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A Memorial for the erection of a Fort at or sear Pembina River,

Feb. 10, 1854

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To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representaatives of the United Preamble, &c States of America in Congress assembled. "The Memorial of the Legislative Assembly of Minnesota Territory respectfully represents: That the Legislative Assembly of this Territory, at its last session, memorialized your Honorable body for the establishment of a military post on the line of 49 degrees north latitude, on or near Pembina river, for the protection of the citizens of the United States, and of the Indians resident within our boundaries. The reasons set forth in that memorial showing the imperative necessity of such a measure, still exist; and in addition thereto, it may be mentioned that an unprovoked attack has been made within a few weeks, by the British settlers of Selkirk Settlement upon a band of Indians living in our Territory, and with a part of whom the General Government has heretofore established treaty relations. '.

Sec. 2. It is a fact well known among us, and one that has been frequently brought to the notice of your Honorable body, that the settlers of the neighboring British Colony make semi-annual incursions into our Territory, that they slaughter vast numbers of buffalo, and commit acts of hostilty upon the Indians, who are under the protection of the United States. And your memorialists respectfully state that a continuance of such outrages will necessarily tend to bring the Government into disrepute with the large and warlike bands of Indians who' inhabit Minnesota, and to endanger the peace of the country, thereby retarding and injuring the prosperity of this flourishing Territory.

Sec. 3. Your memorialists again respectfully press upon the Prayer. attention of your honorable body, the importance of asserting and sustaining the authority of the Government, by the immediate erection and occupation by a military force, of a fort on our northern boundary; and your memorialists as in duty bound will

ever pray; .

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N. C. D. TAYLOR, Speaker of the House of Representatives. "";}S. BOLMSTEAD,

President of the Council. APPROVED-February tenth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.

'* W. A. GORMAN.


St. Paul, April 4, 1854. } - I hereby certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the original memorial on file in this office. J. Travis Rosser,

Secretary of Minnesota Territory.


Feb. 23, 1854.

Memorial to Congress to make an appropriation to construct a Military Road from Winona

on the Mississippi River, to Fort Ridgely,



To the Honorable the Senate and the House of Representatives of the · United States : The memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the

Territory of Minnesota, respectfully represents to your Honorable
body that a Military Road is greatly needed, from Winona on the
Mississippi River in the County of Fillmore, to Fort Ridgely on
the Minnesota River. The Road from point to point, as designated
would be about one hundred and thirty miles, and that your
Honorable body is urgently requested to inake an appropriation for
the survey, and construction of said Road, over the most expedient
and feasible route. And your memorialists further represent that
the country along the route of the proposed Road is rapidly being
filled up by settlers whose wants and necessities greatly demand a
Road. That proposals have already issued for the transportation
of the U. S. Mail between Winona and Fort Ridgely, which will be
impractible so long as the Road remains unopened. , , And your
memorialists further represent the construction of said proposed
Road is estimated to cost Thirty Thousand Dollars, an appropria-
ţion of which sum is most respectfully but strongly urged upon -
your honorable body.

.*""" N..C. D. TAYLOR,
.. ...::P Peanu
1 Speaker of the House of Representatives..


su Preiident of the Councilo
· Approved February twenty-third, one thousand cight hundred
and fifty-four.



Secretary's OFFICE,

St. Paul, March 30, 1854. 3 : I hereby certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the original memorial on file in this office. J. Travis Rossen,

Secretary of Minnesota Territory,

An Act to Insorporate the Cüy of Stillwater, in the County af Washington

SECTION: Limits:

2. Eligibility of voters.
* 3. Officers of Election, &c.'
· 4. Oath of officer.

5. Powers of Mayor, &c.'
6. Who to preside.
7. Vacancies-how filled
8. City Government.


9. Receipts and expenditures.
TU. Duty of the City Council.
11. Taxes.
12. Taxes how collected.
13. Compensation of Justices.

14. Duty of Marshal.'
115. Use of Jail.

16. Relinquishment of books.

Be it cnucted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota:

* city lituits. That so much band as is' contained within the following limits, be, and the same is hereby, created a city corporate, by the name of the City of Stillwater, viz: Beginning at a point on the lake shore of Lake St. Croix, being the north-east corner of section No. 21, in township No. 30 north, range 20 'west; running thence one mile to the north-West corner of section 21; thenee south along the west line of said section 33; thence east through the centre of sections No. 21, 28, 33, two and a half miles to a point on the west line of sections 33 and 34 to a point on Lake St. Croix; thence north along said lake shore to the place of beginning,

Sec. 2. That for the good order and government of said city, it shall be lawful for the male inhabitants thereof having the qualifi- voters. cations of electors of members of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota, and who shall have been bona fide resim dents within the city of Stillwater for one year, to meet at the Court House in said city, on the first Monday of April next, and at the same tiine annually thereafter at such places as the city council may direct, and then and there proceed by ballot to elecť one Mayor, one Recorder, and three Councilmen, being residents: of said city, and having qualifications, so elected and qualified, shall constituse the City Council of said city, any three of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business pertaining .. to their duties. Sec. 3. Ar the first election under this act there shall be chosen Officer's ofelet

lion, &c. viva voce by the electors present two judges and a clerk of said election, who shall take an oath or affirmation faithfully to discharge the duties required of them by this act, and at all subsequent elections, the Commissioners, or any two of them, shall be judges, and the Recorder, or in his absence, some person, to be appointed by the judges, shall be clerk. The polls shall be opened, Between the hours of twelve at noon and one o'clock P. M., and! elose at four o'clock of said đay, and at the close of the polls the votes' sħaħ be counted, and a true statement thereof proclaimed to the voters present by one of the judges, and the clerk shall make a true record thereof, and within five days thereafter he shall' give. potice to the persons so elected of their election; and it shall be the duty of said City Council, at least terr days before each and every election, to give notice of the same by posting up notice of the time and place of such election at three of the most public places in said'city.'

