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to inquire whether it is because the Faculty in England and France Some gentleman of Charleston, know of no remedy. It is hardly S. C., has been kind enough to send credible, and is unaccountable that us, by mail, a printed catalogue of this should be the case. I know not the students, &c. of the Medical Col

We are of any deaths in this country from lege of South Carolina.

pleased to see the names of so many this cause, nor do I know the re: reputable teachers, and of so goodly medy to resort to, in case I should

a number of pupils; and if the genbe at a distance from a physician. tleman who has thus favored us, will I suggest this subject as worthy of have the goodness to pay the postage a commcnication in your Medical of the next catalogue he sends us, Intelligencer, and as comporting we shall feel 25 cents more obliged well with your design.

The ex

to him for it than we do for this. hibitor of rattlesnakes in this city was bitten last summer, and I know not whether he was cured ;

Cash will be paid at this office for but the presumption is that he

any copies of No. 20, Vol. 4th, of was, and if so, it being a very re- the Medical Intelligencer, which was cent case, the remedies and ap- published on the 3d of October last. plications can be very distinctly Many of these papers were distrispecified. Respectfully, buted for inspection, where we ap

A SUBSCRIBER. prehend a number of them may now Boston, March 26, 1827.

remain, of little or no value to the

present possessor. This is certainly a pertinent and important inquiry, but possessing

DICTIONARY. nothing from our own experience cines, '&c. which lessen inflamma

Antiphlogistics, are those medisufficiently certain and accurate on tion, or increased action. the subject for publication, we shall Cinchona, Peruvian bark. be grateful to any friend or contri Cephalalgia, headache. butor who will enable us to publish

Enerna, singular, eremata, plural; anything useful in relation to the

clysters, injections.

Formula, a little form of prescripcure of this frightful accident.

tions, such as physicians use in exWhen the proprietor of the rat- temporaneous practice, in distinction tlesnakes in this city last August,

from the greater forms in dispensawas bitten in the hand, the part

tories, &c.

Hypochondria, those spaces on wounded began to gwell immediate- each side of the body, which lie bely, when a friend “cut the wound," tween the lower ribs and the hips, and applied his mouth to it to ex

near the spine. tract the poison. A physician soon

Marilla, the jaw.

Ophthalmia, inflammation of the after arrived, and bathed the wound

eyes. with olive oil, after which the swell. Phlegmon, a small inflamed tumor, ing subsided, and the maa did well, tending to suppuration. It is said that our Indians absorb or

Scybala, hard balls, or lumps of

fecal matter. suck out the virus in this


Sedatides, medicines wbich dimi. that the application of oil is strongly nish action and energy. The rerecommended.

verse of stiinulants.

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aristorical races and Anecontes, from the A be had at any proper hour of the

ADVERTISEMENTS. cal College, Mason Street, Boston, on the


the lime having been altered from the A NEW EDITION OF

Third Wednesday in November, at which THACHER'S MILITARY

time they formerly commenced.


Dean of the Medical Facully. OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR, Summer Course of Midwifery Lectures.

Dr. Chapning's Summer Course of Lec. NOTTONS & BARNARD have just tures in Midwifery will begin on the first

published, A MILITARY JOURNAL Wednesday in June next. For Terms, DURING THE AMERICAN REVOLU- apply to Dr. C. at his house in Common TIONARY WAR, from 1775 to 1783; Street.

tf describing interesting events and Transactions of period; with Original Manuscript. To which is added day, at 3, Central Court.

The proper an Appendix, containing Biographical hours are before breakfast, dinner, and Sketches, of several General Officers. tea. The best time is between 11 and By JAMES THACAER, M. D. late Surgeon 2 o'clock. in the American Army. Second Edition, A portable bath may be taken to the Revised and Corrected.

patient's house, if ordered by the attend“ As Americans we hail with delight any ing physician, and administered under attempt to rescue from oblivion the words or his direction. actions of those whose names we have been taught to revere.”

THE two first of the following works April 10.

and the others written, by the Editor, DR. HULL'S TRUSS. and are for sale at this Office. THE very great superiority of this in BRERA on Worms.

