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-Fullom's Marvels of Science, 288-
Headley's Sketches of the Women of
the Bible, 288-Robson's Constructive
Greek Exercises and Reading Lessons,
Robson's Constructive Latin Exercises
and Reading Lessons, 288-Alison's
History of Europe, 521 — Lanfrey's
L'Eglise et les Philosophes au 18 Siècle,
525-Girardin's Cours de Littérature
Dramatique, 528-Herzog's Real-Ency-
clopädie, für Protestantische Theologie
und Kirche, 530-Der Weg zu Christo,
532-Hay's Harmonic Law of Nature,
533 Tucker's Southern Cross and
Southern Crown, 536-Brock's Ser-
mons, 537-Catalogue of the Irish Ex-
hibition, 539-Pirret's Ethics of the
Sabbath, 540-Collected Works of Du-
gald Stewart, 540-Roget's Thesaurus
of English Words and Phrases, 541-
Bayne's Christian Life, 542-M Burnie's
Errors of Infidelity, 543-Bland's Reply
to Dr. Cumming, 514-Maury's Phy-
sical Geography of the Sea, 544-Cal-
derwood's Philosophy of the Infinite,
546--Remains of the Hon. and Rev.
Somerville Hay, 548-Arthur's People's
Day, 548-Treatise on Practical Mathe-
matics, 549-Bouchier's Manna in the
Heart, 550-Cumming's Urgent Ques-
tions, 550-Cornwell and Fitch's Sci-
ence of Arithmetic, 550-Alliott's Psy-
chology and Theology, 551-Bible Teach-
ing, 551-Champion's Life's Holidays
illuminated, 552-Refutation of Spinoza
by Leibnitz, 552-Ogilvie's Imperial
Dictionary, 553-Spencer's Pastor's
Sketches, 554-Tennent's Wine: its
Use and Taxation, 555-The British
Workman, 555- Kingsley's Glaucus,
556-Douglass's Passing Thoughts, 556
--Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Li-
terature, 557-Ferrier's Institutes of
Metaphysics, 558-Holden's Natal, 560
-Tait's Meditationes Hebraicæ, 561- |
Guizot's Meditations and Moral Reflec-
tions, 562-Muspratt's Chemistry, 564
British costume, an account of, 122-in-
congruities in, 124-fifty years ago con-
trasted with the present time, 125-cu-
riosities of, 127-medieval barber-ism,
129-Stubbs's anecdotes of, 130-ab-
surdities in head-dress, 131-Pepys's
anecdotes of, 132--the Bloomer cos-
tume, 133-evils of tight lacing, 134—
remarks on bonnets, 137-on boots,
shoes, and collars, 141
Buffon, account of, 356

Bunsen's "Hippolytus and his Age" re-
viewed, 142. See Latin Christianity.
Carpenter's "General and Comparative
Principles of Physiology" reviewed, 351.
See Animal Organization.
Cathari. See Albigenses.
Chemical researches in common life, 425
-Sir Thomas Browne, 427-his shrewd
discrimination, 429-our pioneers of po-
pular research, 431-the Royal Society

and Vernetti, 432-atmospheric balance
of gases, 433-meteorology, 434-the
Lawson observatory, 435-diversity of
colour in water, 437--comparative purity
of water, 438-Geological science, 439
-exhaustion and improvement in soils,
440-bread, 442-varieties of human
sustenance, 445-starch, 446-fat, 447
-general remarks, 448

Chevreul's "Principles of Harmony and
Contrast of Colours" reviewed, 122.
See British costume.

Christianity, historical basis of, 145--de-
velopment of, 147-early, Greek, 151—
idiosyncrasy of Greek, 157-differences
between Eastern and Western, 159-
extension of, 165-progress of real, 177
Church of Rome, opposition to, in the
twelfth century, 13-hostility to, in the
South of France, 15
Colour, phenomena of, 135
Cooper, Bransby B., his "Life of Sir Ast-
ley Cooper" reviewed, 44
Cooper, Sir Astley, Memoir of, 44-his
early life, 46-his marriage, 47—his vast
practice in the city, 47-removes west-
ward, 54-his enormous income, 54-
is created a Baronet, 54-retirement
from the profession, 54-removes to
Hemel Hempstead, 55-resumes his
practice, 55-his last illness, 55-de-
cease, 55-his scientific character, 55
Coverdale, Myles, his Works reviewed, 289.
See Reformation.

