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Glass-faced, reflecting, like a mirror, the looks of his patron; I. i. 58. Good, real; II. ii. 234.

Good even, the common form of salu-
tation after noon; II. ii. 9.
Gorge; "cast the g. at," vomit; IV.
iii. 40.

Gramercies, many thanks; II. ii. 69.
Grave, bury; IV. iii. 166.
Griefs, grievances; V. iv. 14.
Grise, step; IV. iii. 16.
Grows, grows older (Theobald,
"goes"); I. i. 3.

Gules, the heraldic term for red; IV. iii. 59.

Gull, properly, an unfledged nestling, here used with play upon this and secondary sense:-dupe; II. i. 31.

Gust, taste, relish; III. v. 54.

Habit, exterior; IV. iii. 113. Half-caps, caps half taken off, slight salutations; II. ii. 219.

Hap, chance, luck; III. ii. 27. Hard in, hardened to; IV. iii. 269. Harness, armour; I. ii. 52. Having, possessions; II. ii. 151. Heart; "in h.," heartily; i.e. I drink to you with all my heart, heartily; (Gould conj. "your health"); I. ii. 53.

Heaven, salvation (here


good advice; according to others, "the pleasure of being flattered "); I. ii. 256.

Hew to, shape by cutting (Daniel
conj. "hew out"); V. iv. 46.
Hinge, bend; IV. iii. 211.
His, its; I. i. 31.

Hoar, make rotten; IV. iii. 155.
Hold, continue; II. i. 12.
Hold taking, bear handling; I. ii. 153.
Honesty, liberality, bounty; III. i. 30.
Horrid, dreadful; V. iv. 13.
Hoy-day, hey-day; I. ii. 131.
Humour, caprice (Folios 1,
"humors "); III. vi. 115.
Hungerly, hungrily; I. i. 252


[blocks in formation]

Hyperion, the God of the Sun; IV. iii. 184.

Idle, trifling; I. ii. 154.

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foolish; IV. iii. 27. Importunacy, importunity; II. ii. 42. Incertain, uncertain; IV. iii. 243. Incontinent, inconstant, unchaste; IV. i. 3.

Infected, diseased (Rowe, "affected"); IV. iii. 202.

Inferr'd, alleged; III. v. 73. Infinite (?) numberless (Grant White conj. "infectious "); III. vi. 102. Influence (used in the astrological sense); V. i. 66.

Ingeniously, ingenuously, frankly;

[blocks in formation]


Made-up, complete, perfect; V.i.101.
Make, do; III. v. 46.
Many, many of; III. vi. 10.
Marrow, vigour; V. iv. 9.
Mean; 66 mean eyes," i.e. eyes of in-
feriors (Theobald conj. "men's");
I. i. 93.

Means, power, wealth; V. iv. 20. Meddler, used with quibble upon "medlar"; IV. iii. 309.

Medlar, a kind of fruit; IV. iii. 305. Meed, merit; I. i. 276. Men, human beings; IV. iii. 534. Merely, absolutely; IV. i. 32. Mind, magnanimity; I. ii. 164. Minion, favourite, darling; IV.iii.80. Minute-jacks, time-servers (with perhaps an allusion to "Jacks-ofthe-clock," figures that struck the bell in old clocks); III. vi. 101.

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[blocks in formation]

Natural, used probably in double sense (i) genuine, (ii) a fool; V. i. 88.

Nature, necessities of nature; IV. iii. 231.

Near, nearly; I. ii. 179.
Neighbour, neighbouring; IV. iii. 94.

Objects, things presented to the sight, everything that comes in the way; IV. iii. 122.

Occasion, necessity; III. ii. 26. Occasions, engagements; III. vi. 10. Offices, apartments where food was prepared; II. ii. 165.

On, at; I. i. 141.

IV. iii. 101.
Ope, open; V. iv. 47.
Operant, active; IV. iii. 25.
Opulency, opulence, riches; V. i. 38.
Ort, remnant; IV. iii. 400.
Out, without, outside; IV. i. 38.
Outgoes, exceeds; I. i. 273.
Owed; "o. to you," held at your
service; I. i. 151.

Pack, be off; V. i. 115.
Page, follow like a page; IV. iii.


Painfully; "thou hast p. discovered;" i.e. thou hast to our distress discovered; V. ii. 1. Paper, bonds, deeds (Warburton, "proper"; Hanmer "perpetuum "; Kinnear conj. "person"; Becket conj. "pauper"); I. ii. 250.


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Particular, personal advantage; IV. iii. 159.

Particularly; "halts not p.," does not stop at particular persons; I. i. 46.

Parts, endowments, qualities; II. iì. III. v. 76.


