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kidneys nay the coverings of the does so, has little knowledge of the anbrain itself, may, and often do, suffer imal economy, or little concern for in this way, with a host of corres- the future welfare of the patient. pooding miseries. All these, how. True it is, that the operations of ever, may be avoided by removing Nature, even when they are of a the cause or origin of the cutaneous curative description, as they almost eruption, as sealed in the digestive always are, must frequently be reorgans, when the effect will soon strained, regulated, or spurred on,

and in this consists the great art of But among the wonderful variety the physician. But when the pain of means by which Nature counter- and irritation of Gout are not sufferacts the repletion resulting from too ed to be moderately expended on much apd too rich food, stands GOUT. some member at a distance from the This, though a severe disease in it- vital centre ; when a violent comself, is yet an undoubted remedy or motion is raised in the system by inpreventive of numerous other and ternal remedies ; or when the inmore fatal ones. After a course of flamination is suddenly arrested by luxurious living, of longer or shorter external cold, then, in all probabiliduration, according to peculiarity of ty, will the irritation be transferred constitution, the human machine can to some interior organ or tissue, and no longer bear the rich tide of putri- there manifest itself, at some future ment which daily flows through the day, in the shape of a chronic disinterior organs, without danger of ease, which may bid defiance to the some of its channels giving way, and powers of medicine. This considesuddenly snapping the thread of life, ration should as happens in apoplexy, the bursting

-make us rather bear those ills we Of bloodvessels, &c. Nature, alarm

have, ed, now adopts a severe but a salu. Than fly to others which we know not of. Lary measure.

She generally gives jotice of the approach of her opera These then are the prominent jon, by first deranging the functions evils which, ia civic society as now of the stomach, for a few days, with constituted, flow from redundancy ·ccasional premonitory sensations in and richness of food combined with ther parts of the body, as coldness sedentary habits; and a contemplaf the feet, &c. Then the storm tion of them naturally leads us to the ursts.

A paroxysm of pain and ir- institution of a comparison or paraltation is kiodled up on some ex. Jel of great moral and physical inreme part of the body, and the terest. But first let us say a few hole constitution is kept, during a words on the remedies. me, in a feverish and restless con In my work on the Influence cion, while a daily and critical dis- of the Atmosphere," I have entered

arge by the skin and kidneys re- fully into the nature, cause, and ices the system to a certain point treatment of the disordered state of mpatible witir health, when a the digestive organs. I may here Im ensues—the functions of the only observe, that prevention, of bmach and other organs resume course, depends on temperance, and eir accustomed tone, and the lux. the cure almost eotirely on a well jous advocate of civic society re- conducted course of aperient medit'ns to the pleasures of the table cine, with or without the decoction th renovated vigor.

of sarsaparilla. The kind of aperiWoe to the man who rashly inter- ent must depend on the particular es with, or suddenly checks this sal- organ whose function is most disturbary process of Nature, whether by ed, or whose structure may be in ernal or external means ! He who danger. This discrimination re



quires an accurate examination of all the phenomena, and of the state of the liver and other abdominal organs. Then the cure will proceed with ease and certainty.

James Johnson.

For the cure of a vitiated palate, we cannot suggest a better remedy than temperance and occasional absti

Dr. Willich.



From Bolster's Quarterly Magazine.
I ask'd the sage, when wandering afar
In search of Wisdom's bright and burning star,
What 's wisdom ?-He exclaimed with tearful eyes,
16 The fear of God 's the Wisdom of the wise."

I ask'd the rainbow's changing tints of light,
The glorious harbinger of mercy bright;-
“ 'Twas Wisdom rob’d me thus, the earth to span.
And bade me lull the fearful heart of man."

I ask'd the ocean—and its ceaseless tide
In hollow murmurs to my voice replied
“ Behold my swelling waves their ebb and flow,
The hand of Wisdom marks how far they'll go."

Then I pursued the pure and golden sun,
And found him nearly when his course was done ;

O stay me not,” he cried, “ check not my pace,
"T is Wisdom's work to run the heavenly race !"

I asked the stars to track me Wisdom's way,
In the high heaven of glory where they lay;
6'Tis Wisdom's path,” they cried, “ that we have trod,
The path to Wisdom is—the will of God!"
I ask'd the moon, the moon that shone afar,
In her pale light within her crescent cal,
“Wisdom is knowledge of the band divine
That bade me be—and plac'd me here to shine."
The silver spheres caught up the heav'nly song,
Echo'd through endless space, it roll'd along;
Angels rejoic'd and filla with holy fires,
Tood onto Wisdom all their golden lyres.
"Wisdom 's the influence brightly glowing,
From the Almighty's glory ever flowing !
Th’unspotted mirror of his power and might!
The radiance of the everlasting light.
Then earthborn man attune thy sacred lyre,
And join the chorus of the heavenly choir,
In praise to the Creator God above,
Whose word is Wisdom, and whose voice is love.