Cranmer, Thomas, his Writings reviewed,
289. See Reformation.
Cunitz, Professor, his “Catharic Ritual”
reviewed, 1. See Albigenses.
Cunningham, Peter, his edition of "John-
son's Lives of the Poets" reviewed, 99.
See Addison.

Cuvier, his valuable discoveries, 360-his
investigations of fossils, 362-discarded
Oken's discoveries, 365
D'Aubigné's "History of the Reformation
of the Sixteenth Century" reviewed, 289
-his "Religious Liberty from Christian
Points of View" reviewed, 377-letter
to, "On the Principles of Religious Li-
berty as it is understood in Germany,"
reviewed, 377

Davy, Dr., his "West Indies before and
after Emancipation" reviewed, 478. See
West-India Question.

D'Israeli, quoted, 114
Dualism, spread of, among the Sclavonians,

Dualists, their origin, 11-estimate of
their number in Italy, 37
Fairholt, F. W., his "Costume in Eng-
land" reviewed, 122. See British cos-

Félice, Dr., his "History of the Protest-
ants of France" reviewed, 448. See
Protestants of France.
Gilfillan, Mr. George, his "Third Gallery of
Portraits reviewed, 179-his "Bards
of the Bible" reviewed, 179-his preten-



sions, 181-his style and address, 185-
his treatment of Chalmers, Hall, and Ir-
ving, 186-his various criticisms, 189,
et seq.-his opinion of Mr. Hallam, 193
-of Mr. Macaulay, 194-of Mr. Burke,
195-of Plato, 197-his pretensions and
profanity, 199-Bishop Lowth, 201—
general remarks, 202

Hahn, Dr. C. U., his "History of the New
Manichæan Heretics" reviewed, 1. See

Hair, ludicrous style of dressing the, 130
Hallam's " History of the Literature of
Europe during the Fifteenth, Sixteenth,
and Seventeenth Centuries" reviewed,
289. See Reformation.

Herbert, Mr. Sydney, his "Speech on the
Conduct of the War" reviewed, 203.
See Russia.

Hollweg, M. de Bethmann, his Letter to

D'Aubigné reviewed, 378

Homer, his great descriptive powers, 410
Hurter, his "History of Pope Innocent
III." reviewed, 1. See Albigenses.
Inquisition established, 31-remedial mea-
sures of the, 33-unpopularity of the,
35-awful frequency of suicide in the
dungeons of the, 35-introduction of,
into Lombardy, 37-resistance of the
Ban of Bosnia to the, 39

Jackson's "Life of Dr. Newton" reviewed,
329. See Newton.

Johnston, James, his "Chemistry of Com-
mon Life" reviewed, 425. See Chemical

Latin Christianity, its external and internal
history, 142-mythology of, in the Mid-
dle Ages, 149-rise of, 153-deteriora-
tions and corruptions of, 169-Milman's
notices of, 171-its influence on early
jurisprudence, 173-its connexion with
art, 174

Layard, A. H., his "Speech on the Pro-
spects of the War" reviewed, 203. See

Liberia, 507-its bearing upon Slavery, 509
-evidence of progress, 511-Monrovia,
511-exports, 514-climate, 514-Si-
erra-Leone and Liberia, 515-Sinou,
Bassa-Cove, and Fishtown, 516-the
Slave Trade, 517-Colonization Soci-
eties, 519

Linnæus, his early love of plants, 352-

his classification and nomenclature, 355
Luther, quoted, 380

Macaulay, Mr., exaggerates the resources
of Rome, 41-quoted, 388
Macilwain, George, his "Memoirs of Aber-
nethy" reviewed, 44

