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and other symptoms, are all indica- its consequences behind ; for the celtive of irritation, aud that the acid is lular membrane, immediately under more likely to increase than to allay the mucous coat, and which is termit. - Mr. Hunter's opinion as to, the ed the gubmucous cellular tissue, will cause of this softening, was founded be found thickened and indurated, on his baving observed it in the sfo- 'and when cut through, the section mach of a criminal who had been shows the coats of the tobe, whehung, and who was reported to have ther it be the stomach or intestine, been healthy up to the time of his to be considerably thicker thao daexecution.

furat. This is a constant effect of This appears to be rather a hasty chronic dysentery, as well as of inference; a general principle should chronic gastritis. In the latter case, never be deduced from a single case. this pathological condition of the Its universality is overthrown by the stomach is accompanied by all that tact, that this softening occurs during train of dyspeptic symptoms marked life, and results from some morbid by heartburns, gnawing paios, sepse action going on in the part, which of heat, and loss of appetite, which may be inferred from the thirst, heat, are empirically treated by acids, tovomiting, &c.

Consequently, Hun- pics, blue pill and bitter mixture, as ter's conclusion, that it occurs after ordered by the regulars, whether death, is by no means tenable. But purists or generals; and by bippo is this change of structure always pill, half grain doses of rhubarb, hot the resolt of inflammation ? We water for dinner driok, aud mustard shall recur to this subject at a future seed by the irregulars of various detime; it is of too much importance, nominations. In the days of Joha in a practical point of view, to be Brown, the practice of medicine was discussed incidentally.

reduced to a systematic administraWhen irritation or inflammation tion of drams; 'in this - enlightened has existed for some time in the mu- age,” as the critics call it, medicine cous membrane of the stomach, it seems to consist of a ceaseless admay end by resolution, as bappens ministration of irritants. How long in other structures. Patients who will these things continue upabated ? have suffered from this affection, con. They will continue till a koowledge tinue dyspeptic a considerable time; of the pathological conditions, inand should it happen that death oc- duced by disease, are better undercors from some other cause, the mu- stood-till post mortem examinations Cous membrane will be found as pale, are properly conducted, and more if not puler, than patural; and in- constantly resorted to, till oor hosstead of being softened, it is at least pital system is altered, so as to afas firm as during the perfectly ford to our students adequate clinical bealthy condition of the organ. Such instruction,—they will continue so cases are very likely to deceive per- long as men are put into these hossons not conversant with post mor- pitals, merely because they have tem examinations. They may be had a university education, and withled to conclude that no inflammation out any reference to their profeshad existed, and, therefore, that the sional acquirements, the majority of diagnosis was erroneous. But ac- whom are mere "imbeciles" in praccording to Andral, and we have seen tice, and totally incapable of commuit rerified in several cases, there is nicating instruction to others. When a pathological condition which proves such puisances are abated, we may the nature of the case, and demon. expect to see men like Andral, Lou. strates, that though the inflammation is, and a host of others in France of the mucous membrane itself had and Germany, investigating disease eudeil in resolution, it still left one of in all its varied forms, prosecuting


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their researches with that ardor There was no one particular orwhich is the true characteristic of ganic affection attendant on, or chagenius, and seeking to fit themselves racteristic of, this fever, but in its by a long and systematic course of progress different organs in different study, and we may say of discipline, individuals became affected. In for the arduous duties which their some, the functions of the brain profession imposes on them.-Lancet. were disturbed in others, not at

all; with many, the liver and mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels

became the seat of the disease, hence A Correspondent, who has lately the functions of these parts were devisited the feony districts of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, informs ed of an unhealthy character.

ranged, and their secretions renderus, that fever of a remittent type prevailed throughout these parts

With respect to the treatment of during the last two months, to such

the diseases, this was, in a great an extent, that scarcely a house but measure, regulated by the concomione or more of its inmates have been tant symptoms. In some cases it the subject of fever.

was necessary to deplete, in order Notwithstanding that much has to relieve the inflammation of some been effected, more especially by the particular organ; but the fever, it patriotic efforts of the Duke of Bed- . appears, was in general attended ford, towards draining the fens, still with so much prostration of strength, there is a large tract of country the loss of blood.

that the patients could but ill bear

The treatment which is overflown in the winter season, and consequently in which found to be most successful consisted stagnant waters abound. The inha- in the exhibition of the sulphate of bitants of these districts are there. quinide, io doses of two or three fore subject to the endemic affec. grains every three or four hours. tions peculiar to marsby countries, weather operated in giving to the

It would seem that the late hot and it usually bappens that an autumnal fever, more or less, prevails, customary febrile affections of this which commences in October and part of the country, a more than us

ually severe character, which fact mostly assumes the remittent type.

is in strict accordance with the opinBut, according to our Correspon- ion expressed by one of the best dent's statement, the disease on the writers on the subject of marsh dispresent occasion made its appearance eases---Montfalcor.. He observes, in the month of August, when a long, that marshy emanations are tar more hot, and dry summer, which had al- powerful in hot climates than in cold, most desolated the face of the coun- and that the more intense the beat try, was succeeded by slight rains of the atmosphere, the more rapid lo some cases, be observes, the dis

in their march are the diseases enease commenced as a quotidian in- gendered by marsh effluvia.--1b. termittent, and after a short time the intermissions becoming less and less perceptible, the fever gradually as The College of Physicians of Lonsumed the remittent form, in which don have deputed a gentleman who the cold stage was very slight, and has been practising at Brussels for the hot protracted and severe, the many years, to go into Friesland to inremissions, or exacerbations, being quire into the character of the epidem in many instances very inconsidera- ic which has proved of late so destrucble. With some patients, the fever tive in Gröringen and its neigborat first assumed a remittent type, and hood. By letters lately received from ended as an intermittent.