EXTRAORDINARY INSTANCE OF NATURAL tongue often blushes, like the face,

in consequence of a moral impresThe following facts are well au- sion; and that the presence of the thenticated :-A family in the Low- pbysician sometimes produces this er Town of Quebec, had a cat with effect on a timid bashful maid-a kittens about two months old ; one numerous set, no doubt, in a French day the mistress of the house bad Hospital ;_" here,” says the doctor, occasion to open a cupboard where o the practitioner may be ip error, provisions were kept, and on shuts who hastily states the tongue to be ting it a kitlen got squeezed by the red." door, and uttering a loud and pierc When a physician, therefore, exing cry. The mistress of the house, amines the tongue of a lady, he after seeing that it was disengaged, should be careful not to look much apparently not much hurt, turned to at her face, lest he should, by makgo to another part of the room. Pre- ing her blush, heighten the redness sently the mother of the kitten came of the tongue.- Dr. Reece's Gazette in, went up to it, and then flew furi- of Health for Oct. ously at the mistress of the house, first biting and scratching her legs, thighs and arms, and proceeding to At a recent meeting of the Lonher neck, which she fixed; don Medical Society, Dr. Blake the woman used her hands to pre- stated that the extraction or exciserve her eyes, lowering her head to sion of teeth was unnecessary. He save her throat; her cries alarmed was enabled, he said, to cure the her husband, who came into the most desperate cases of toothache, room to her assistance, the cat then . unless the disease was connected let go her hold, received a kick, with rheumatism, by the application passed under the stove to the other of the following remedy to the disside of it, where she was followed eased tooth :-" Alum, reduced to by the man, sbe then repassed mak- an impalpable powder, 2 drachms; ing again at the woman; but being spirit of nitrous ether, 7 drachms; pursued she went out of the door, mix, and apply them to the tooth." which was immediately closed. She Mr. Fay, the American dentist, who then began to fly up against the door was present, admitted, with much uttering hideous cries; the family caodor, that in 95 cases out of 100 were so much alarmed that assistance where surgeons and dentists are apwas had, and finally the cat was kill. plied to for the purpose of extraced on entering the door, partially tion, relief might be obtained withopened for the purpose. The wo- out that, or even excision. man was much hurt, but her wounds are nearly healed. The cat bad frequently shown symptoms of bold This insect divided the learned pess and ferocity when irritated, but for a considerable time as to whether never before in a way to excite it was a vegetable or animal subalarm in the family.

stance; depositions were taken in form by persons on the spot, and

printed, before the question was setDr. Recamier, Physician to the fled. It is now acknowledged to be Hotel Dieu, of Paris, in his late Hos- an insect living on the opuntia, or pital Reports, observes, “ It is very Indian fig, and passes a great part of necessary in order to judge exactly its life fixed to the vegetable body of the color of the tongue, to ob- on which it feeds, without change, or serve the manner in which the pa- ever appearing in any other state. tient puts it out. He thinks the The value of cochineal, as a drug




for dying the bright colors of scarlet weeping eyes, which discharged an and crimson, is well known. No du- acrimonious fluid, that brought on ty is ever charged on its importation, an almost total loss of sight. Alteraand every effort has been made to tives were prescribed to no purextract its coloring particles, and to pose ; nor could a course of mercutake advantage of its application. A ry procure the smallest alleviation. curious instance of this occurs in the At length he made a strong decocsilktrade. A pound of silk contain- tion of chamomile, boiled io sweet ing eight score threads to the ounce, cow's milk: with this the patient each thread seventytwo yards loog, bathed her eyes several times a day, will reach to the length of between as warm as could be suffered with: one hundred and four and five miles; out uneasiness; and in about five now a pound of this silk dyed scar. weeks, her eyes were perfectly let, does not receive above a drachm cured. additional weight, so that a drachm of the coloring matter of the cocbia When I see leaves dropping from eal is actually extended more than the trees in the beginning of autumn, one hundred miles in length, and yet just such, thinks I, is the friendsbip this minute quantity is sufficient to of the world. While the sap give an intense color to the silk with maintenance lasts, my friends swarm which it is combined.

in abundance; but in the winter of

my need they leave me naked. He Instrument for ascertaining the pre- is a happy man who has a true sence of Animal Matter in the Atmos- friend in his need, but he is a more phere.—Dr. Granville is stated to truly happy man who has no need of have invented an instrument which, his friend. Arthur Warwick. by means of a preparation of chlorine, enables him to ascertain not