Sec. 4. Each member of said City Council, before entering Oath or Officerisi n'pon the duties of his oifice, shall take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and to faithfully per. form the duties of his office. ...

Powers of Mayor. Sec. 5. The Mayor, Recorder, and Councilmen of said city

shall be, and are hereby, created a bòdy corporate and politic, with perpetual succession, to be known and distinguished by the name and style of ". The City of Stillwater," and shall be capable in law by their corporate name aforesaid, to acquire property, real, personal, and mixed, for the use of said city, and may sell and convey the same at pleasure; they may have a common seal, which they may alter or renew at pleasure, they may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended (against) in all

manner of actions in all courts within this Territory. bo to preside.

Sec. 6. The Mayor, and in his absence the Recorder, shall preside at all meetings of the City Council, and the Recorder shal} attend all meetings of said City Council, and make a fair and true record of all their proceedings, and of the by-laws, rules and ordinances, made or passed by the Common Council aforesaid; and the same shall at all times be open for inspection of the electors of said village: but in case of the absence, or inability to attend at its meetings aforesaid, of the Recorder, the Council may appoint

one of their own body clerk pro tempore. vacancies-how Sec. 7. The City Council shall have power to fill all vacancies filled.

which may happen in said board from the residents who are qualified voters of said city as aforesaid, who shall hold their appointments until the next annual election, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified; and in the absence of the Mayor and Recorder from any meeting of the City Council, the Council shall have power to appoint any two of their number to perform the

duties of Mayor and Recorder for the time being. vernment Sec. 8. The said City Council shall have power to make,

ordain and establish, by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations for the government of said city, and to amend, alter and repeal the same at pleasure; to provide in such by-laws for the appointment or election of a Treasurer, City Marshal, and all the subordinate officers which they may think necessary for the good government and well being of said city; to prescribe their duties and determine the period of their appointment and the fees they shall be entitled to receive for their respective services when the same is not otherwise provided for by this act, and to require of them to take an oath of office previous to entering upon the duties of their respective offices, and may further require of them a bond with security conditioned for the faithful performance of their respective offices. The City Council shall also have power to fix to the violation of by-laws and ordinances of the corporation such reasonable fines and penalties as they may deem proper: Provided, That such by-laws and ordinances be not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States or of this Territory: And Provided also, That no by-laws or ordinances of said corporation shall take effect or be in force until the same shall have been posted up at least ten days in* three of the most public places in said city, and the certificate of the Recorder entered upon the record of the said City Council shall be deemed and taken to be sufficient evidence of such publication, and such fines or penalties may be sued for and recovered with costs in the name of the City Council of the City of Stillwater.

Sec. 9. The City Council shall, at the expiration of eaeh and Receipts and

"every year, cause to be made out and posted up as aforesaid, a true

statement of the receipts and expenditures of the preceding year.

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Sec. 10, The City Council shall have the management and Duty of City control of the finances, and of all the property, real and personal, Coun belonging to the said corporation, and shall have the power within the said city to make, establish, alter, modify, amend, and repeal, ordinances, rules, regulations, and by-laws, for the following purposes, viz:

Ist. To regulate the manner of selling and measuring wood and lumber, and appoint a person or persons to superintend the same, with such compensation, and to be paid in such manner, as it shall deem most expedient.

2d. To regulate butchers, and the places where animals may be slaughtcred; to restrain and regulate the running at large of cattle, horses, swine and sheep, and the impounding and sale of the same; and to prevent the running at large of dogs, and to authorize the destruction of the same when at large contrary to the ordinance, and to impose taxes upon the owners of dogs.

3d. To prohibit and abate all nuisances. 4th. To regulate the burial of the dead.

5th. 'To regulate bathing or swimming in the waters in or bounding the said city.

6th. To regulate the keeping and vending of gunpowder.

7th. To suppress all disorderly houses, and groceries, saloons, houses of ill fame, gaming tables and gambling; to restrain and punish vagrants and common prostitutes; to prevent and quell any riot, noise or disturbance; and to prevent and disperse any disorderly assemblage.

8th. To prevent horse-racing, immoderate driving or riding.

9th. To prevent obstructions and incumbrances in and upon the wharves, streets, side-walks and other public places, and parts of the city; to direct and regulate the planting, rearing and preserving of ornamental trees in the streets; to direct and regulate the construction and repairing of side-walks, and to compel the keeping of the same free from snow, ice or dirt; and to direct the cleaning, grading and repairing of streets.

10th. To regulate the police of said city..
Ilth. To establish and regulate public pounds.

12th. To do all things which similar corporations have power to do, in order to provide for and secure health, cleanliness and good order in said city.

Sec. 11. For the purpose of more effectually enabling the said pose City Council to carry into effect the provisions of this act, they are hereby authorized and empowered to assess a tax for corporation purposes on property within the limits of said corporation made taxable by the laws of this Territory, so that said tax shall not exceed in any year five mills on the dollar in value of valuation as the same may be found on the books of the County Commissioners of the County of Washington. At the time of assessing said tax the City Council shall have power, if authorized so to do by a majority of all the electors in said city at any meeting called for that purpose, to levy an additional tax as above specified, sufficient to organize and establish a fire company, and purchase an engine, hose, and other necessary apparatus, for the extinguishment of fires in said city; public notice of which meeting and the object thereof shall be given by posting up a written notice thereof in at least three of the most public places in said city, ten days before the time of such meeting.


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