Heads of the People: Or, Portraits of the English, Band 2

Carey & Hart, 1841 - 370 Seiten

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Seite 132 - These inquiries have led the Committee to believe that the substitution of inanimate for animal power, in draught on common roads, is one of the most important improvements in the means of internal communication ever introduced. Its practicability they consider to have been fully established ; its general adoption will take place more or less rapidly, in proportion as the attention of scientific men shall be drawn by public encouragement to further improvement.
Seite 23 - My lot might have been that of a slave, a savage, or a peasant ; nor can I reflect without pleasure on the bounty of Nature, which cast my birth in a free and civilised country, in an age of science and philosophy, in a family of honourable rank, and decently endowed with the gifts of fortune.
Seite 37 - take wine" with all the world. The Diner-Out must never be known to utter a brilliant witticism at the cost of any dinner-giver. The people will laugh heartily at the time ; but they will all remember that the Diner-Out wears a dangerous weapon; and wits, like drunken men with swords, are apt to draw their steel upon their best acquaintance. He may, at certain pauses, venture a conundrum, or relate the last Yankee exaggeration from the papers ; or if he have genius sufficient, he may himself make...
Seite 19 - My son, if poor, see wine in the running spring ; let thy mouth water at a last week's roll ; think a threadbare coat the " only wear ; " and acknowledge a whitewashed garret fittest housing-place for a gentleman. Do this, and flee debt. So shall thy heart be at peace, and the sheriff be confounded.
Seite 290 - Mitchell sings after Aristophanes — " In glory he was seen, when his years as yet were green; But now when his dotage is on him, God help him! — for no eye of those who pass him by, Throws a look of compassion upon him.
Seite 318 - ... modest as early morning, and amiable as your own imagination of Desdemona, or Gertrude of Wyoming. You are lost! It's all over with you. I wouldn't give an empty filbert, or a frog-bitten strawberry, for your peace of mind, if that glittering creature be not as pitiful as she is fair. And that comes of going into the country, out of the way of vanity and temptation; and fancying farm-houses only nice old-fashioned places of old-fashioned contentment. Ay, many a one has found, to his sorrow, what...
Seite 28 - ... questions as easily as he could play at push-pin ; and displace a ministry with the same readiness as, in the days of his apprenticeship, he could take down the shutters. The Court, with all its wonders, is to him no terra incognita : not it ; for he has seen her Majesty, drawn by the cream-coloured horses, go down to Parliament ; and once a week, or oftener, takes off his hat to the Queen in her rides from the palace. Hence, there is no state ceremony with which he is unacquainted ; no divinity,...
Seite 19 - ... above him ; but the Debtor, though clothed in the utmost bravery, what is he but a serf out upon a holiday — a slave to be reclaimed at any instant by his owner the Creditor...
Seite 88 - When the Duke of Leeds shall married be To a fine young lady of high quality, How happy will that gentlewoman be In his Grace of Leeds's good company ! ' She shall have all that's fine and fair, And the best of silk and satin shall wear; And ride in a coach to take the air, And have a house in St. James's-square.
Seite 66 - ... by a tall gentleman in a blood-coloured satin waistcoat, embellished with gold caterpillars, who having hunted me into a corner, and delivered himself of the above opinion, immediately put his card into my hand, and tried, but could not express the sense of honour he should feel, if I would but condescend to sit to him for Somerset House ! Now, the painter with the gold caterpillars was the tenth artist who, on the evening in question, had flattered me by a like request. Eight I had already promised,...

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