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Alison's History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in

1815, to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852-

L'Eglise et les Philosophes au 18° Siècle. Par M. Lanfrey

-Cours de Littérature Dramatique. Par M. Saint-

Marc Girardin-Real-Encyclopädie, für Protestantische

Theologie und Kirche. Herausgegeben von Dr. J. J.

Herzog. Drittes Band, Erste Hälfte-Der Weg zu

Christo. Vorträge im Dienst der Innern Mission vor

Gliedern der evangelischen Christenheit aus den ge-

bildeten Ständen gehalten und herausgegeben von Dr.

Karl Bernhard Hundeshagen-Hay's Harmonic Law of

Nature applied to Architectural Design-Miss Tucker's

Southern Cross and Southern Crown: or, The Gospel

in New Zealand-Brock's Twenty-seven Sermons,

preached in St. George's Church, Barnsley, Yorkshire

-The Irish Industrial Exhibition of 1853. Edited by

John Sproule and others-Pirret's Ethics of the Sab-

bath-The Collected Works of Dugald Stewart, edited

by Hamilton. Vols. II.-VI.-Roget's Thesaurus of

English Words and Phrases-Bayne's Christian Life,

Social and Individual-M'Burnie's Errors of Infidelity:

or, An Abridgment of various Facts and Arguments

urged against Infidelity-Bland's Reply to Dr. Cum-

ming's Lectures on "The End of the World"-Maury's

Physical Geography of the Sea-Calderwood's Philo-

sophy of the Infinite-Remains of Hon. and Rev.

Somerville Hay-Arthur's People's Day-Treatise on

Practical Mathematics - Bouchier's Manna in the

Heart or, Daily Comments on the Book of Psalms-

Cumming's Urgent Questions-Cornwell and Fitch's

Science of Arithmetic-Alliot's Psychology and Theo-

logy-Mackenzie's Bible Teaching Champion's Life's

Holidays illuminated-A Refutation, recently dis-

covered, of Spinoza by Leibnitz. Translated by Owen

-Ogilvie's Imperial Dictionary, English, Technological,

and Scientific-Spencer's Pastor's Sketches: or, Con-

versations with anxious Inquirers respecting the Way of

Salvation-Tennent's Wine: its Use and Taxation-The

British Workman, and Friend of the Sons of Toil-

Kingsley's Glaucus: or, The Wonders of the Shore-

Douglass's Passing Thoughts-Constable's Miscellany

of Foreign Literature:-Wanderings in Corsica. Trans-

lated from Gregorovius by Muir. Vols. I. and II.-

Chronicles of Wolfert's Roost, and other Papers. By

Washington Irving. Author's Edition-Ferrier's In-

stitutes of Metaphysics: the Theory of Knowing and


Being Holden's History of the Colony of Natal, South

Africa. To which is added a Brief History of the

Orange River Sovereignty. With Maps and Illustra-
tions-Tait's Meditationes Hebraica: or, Doctrinal and
Practical Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the
Hebrews, in a Series of Lectures. New and enlarged
Edition-Guizot's Meditations and Moral Reflections.

Translated by the late Marquis of Ormonde-Muspratt's

Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical, and Analytical, as

applied and relating to the Arts and Manufactures...... 521

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