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Man, like the gen'rous vine, supported lives ; The strength he gains is from th’embrace he gives. On their own Axis as the Planets run, Yet make at once their circle round the Sun ; So two consistent motions act the Soul ; 315 And one regards Itself, and one the Whole.

Thus God and Nature link'd the gen'ral frame, And bade Self-love and Social be the same.

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E P I S T L E IV. .

Of the Nature and State of Man with respect to


1. FALS E Notions of Happiness, Philosophical and

Popular, answered from $ 19 to 77. Il. It is the End of all Men, and attainable by all, ý 30. God intends Happiness to be equal ; and to be so, it must be social, since all particular Happiness depends on general, and since he governs by general, not particular Laws, 37. As it is necessary for Order, and the peace and welfare of Society, that external goods should be unequal, Happiness is not made to consist in these, x 51. But, notwithstanding that inequality, the balance of Happiness among Mankind is kept even by Providence,

by the two Pafions of Hope and Fear, x 70. III. What the Happiness of Individuals is, as far as is consistent with the constitution of this world; and that the good Man has here the advantage, * 77. The error of imputing to Virtue what are only the calamities of Nature, or of Fortune, $ 94. IV, The folly of expecting that God should alter his general Laws in favour of particulars, * 121. V. That we are not judges who are good; but that, whoever they are, they must be happiest, x 133, &c. VI. That external goods are not the proper rewards, but

often inconsistent with, or destructive of Virtue, * 165. That even these can make no Man happy without Virtue : Instanced in Riches, y 183. Honours, x_191. Nobility, 203. Greatness, * 215. Fame, x 235. Superior Talents, $ 257, &c. With pictures of human Infelicity in Men popelled of them all, 267, &c.

VII. That Virtue only constitutes a Happiness, whose object is universal, and whole prospect eternal, x 307, &c. That the perfection of Virtue and Happiness confifts in a conformity to the ORDER of PROVIDENCE here, and a Resignation to it here and hereafter, x 326, &c.



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W. Blakey inv. et dels

Ravenet sculpa

Know then this Truth enough for Man to know)
Virtue alone is Happynéfs below

Efray, on Man. Ipu

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