Macqueen's "The War; Who's to Blame?"
reviewed, 203. See Russia.
Meaux, treaty of, 31

Merrifield, Mrs., her "Dress as a Fine
Art" reviewed, 112. See British

Milman's "History of Latin Christianity

reviewed, 142. See Latin Christianity.
Montfort, Simon de, his Crusade against


the Albigenses, 28-besieges Toulouse,
30-his defeat and death, 30
Newton, Rev. Dr., his birth, 329-conver-
sion of his father, 330-his own conver
sion, 331-enters the Wesleyan Minis-
try, 333-his great popularity, 334-
his extraordinary labours, 337-his con-
duct in time of trial, 343-diversity in
unity, 345-his self-denial, 348-the
Itinerant Ministry, 349-general re-
marks, 350

Oken, his discoveries, 365

Owen, Professor, his "Lectures on the
Anatomy and Physiology of the In-
vertebrate Animals," "Archetypes and
Homologies of the Vertebrate Ske-
leton," and "Nature of the Limbs,"
reviewed, 351. See Animal Organiza-

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"Papers and Reports of the Anti-Slavery
Society" reviewed, 478. See West-India

Papers relating to the Affairs of the İs-
land of Jamaica" reviewed, 478. See
West-India Question.

Planché's "History of British costume

reviewed, 122. See British costume.
Prisons of the Continent, an account of the,
67-of Geneva, 69-of Lausanne, 71—
of France, 71-dispatches of prisoners
to Toulon and Brest, 75-the New Bi-
cêtre, 75-treatment of prisoners at the
bagnes, 77-prison employment at Tou-
lon, 79-prison work and food, 81-the
maisons centrales, 83-their defects, 87
-the maisons de correction, 90-Rus-
sian punishments, 93--Russian repug-
nance to prisons, 95-Swedish system of
punishment, 96-Danish prisons, 97-
Dutch and Italian systems, 97
Pomare, Queen, account of, 392
Popular Criticism, 179. See Gilfillan.
Protestants of France, 448-introduction
of Reformed doctrines into France, 449
-persecution of the Reformed, 450-
heresy made a civil offence, 451-burning
of Anne Dubourg, 452-the conspiracy
of Amboise, 453-the Conference of
Poisy, 454-the wars of religion, 455-
Peace of Longjumeau, 456-murder of
the Prince of Condé, 457-Coligny's
confidence in God, 457-Massacre of
St. Bartholomew, 458-effect of the
Massacre on Europe, 459-character of
Henry III., 460-the Guises and the
Valois, 461-assassination of Henry III.,
461-accession of Henry IV., 462-the
Edict of Nantes, 463-policy of the
Huguenots, 465-renewed persecution,
467-fall of La Rochelle, 469-termi-
nation of the religious wars, 469-im-
portance of the services of the Reformed,
470-increased severities, 471-Revoca-
tion of the Edict of Nantes, 471-frightful
scenes of cruelty, 472-the Refugees in
England, 473-loss to France, 474--the
Refugees in Spitalfields, 476-concluding
remarks, 476

[blocks in formation]

