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will come, and will not tarry: every eye shall see him - behold, he cometh in the clouds of glory.

10. A trumpet heard through the whole earth, awakening and arousing its dead, proclaimeth his awful approach - who shall be able to abide his presence ?

11. Clad in majesty and terror, seated on his living throne, with ten thousand, and ten thousand times ten thousand of his saints, he cometh-he cometh to judge the earth :-Lord, Lord, prepare us for thy coming!

12. Behold the whole heavens melting away with fervent heat-see the elements in confusion, behold the earth flaming-see the dead arising and ascending up into his presence—hear the dreadful trump-hark the unsufferable clamour-view the innumerable throng, approaching the awful tribunal !

13. Sinner, what is this to thee? Think, oh think! for thou must appear. Sinner, repent and be advised!

14. But, behold the Judge! He openeth the book - he alone hath prevailed to open it. List, for a silence ensueth still as night, and every being trembles with expectation. 15. O ye lovers of the Lord, can I describe

your felicity! words are too faint.— Heaven opened her doors, while the Judge with a voice sweeter than ten thousand softest instruments of music, declareth

may hear!

come ye

blessed of my Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world.”

16. But who shall describe the horrors of the wicked?_“ Depart, ye cursed !” Oh! my soul ! let us draw a veil over that dreadful scene, and humbly, in prayer, plead for the sons of infidelity, that even now in this their day, they may see and know the things concerning their peace.

17 0, Lord Jesu, fountain of love and mercy, save them from the horrors of that day! Open their eyes that they may see, open their ears that they

Lord, be gracious unto thy people ; turn them, and so shall they be turned. Source of all mercy, fountain of all love, give to all mankind the knowledge of thee, their only God and Saviour. Oh let thy kingdom come, and reign thou absolutely amongst us; so shall thy will be done here upon earth, as it is done by thy servants in heaven; so shall we rejoice to meet thee in the clouds, and to be with our dear, blessed Lord for ever. Hear us, O Father, we earnestly entreat thee, for this thy beloved Son's sake, who, with thee and the eternal Spirit, ever liveth, three Persons but one God, blessed over all, from generation to generation, AMEN. Even so, Lord Jesus, conie quickly.

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