the cuppingglass, the attention of its professors as and keep it over the part for an medical jurisprudence. Whether hour. 2diy. Without having made this has arisen from the idea that any previous incision, we should their attention should be exclusively dissect out the bitten part. 3dly. directed to the relative workings We should reapply ihe cupping of the machine, when perfect and glass for another hour, to wash when impaired, rather than to the out the vessels by a retrograde power by which it was first imstream. 4thly. We should seal pelled, and afterwards kept in moup the open mouths of the vessels tion; and, perhaps, acting on the by the free application of a heat- old maxim, divide et impera, they ed iron.

thought it ought to be left to the During this treatment castor metaphysician and the lawyer; or oil, with peppermint water, or whether they have considered its some other carminative, should utility and importance not to be be freely administered, and assa- sufficient to warrant an attention fætida lavements to relieve the to the subject, is uncertain ; pergaseous distension of the bowels, haps both motives have prevented which is always a prominent symp- medical jurisprudence from beartom in hydrophobia. The vapor- ing its due proportion in systems of bath, and unexpected immersion medical education. For certain it in deep water, might be resorted is, that it has been considered, till to if necessary ; but above all, lately, unworthy attention, to adthe cuppingglass should be trust- duce but one instance in the person ed to, if it be found to suspend the of the illustrious John Hunter. spasms, as it invariably does in This great man, possessing in an every other variety of traumatic eminent degree a clear and compoisoning

prehensive mind, though too often It is almost unnecessary to add, indefinite and obscure in expressing that the tetanic drugs already his ideas, showed, by his evidence enumerated, and all others of this in the case of Sir Theodosius class, should be most sedulously Broughton, that he had turned his avoided.

attention but slightly to forensie

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medicine ; for it may be clearly de- lants, and attended with increased tected, that the fault was not in sensibility and irritability of the the language, but in the ideas. nervous system, and increased acBut though the subject has lately tion in the sanguiferous. This been brought into notice by the state, of course, is necessarily temworks of Paris, Fonblanque, and porary, but differs not in kind. Dr. Gordon Smith, yet it has been Now, allowing this to be the procomparatively neglected, and it is per construction of the expression, but seldom, even now, that we read the question naturally follows, Is medical evidence that is worthy of this state ever the precursor of suthe members of a yclept liberal icide ? I apprehend very few meprofession--men who, considering dical men would hazard an affirThe intimate connexion and action mative. It may, however, be useand reaction of the body and imma- ful to discuss what is that state ? terial principle on each other, ought I should answer, a state of depresto be well acquainted with the phi- sion, caused either mentally by the losophy of the human mind. For immediate operation of the depressthe truth of this assertion, let any ing agents, or intermediately by the one refer to the evidence in Lord exciting agents, causing collapse Portsmouth's case, the definitions after excitement, or bodily by of insanity are most absurd as Dr. chronic inflammation, producing a Armstrong justly observes, in his change of structure in the brain, Lecture on Mania ; they might as and the immaterial principle thus well have said his complaint was a performing its functions through an thingumbob complaint, or a cloud impaired medium, the mind being coming over him, or any thing else. the effect, is of course impaired. It is but a short time since that my I trust, by the insertion of these attention was attracted to the evi- unconnected observations in your dence of a surgeon by the name of widely circulated Journal, that it Dewsnap, a coroner's Inquest, in a may in some measure excite the case of suicide, in which he attri- attention of the profession for their buted it to temporary excitement of own credit to medical jurisprusome kind or other. Now, by ana- dence, that they may no longer lysing this, what are we to under- make use of " words full of sound stand ? Excitement is a term, it signifying nothing,” leaving out the is well known, introduced into me- more important consideration, that dical literature by Dr. Brown, the in giving evidence in a court of jusfounder of the Brunonian system. tice as in their ordinary employBy his definition of it, we under- ment, “ the issues of life and death stand that it is that property by are often in their hands.” ATTICUS. the possession of which animals differ from themselves in their dead state, or from any other inanimate A Case in which Chalybeate Pills matter ; hence, being the essential were retained for an unusual time of life, it cannot be temporary or

in the Intestines. By E. Barchangeable in its kind. But since LOW, M.D., one of the Physithe time of Dr. Brown, the word cians of the Bath Hospital or Inhas been used in a much more ex firmary, and of the Bath United tended sense in medical language, Hospital, &c. &c. and by it we now understand that The following case seems to mestate which is the effect of stimu- rit publicity ; it records an ex

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