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virtues ;

Passes, surpasses (Jackson conj. "surpasses "); I. i. 12.

Passion, violent emotion; III. i. 59. Patchery, "botchery intended to

hide faults; gross and bungling hypocrisy "; V. i. 99.

Parun, pledge; I. i. 147. Perfect; "for ever p.," arrived at the perfection of happiness; I. ii. 86.

Perfection, highest excellence; (? "perfect image "; III. vi. 94. Perfumes; "diseased p."="diseased

perfumed mistresses"; IV. iii. 207. Periods, puts an end to; I. i. 99. Personating, representing; V. i. 35. Pill, pillage, plunder; IV. i. 12. Plain-dealing, an allusion to the pro

verb, "Plain-dealing is a jewel, but they that use it die beggars"; I. i. 209.

Ports, gates; V. iv. 55.

Prefer, show, lay before; III. v. 34. Preferr'd, showed, presented; III. iv. 49.

Present; " 'p. slaves," i.c. immediate slaves (S. Walker conj. "peasant slaves"); I. i. 71. Presentment; 66 upon the heels of my P., ," "as soon as my book has been presented to its patron"; I. i. 27. Proof, test; II. ii. 164.

resisting power; IV. iii. 124. Properties, makes the property of; I. i. 57.

[blocks in formation]


Render back, give back; IV. i. 9. Render'd, surrendered, given up; V. iv. 62.

Repugnancy, resistance; III. v. 45.
Requite, repay; IV. iii. 529.

Resort; "her r.," to visit her; I. i. 127.

Respect; "in r. of his," in proportion to what he possesses; III. ii. 81.

Respectively, regardfully; III. i. 7. Restraining, withholding; V. i. 151. Resumes, assumes; II. ii. 4.

Retentive, restraining; III. iv. 82.

[blocks in formation]

Sinner, a cause of sin; I ii. 58.
Smooth'd, flattered; IV iii. 17.
So, if only, V iv. 48.

Solidares, small pieces of money;
III. i. 46.

Something, somewhat; IV. iii 55
Sour, bitter (Rowe's emendation;
Folios, "four"; S. Walker conj
"your"); V. i 223.
Spilth, spilling; II. ii. 167
Spirit, anger, wrath; III. v 102.
Spital-house, hospital, IV. iii 39
Spotted die; V. iv. 34 (Cp. illus-



From specimens found (a) in the neighbourhood of Marseilles and (b) at Herculaneum respectively.

Square, suitable; V. iv 36.
Starve, paralyse (Folios 1,
"sterue"); I. i. 247.
States, estates; I. i. 67

Still, always, continually; II. i. 11;
IV iii. 522.

Stint, stop; V iv. 83.
Stout, strong; IV. iii. 32.
Strain, race; I. i. 249.

-, quality; IV. iii 213.

Strait, strict; I. i. 96.

Strange, unacquainted; IV. iii 56.
Strife, emulation; I. i. 37.
Sufferance, suffering, misery; IV.
iii. 268.

Suspect, suspicion; IV. iii. 520. Swath; "first s.," earliest infancy, swaddling clothes; IV. iii. 252.

[blocks in formation]

Tiring, busy; III. vi 4.

T; "call to you," i e. call on you; I. ii 221.

Told, counted; III. v. 107. Touch, touchstone; IV. iii 393. Touch; "t. the estimate," pay the price at which it is estimated; I. i. 14

Touch'd, tested with the touch-stone: III iii. 6.

Toward, at hand; III. vi. 60.

Towardly, docile; III. i. 36.

Tract, track, trace; I. i 50.

Traversed, crossed, folded, (?) reversed; V. iv. 7

True, honest; IV. iii 464.
Trump, trumpet; I ii. 119.
Try, trial; V. i. 10.

Unagreeable, unsuitable; II ii. 41.
Unbolt, reveal, explain; I. i. 51.
Uncharged, unassailed; V. iv. 55-
Unclew, undo, ruin; I i. 168.
Unctuous, oily; IV. iii. 195
Under; "u. praise," by being
praised so much (not "under-
praise" as the jeweller understands
it); I. i 165.

Under, under pretence of; III. iii.
Undergo, undertake; III. v. 24.
Unmatched, matchless; IV. i'i.

524. Unnoted, (?) imperceptible (perhaps undemonstrative; III. v.


[ocr errors]

Unpeaceable, quarrelsome (Collier
MS., "unappeasable"); I. i. 269.
Unremoveably, fixedly; V. i. 227.
Untirable, untiring, indefatigable;
I. i. II.

Use, customary; I. i. 279.
Uses, necessities; II. i. 20.

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