Amsterdam, it appears that about

150 persons die weekly in the little much earlier age. Thus when, atprovince of Friesland, 637 have died ter an erysipelatous sever, which I from September 7, to October 5, and suffered at fiftyfive, the skio of my within four months, there have been face, and various other parts, repeat. 1445 deaths. The number of persons edly came off, and with it almost all at present sick, is estimated at about my hair, which was extremely thin 10,000. The medical men at pre- and grey; after a few months, a new sent most active, are Professors Bah- growth covered my head, thicker, ker and Wolthers, but as yet, no of- and with a much greater proportion ficial reports have been published of dark bair than before. Mr. G. by them.

at a more advanced age, had for It will be recollected by many, several months a fever, in which I that when the dikes gave way in the saw, first the membranes, tben the preceding winter, a great part of ligamentous parts, and afterwards Friesland was laid under water. the glaods, affected with inflammaWith the aid of the windmills the tion. He recovered, and the hair of greatest part of this water was pump. his head, which had been dark, but ed out, so that the soil began to be had become much more grey than visible. The hot summer succeed. mine, was renewed in increased abuning, the decomposition of the vege. dance, and without a single white hair. table materials went on so rapidly 66 From partial inflammations an that the fluid water was not only opposite local effect is often producstagnant, but loaded with putrescent ed on the hairs scattered on the skin. matter, which by a rapid evapora- In the spring of 1811, I had for some tion has been carried into the at- weeks violent gout in my right wrist, mosphere, and has no doubt caused but after some months gradually disthe fatal epidemic by which that appeared, leaving the skin in the part of the country has been visit- usual state. ed.-16.

“ In the winter of 1813 and 1814,

after an attack of gout in my lest CHANGES PRODUCED ON THE SKIN, BY

wrist, a similar new growth of hair

occurred on the outside of the wrist FEVER, ERYSIPELAS, &c.

and lower part of the fore arm. By the late Dr. C. H. Parry.

" Among the effects produced by The effect of the depressing pas. fever on the nails and hair, I must sions, as fear, grief, on the color of not omit to mention that change to the hair, is generally believed to be crookedoess so often observable in permanent; the editor of this jour- the former from hectic fever; or nal had under his care a patient, who that disposition to the growth of a was nearly wrecked in a vessel on beard on the upper lip, which oc. the coast of Spain; his hair in a curs in young females in the advanshort time became partially grey; ced stages of this malady. For the he was young; its color was again latter information I am primarily inrestored, after the lapse of some debted to the late Mr. Barry, of the months.

Hotwells, Bristol, whose experience With the desquamation of the in 'hectical cases was very extensive, cuticle, the hair of the head, and on and who, so far as I know, was the various parts of the skin, is apt first person who observed the fact, wholly or in part to fall off. As, how- and considered it as characteristic of ever, the skin is renewed, a fresh the malady.”—Med. Recorder. crop of hair also arises, and is usually such, as to strength, thickness, There is a project on foot in Ger. and color, as, in patients advanced many to unite the Weser and the in years, to give an appearance of a Rhine by a canal.



burst out, and the House Surgeon was called, who took it


and securRobert G., by trade a tinman, of ed it. From this time the case went rather short stature and fair com on favorably; healthy granulations plexion, 38 years of age, was admit- every wbere presenting themselves, ted into the Hospital on the 11th of except on the exposed bone. At April, with a very severe laceration length, however, minute specks were of the scalp. The greater portion here and there observed sprouting out of the scalp covering the left side of of the surface of the bone, and these the frontal bone was torn off is a tri. in a day or two were found to be red angular fold, and at the time of the and fleshy granules, which gradually accident bung pendent over the increasing, eventually covered the brow, but was soon afterwards re- whole portion of bone, in extent aplaced. By the contraction of the bout an inch and a half, and in integuments, there was a large sur breadth from three quarters to an face exposed, nearly as large as the inch. It is rather a singular circumpalm of the hand, and the whole stance, that this man's constitution presented a most foul and ulcerated has not been in the least disordered condition. On inquiring into the by the local disease, and that the particulars of the case, the man stat- pulse has been particularly slow. ed that the accident happened from The surface has not yet completely the kick of a horse on his road to cicatrized over, but only a short town from Hertfordshire, that he time longer is necessary, and then turned back the part turned down he will leave the Hospital. L. Lancet. as well as he could, and bound his head up with his handkerchief, and Winter. evenings should be occuthat in this pitiable condition he came pied in reading by those who have on to town. He remained another not business to employ them. Nineday before he came to the Hospital, tenths of mankind spend more time not knowing that he could be taken in positive idleness, neither in busiin, except on the regular admission dess, recreation, nor needful repose, day. Notwithstanding so severe an than is necessary, if employed in juaccident, there was but little consti- dicious reading, to make them very tutional derangement; the tongue intelligent members of society. But was but slightly furred, and the pulse how many are there who do not rather slower than natural. Mr. even read a newspaper. They have Lawrence, under whose care the not time, and can't afford the exman was, ordered bread and water pense ! yet they can idle away two poultices to be applied to the part, or three hours in a day, and spend and a dose of calomel and jalap to the price of half a dozen newspapers, be given him, and house medicine or a share in a public library, for when necessary. It required some rum to pour down their necks. time before the foul surface could be made to assume a more healthy