When Constantius was chosen emonly whether animal matter, in a peror he found several christians in state of decomposition, be floating office, and be issued an edict requirin the air, but also the quantity of ing them to renounce their faith, or such matter; a knowledge which quit their places. Most of them cannot be obtained by the usual ap- gave up their offices, to preserve paratus for analyzing atmospheric their consciences.-But some cringed air, and the importance of which, to aod renounced christianity. When the medical profession, must be ob. the emperor had thus made full vious. He purposes calling the in- proof of their disposition and characstrument the Septoineter.

ter, he removed all who thus basely

complied with his supposed wishes, CHAMOMILE.

and retained the others, saying, A medical correspondent at Mad- "that those wbo would desert or derid, has acquainted a friend in Ire- ny their divine master, would desert land with some astonishing effects of him, and were not worthy of his of the herb chamomile, in certain in- coofidence. flammatory disorders of the eye, when every other remedy, usually The snow on Long Island is 2 seet prescribed, had proved abortive. 8 inches deep on a level; in the viThe following, among many cases, cinity of Albany, 26 inches ; in Caswherein the doctor has been con- tleton, Vermont, 3 feet; in Keene, cerned, is mentioned as a proof of N. H., 18 inches. The Delaware, the virtues of this salutary though Patapsco, Potomac, Rappahanock, common herb. Maria de Maros, &c. are bridged with ice, and the daughter of a master carpenter, had harbors of Philadelphia and Baltifor many years, been aflicted with more are closed.


study to this part of medical science, For the gout, toast and water; for tinue his attention to this branch of me

-and his past success induces him to conbile, exercise in the gymnasium; for dical practice. corns, easy shoes; for rheumatism, The beauty of the natural scenery of the vapor bath; for the toothache, this place, the salubrity of the atmosphere extraction ; for love, reciprocity; for and the purity of the water, are equal to

any in the State. Thus the place is very poverty, health,industry,and economy. favorable to all kinds of exercise, which

is a very important aid in the treatment Mr. H. Ball had the following no

of diseases affecting the mind.

He will, as formerly, accommodate tice posted up round bis grounds at and attend to the wants and calls of other Oatlands. " As Mr. Ball does not in patients, and to surgical operations. tend to shoot himself here this season, NEHEMIAH CUTLER, M. D. he trusts nobody else will do so." Pepperell, Ms. Jan. 8, 1827.



FOR JANUARY 15, 1827,


THEniversity, R. 1. will be com Brencia

HE MEDICAL LECTURES in Brown J Washington St. corner of Franklin St.

[ocr errors]

A BREWER, who has been six years in ON poisons, Asphyxies, Burns, and

ed on the fourth Thursday in February, CONTENTS.-Greece. Ali Pasha-The 1827, and be continued about three Bachelor's Beat. No. II.— The Touchy months. Tickets to all the Lectures--340. Lady-King Richard III. and his Son

Elian Walters. A Tale of Hallow Eve BREWER & BROTHERS.

-The Minister's Mare-Character of Ne. THE Copartnership heretofore existing

ro Cæsar. From a Work printed in 1635 BREWER, Druggists, was dissolved on the Rules for Joking in Company-Rigid

of a German Student- The Bridal Robe 31st ult.

Dissenters in Russia. SAMUEL N. BREWER, the junior partper, having succeeded to the business, has associated himself with his brothers, NA ORFILA'S PRACTICAL TREATISE, THANIEL BREWER, M.D.--and WILLIAM


Apparent Death-adapted to genethe store. They will continue the busi- ral use-translated by J. G. STEVENSON, ness of Druggists and Apothecaries, at the M. D.- with a Medicolegal, Chemical, old stand, Sign of the Good Samaritan, and Anatomical Appendix, for the use of No. 92, Wahington Street, under the firm Physicians--1 vol. duodecimo. of SAMUEL N. BREWER & BROTHERS, and promising every possible atten- Extract from a Report of the Faculty of tion to their business, respectfully solicit

Medicine of Paris. patronage.

" This work of M.ORFILA must become SAMUEL N. BREWER, universally esteemed, as it is freed from NATHANIEL BREWER, scientific terms, and is reduced to precepts WILLIAM A. BREWER.

the most simple, yet sufficient to effect the Boston, January 1, 1827.

object proposed.

“ It is to be wished that Government NOTICE.

would take the necessary measures to disSHE Subscriber informs the Public tribute it among all classes of society; and accommodations for Insane Persons, and Medical Practitioners, the Clergy, and feels confident that he can now render Municipal Officers, to whom a knowledge suitable atteution to all classes and char- of its subjects is indispensable.” acters of this description. He has devoted Published and for sale by HILLIARD, for ten yeas past, much of his time and GRAY & CO. Washington Street.

Published weekly, by John Cotton, at 184, Washington St. corner of Franklin St., to whom all communications must be addressed, postpaid.-Price three dollars per annum, if paid in advance, but, if not paid within threo months, three dollars and a half will be required, and this will, in no case, be deviated from.-Advertisements,$ 1 a square.

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