The Canadian Rockies

Trafford Publishing, 09.11.2007
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The Canadian Rockies - Pioneers, Legends, and True Tales tells of the larger-than-life pioneer trappers, mountaineers, guides, outfitters, and early visitors to the Rockies. Many of these played a major part in firmly creating the true tales and the enduring legends of the Banff, Lake Louise, and Roger's Pass areas. The author knew and spent many hours with some of the original old-timers and they in turn told him of the adventures they had. They also related many tales of the early visitors, packers, guides, and mountaineers who came to the area when the trails were young and so were they. The reader will enjoy many stories about the remarkable life of Tom Wilson, and the many exploits of Wild Bill Peyto, Walter Wilcox, Sam Allen, Jimmy Simpson, A.O. Wheeler, Sir Edward Whymper, the Feuz Brothers, Georgia Englehard, Katie Gardener, Phyllis Munday, Conrad Kain, Elizabeth Parker, Walter Perren, Byron Harmon, Nick Morant, Lawrence Grassi, Norm Luxton and many others.

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