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These build as fast as knowledge can destroy;
In Folly's cup ftill laughs the bubble, joy;
One profpect loft, another still we gain;
And not a vanity is giv'n in vain ;


Ev'n mean Self-love becomes, by force divine,
The scale to measure others wants by thine.
See! and confefs, one comfort ftill must rife,
'Tis this, Tho' Man's a fool, yet GOD IS WISE.


juftement recompenfez par les | fuffrages du Public. Quand un pauvre efprit travaille beaucoup, pour faire un mauvais ouvrage, il n'eft pas jufte ni raifonable, qu'il attende des louanges publiques: car elles ne lui font pas dues. Mais afin que fes travaux ne demeurent pas fans recompenfe,

Dieu lui donne une satisfaction perfonelle, que perfonne ne lui peut envier fans une injuftice plus que barbare; tout ainfi que Dieu qui eft jufte donne de la fatisfaction aux Grenouilles de leur

chant. Autrement le blâme public, joint à leur mécontentement, feroit fuffifant pour les réduire au desespoir.




Of the Nature and State of Man with respect to Society.

I. THE whole Universe one fyftem of Society, 7, &c. Nothing made wholly for itself, nor yet wholly for another, 27. The happiness of Animals mutual, 49. II. Reason or Inftinct operate alike to the good of each Individual, y 79. Reafon or Inftinct operate alfo to Society, in all animals, 109. III. How far Society carried by Instinct, y 115. How much farther by Reafon, 128. IV. Of that which is called the State of Nature, 144. Reafon inftructed by Inftinct in the invention of Arts, 166, and in the Forms of Society, ✯ 176. V. Origin of Political Societies, 196. Origin of Monarchy, 207. Patriarchal government, 212. VI. Origin of true Religion and Government, from the fame principle of Love, † 231, &c. Origin of Superftition and Tyranny, from the fame principle, of Fear, 237, &c. The Influence of Self-love operating to the focial and public Good,

266. Reftoration of true Religion and Government on their first principle, 285. Mixt Government, 288. Various Forms of each, and the true end of all, * 300, &c.




Plate X.

Vol. III. facing p-49

N.Blakey inv. et del.

Ravenet sculp.

See some fit Passion every Age supplyHope travels through, nor quits us when we die

Essay on Man, Ep.II.




ERE then we reft: "The Univerfal Caufe

"Acts to one end, but acts by various laws." In all the madnefs of fuperfluous health,

The trim of pride, the impudence of wealth,


VER. 1. in feveral Edit. in 4to.

Learn, Dulness, learn! "The Universal Cause, &c.

WE are now come to the third epiftle of the Effay on Man. It having been fhewn, in explaining the origin, ufe, and end of the Paffions, in the fecond epiftle, that Man hath focial as well as felfish paffions, that doctrine naturally introduceth the third, which treats of Man as a SOCIAL animal; and connects it with the fecond, which confidered him as an INDIVIDUAL. And as the conclufion from the subject of the firft epiftle made the introduction to the fecond, fo here again, the conclufion of the fecond

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(Ev'n mean Self-love becomes, by force divine, The fcale to measure others wants by thine.) maketh the introduction to the third.

VER. 3.


fuperfluous | pairers of health: Those,

health,] Immoderate labour whofe ftation fets them and study are the great im- above both, muft needs


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