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- Jesus ! Let them not be my advantage only! By means “ of them, I have obtained this precious gem, these words “ of health : oh grant them a deliverance from darkness,

spread them abroad, oh Jehovah, and let thy blessings “accompany them! To thee, all gracious, I com“ mend this scroll; thou, that canst do all things, if it “ seemeth good in thy sight, render it subservient to the “ eternal welfare of all thy chosen people! Nothing is “ impossible with thee: the meanest instruments are in

thy hands all-powerful, thou that brings to nought the “ wisdom of the wise! Oh bring down all the high looks “ of the proud: let thy light and thy truth, dispel throug6 out the whole world the darkness of error, and grant to “ all the nations of the earth, a full and complete knowv ledge of thee, their only God, and their only Redeem" er! Amen.

The sojourner leaving the isle of Patmos, was anxious to read the manuscript, presented to him by the anchorite ; but indeed his pleasure was greatly interrupted at first, by several small defects in it, and by the want of skill in reading manuscript Greek: however, at length, by frequent perusals, he conquered all difficulties, and read not only with satisfaction, but with comfort to his soul! And found the whole mystery of redemption and spiritual life, excellently and clearly set forth ;-but why do I say this to you, or why dare to anticipate your judgement? To you I commend it, for the sake of my venerable friend, and in compliance with his request, for my own sake also, and for yours, but most of all for the sake of those, who desire to believe and be saved !







1. SON OF ETERNITY, thou art of much greater worth than the grovelling insect beneath thy feet: assert thy superior privilege, be wise, and wonder.

2. Raise thine eyes aloft, and contemplate yon heavens, the lofty dwellings of Jehovah : behold that gorgeous sun, walking in brightness through the skies : and consider thyself as a spark of his light, a ray of inextinguishable glory, a child of immortality.

3. Let joy swell thy bosom, let conscious and becoming pride sparkle in thine eye : triumph in thy lofty descent: pant after the blessings of thy Father's kingdom, sigh for eternity!

4. Son of mortality and death, son of sin and corruption, be humbled: know and feel thy depravity; so shall shame and confusion cover thy face, and lay thee prostrate in that dust whence thou art taken, and whither thou shalt surely return.

5. If soaring on the wings of an eagle, with the bright eye of contemplation, thou canst steadily behold the dazling lustre of thy lofty descent;

6. Lower than the lowest deep must thou sink, when turning thine eyes inward, and beholding the long train of evils which eclipse that splendor, and obscure the whole Deity in thee.

7. Born to dwell in light, thou art in utter darkness; created to reign in life, death triumphant holds absolute dominion over thee.

8. Thy heart is evil: thy every intention prone to iniquity: inclination clad in false smiles allures thee to sin: behold, thy will consenteth, and thou hast offended.

9. Tremble, oh earth! ye heavens, be clothed with thick darkness : and oh, ye stars, withdraw your shining ; a son of your God, an heir of immortality, a soul breathed from the eternal divinity, hath fallen, hath sold and forfeited his birth-right; and who shall recover him ?

10. Oh! that my life could ransom thine, that the death of man could preserve thee from destruction!

11. But what can man ? His whole is not sufficient for himself; how shall he add to the light balance of another?

12. All I have is thine : all I have is from thy rich abundance, great, glorious, and unexhausted fountain of power, and wisdom, and mercy, and goodness!

13. When unerring obedience before my footsteps: when the servant has performed his Lord's every command, what reward awaits hinı ? this was his duty.

14. If failing in one tittle, can future diligence, and full compliance at all propitiate the past offence, at all reconcile or justify the offender?

15. Full compliance and unwearied diligence, unerring obedience before was but a duty: after transgression remaineth, is it not the same ?

16. Be wise, now, oh ye children of reason, ye sons of imperfection, listen and be wise.

17. For one trespass,-behold and tremble, man maketh not atonement; who aniongst men committeth but one trespass ?

18. Perfection shone in our first sire, before he listened, eat, and was undone: full as the beaming glory in yon bright eye of the heavens, pure as the virgin splendor in the queen of night; the whole image of the High and Holy One, was resplendent in him.

19. Through envy of the devil came death : the woman was deceived; the man partook her crime.

20. He fell, he died to kis immortal living-the light of Jehovah vanished from his breast.

21. He fell and became the slave of death, the heir of corruption: sin and sorrow at once entered into the world.

22. We are the sons of fallen Adam : how then must we not be fallen, how then must we not be slaves, frail and corruptible ?

23. Thy bosom, my friend, my brother, proclaims it: the truth is deeply engraven on thy perfidious and treacherous heart.

24. What then is thy hope? Where doth it dwell that I may search it out? Where is that happy pilot that shall steer thee aright to the harbour of eternal life?

25. Thou wast born for eternity: thy soul anxiously panteth after it: thou hast not a thought but witnesseth this pleasing hope.

26. For what son loveth not his father's house, what mortal loveth not the place of his nativity ?

27. Thy trespasses are daily, and yet one trespass is sufficient to darken all thy expectations of


28. Miserable man, weep and lament: death and hell lay fast hold of thee : already thou art condemned: how shalt thou be delivered from these destroyers, and from this condemnation ?

29. Blessed are they that mourn: be comforted, burst forth into singing, son of consolation ; behold I point out to thee the never-failing Pole-star; spread thy sails therefore and make the harbour of rest.

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