Raoul-Rochette, his "Lectures on Ancient
Art" reviewed, 403. See Art.
Reformation, the, its influence upon Eng-
lish literature, 289-the modernization
of Europe, 290-ancient political Pro-
testantism of England, 291-what re-
formed England? 293-classical litera-
ture, 295-study of the ancient languages
in England, 297-classical pursuits of the
Universities, 298-decline of scholastic
philosophy, 299-influence of the Court
upon learning, 301-abolition of monas-
teries, 302-destruction of the conven-
tual libraries, 302- Erasmus's Greek
Testament, 303-and opposition of the
Papacy to, 304-Tyndale and the New
Testament, 305-Mr. Hallam's stric-
tures, 307-controversial stage of the Re-
formation, 309-literary character of
Cranmer, 310-style of thought and
writing in the sixteenth century, 313-
great preachers of the Reformation, 315
-More, Elyot, and Ascham, 317-in-
fluence of the Reformation on poetic art,
318-religious versicles, 323-formation
of the English drama, 324-moralities
or interludes, 327-tragedies, 328-
amusements at Court, 328, note
Religious intolerance, the principle of, 378
-the Kirchentag, 378-Pourtales and
D'Aubigné, 379-the Homburg Confer-
ence, 379-intolerance to be studied at
Rome, 381-infallibility has a right to
persecute, 383-systematic condescen-
sion of the Jewish law, 385-comparison
of Romish and Hebrew legislation, 387-
Romanism a relapse into Judaism, 389-
results of civil interference, 391-analogy
between civil and religious liberty, 393-
principle of persecution abstract, 395-
relative importance of abstract principles,
397-by what right intercede for suffer-
ing brethren ? 399-burning of Bartho-
lomew Legate, 400-intolerance of ad-
vocates of religious liberty, 401
Reuss, Professor, his "Vaudois and Catha-
ric Versions of the Bible" reviewed, 1.
See Albigenses.

Ridley, Nicholas, his Works reviewed, 289.
See Reformation.

Rio, his "Poetry of Christian Art" re-
viewed, 403. See Art.

Romish supremacy, Cyprian's estimate of,


Russia, the war with, 203-importance of
the command of the Euxine, 205-policy
of the war, 206-the "balance of power,'
207-encroachments of Russia, 208-
claims of the Circassians, 209-Lord
Palmerston's opinion of the strength of
Russia, 209-despoliation of Sweden,
209-partition of Poland, 210-Russian
encroachments upon Turkey, 211-the
Treaties of Kainardji, Yassi, and Adrian-
ople, 212-natural defences of Russia,
213-material guarantees, 215-diffi- |

culty of the Eastern Question, 216-reli-
gious aspect of the war, 217--freedom of
Christian Churches in Turkey, 219-the
Church in Russia an instrument of the
State, 220-the "Holy Places," 221-
battle of Oltenitza, 222-the intrench-
ments of Kalafat, 223-Omar Pacha's
strategy, 223-Paskiewitsch and Gort-
schakoff, 224-the victory of Citate, 225
-impossibility of a successful attack on
Kalafat, 226-moral effect of the victory
of Citate, 226-the siege of Silistria, 227
-Silistria and Sebastopol compared, 229
-landing of the Allies at Gallipoli, 230
-delays and mismanagement, 231-
importance of time in war, 233-sailing
of the Allied fleets from Varna, 235-
landing at Old Fort, 234-battle of the
Alma, 236-attack on Sebastopol, 239
-fight of Balaklava, 240-battle of In-
kermann, 242-attack of the Russians
on Eupatoria, 246-their defeat, 246—
disasters and sufferings during the win-
ter, 248-who is to blame? 249-our
Allies, 251-perfidy of Prussia, 256-
Austria's obligations to Russia, 257-
death of Nicholas, 258-the future, 259
Schmidt, C., his "History and Doctrine of
the Sect of the Cathari or Albigenses
reviewed, 1. See Albigenses.
Socrates, quoted, 424
Somerset, proud Duke of, anecdote of the,

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Stahl, Dr., quoted, 393, 394
Stephen's Lectures on the History of
France" quoted, 463, note.
Weiss, Professor, his "History of the
French Protestant Refugees" reviewed,
448. See Protestants of France.
West-India Question, the, 478-condition
of the West Indies, 478-decline of pros-
perity, 479-ruin of the original pro-
prietors, 480-Lord Goderich, 481-
St. Domingo, 481-absenteeism, 482-
how it works, 483-improvidence of the
planters, 484-heavy expense of slave
labour, 484-neglect of improvements,
485-the Apprenticeship scheme, 486—
the memorable 1st of August, 487-im-
positions of the planters, 489-good con-
duct of the Negroes, 491-they become
settlers, 493-success of Emancipation,
494-refutation of the charge of Negro
indolence, 496-increase in the value of
colonial property, 496-Hill Coolies, 498
-protective duties, 501-sugar, 503-
general remarks, 506

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