THE PLEXIMETER. action and when this was accomplish An instrument under this name ed,a considerable portion of the fron- has been invented by a French surtal bone was observed to be bare, geon, for the purpose of ascertaining, Some matter bad formed beneath which it is said to do with great acthe integuments about the left tem- curacy, the existence of any pleuriple, wbich was let out. Slight tic or other effusion in the chest or bleedings occasionally occurred, but abdomen. It consists of a plate of they were easily suppressed ; about ivory, like the lid of a snuff box, five weeks since, however, the pos- which is fixed on the part to be exterior branch of the temporal artery amined in such a way, as to render

the sound produced on it by percus- crease of the respiration and pulsa. sion very distinct. The presence of tion of the heart, and iwitchings of so small a quantity as iwo glasses the subcutaneous touscles. of liquid bas been ascertained by the pleximeter. It likewise enables the

LONGEVITY OF ANIMALS. operator to discover if the liver or A writer in the New York Times the spleen is enlarged, or if the pe- gives the following as the greatest ritoneum contains any air.

number of years to which any of the

named animals have attained, by EXPERIMENT WITH HYDROCYANIC ACID. which it will be seen that the “ half

M. Dupuy lately commuoicated to reasoning elephant" attains the the Academy of Medicine at Paris, greatest age. The Cricket 10 years ; the following experiments which he Spider, sometimes, but seldom, more had tried :-He introduced into the than 1 year ; Scorpion, 1 ; River mouth of a horse that had been des- Crayfish, 20; Carp, 100 to 150; tined to be killed, a morsel of sponge, Tortoise, 100; Crocodile, 100 ; Hen, which had imbibed a mixture com 10; Peacock, 24; Lark,18; Sparrowposed of seven drops of pure hydro- hawk, 40; Goose, 50; Swan and Eacyanic acid, and twentyfour of water. 'gle, 100; Parrot, 110 ; Rabbit, 9; In a few seconds the posterior ex- Goat, 10; Sheep, 10; Hog, 20; Dog tremities of the animal began to fal- 23 to 28; Cat, 18; Squirrel, 7; Wolf ter, and he fell; the respiration be- and Beai 20; Fox 15; Lion 60 ; Cow came noisy and accelerated, the nos. 20; Bull 30; Ox 19; Deer 20; trils were dilated, the mouth open, Horse 25 to 30; Ass 25 to 30; Cathe tongue, as well as the eye and mel 50 to 60; Elephant 150 to 200. eyelids, affected with convulsive -- Boston Statesman. Ipovements. The fore extremities were in a state of flexion : when nux

HYDROPHOBIA. vomica has been given, they are al The following case by Dr. Opways extended. The animal was in pert, of Berlin, is ioteresting, inas. a comatose state, and appeared to much as it adds to the testimony alhave lost all sensation or movement. ready advanced in favor of exciting Palpitations of the heart were fre. suppuration in parts bitten by a raquent.

bid animal, and maintaining it for M. Dupuy made this experiment some weeks, at least, after the into ascertain if the bydrocyanic acid jury.-Lancet. did not produce th same effects as Madame N. aged 29, of a weakly

to be seen in brokenwinded constitution, was on the 16th Dec. horses.

1825, bitten on the ring finger of the On dissection, we find in the lat- right hand by a dog. Immediately ter that the lungs are emphysema afterwards, the dog was carried to tous, and during life the nostrils the veterinary school, Berlin, and much dilated in horses under the in- died on the 18th December, with all fluence of this medicine.

the symptoms of hydrophobia. As The state above described conti- the animal had shown no signs of nued for twentyfive minutes, and ap- this disease previous to being taken peared likely to cause the death of to the school, the medical altendant the animal. A drachm of the sub was not sent for till the 18th. carbonate of ammonia dissolved in On examining the wonod, there water was injected into the jugular was found on the posterior surface vein. lo a few seconds the animal of the first phalanx of the ring finger raised itself, and went to the stable !' of the right band, a bluish spot of and in an hour afterwards no symp- the size and form of a shilling. toms remained, except a sligh: in- There was no escoriation. In the


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