BICHAT on the Membranes. invented, as to convenience, ease, and Discourses on Warm and Cold Bathing. comfort to the wearer, and its curative A Dissertation on Medical Education, power, is shown by the testimony of re

and on the Medical Profession. spectable physicians, and the formal ap Remarks on the Dangers and Duties of probation of Medical Societies, but more Sepulture. than all by the actual cures it has performed. For a more particular descrip- THE NORTH AMERICAN MEDICAL tion of this Truss, sce the last Edition, AND SURGICAL JOURNAL, 1926, of Thacher's Modern Practice. S published quarterly, in numbers con

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first day of January, April, July, and Ocreceived an assortment of Umbilical aud in advance. Inguinal Trusses.

Hilliard, Gray, & Co. March 6th.

Agents, Boston,



EVOTES limself to OPERATIONS ON Fourth American Edition.

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to the construction of Artificial Teeth, MEDICAL LECTURES IN HARVARD either in entire sets, or in parts of sets ; UNIVERSITY.

and is enabled to secure them in such a THE Medical Lectures in Harvard manner that they will be firm, durable,

TIe Mason Good. In five volumes

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TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1827.

NO. 48.


to whom the payment of the usVACCINATION OF THE POOR.'

ual fee is a hardship, or an incon

venience. And in order that no In February last, the Physicians obstacle may stand in the way of of the Boston Dispensary addressed application to them, they propose a Memorial to the City Council on that the City Government should the subject of vaccinating the poor; designate certain of their officers, this induced the Common Council 10 whose duty it shall be to deterwrite to the Association of Boston mine what persons come within Physicians respecting the best mode the limits of this proposition, and of effecting this object. The medic to give them certificates to this

effect; which certificate, on being cal Faculty immediately gare their

presented to any member of the attention to the matter submitted to Association, shall entitle the bearthem, and on the 3d of March, 1827, ers to vaccination free of expense. sept the following communication to

They further propose, as a the City Council.

means of making this provision To Jeremiah S. Boies, Esq. more effectual, that a notification

Sır,The Members of the to this effect be distributed annuBoston Medical Association hav- ally, at the same time with that ing received and taken into con- for the April Election; this being sideration the communication from the season which is at once most the committee of the City Coun- favorable and most convenient for cil on the subject of vaccination, the purpose. beg leave respectfully to reply, The members of the Associa

That in their opinion it is not, tion are, however, aware of the at the present moment, necessary difficulty of inducing persons to nor expedient to have recourse to avail themselves of an opportunia general vaccination; but that it ty of this kind, except under the is a matter of some consequence excitement of an immediate alarm to devise some means of prevent- of the smallpox. In order thereing in future the necessity of such fore to provide a sufficient ina measure, by promoting the re- ducement, they propose that the gular and constant practice of City Government should apply to vaccination among the inhabitants the Legislature for an act giving of the city. With this vier they power to the municipal authority, are ready, as indeed they always or school committee, of any town have been, in regard to persons or city in the commonwealth, to making seasonable application, make it a condition of admission to vaccinate gratuitously all those into the public schools, that chil

dren shall exhibit satisfactory ev- tion on this subject, and in the beidence of having undergone the lief that a course less precipitate cowpock.

than that which was adopted in a Should the Legislature see fit moment of panie three years since to pass such a law and make it would ensure greater security at applicable to all towns in the less expense to the city, addresscommonwealth, it would be de- ed to the Medical Association of sirable to connect with it a gene- Boston a request for the advice ral Vaccine Institution for the of the members, and feel great preservation and dissemination of satisfaction with their attention to the Vaccine matter.

Such an

this request; that they believe institution would indeed be almost the reply of the Association canan essential part of a general not fail to be highly encouraging plan, because in the remote or to the City Council and beneficial thinly inhabited districts of the to the whole community, for country, it would be impossible

which purposes the committee to keep the disease constantly in enclose it with this report, and existence, from want of a succes- hope it may be read as part sion of subjects for receiving it. thereof. That it is generally to provide some central deposi- all the members of the profession It would therefore be necessary known, that the Boston Medical tory where matter could always in this city, and your committee be obtained.

J. G. COFFIN, Chairman. understand, that the first meeting J. P. SPOONER, Secretary.

of this body called to consider of March 3d, 1827.

their request was fully attended,

and the subject being then referOn the 12th of March, a tommit- red to five gentlemen, equally tee of the City Council read the fol- distinguished for benevolence and lowing report to their own body. skill, the report thereon made by

The Committee of the City them at an adjourned meeting a Council, to whom was referred a week after was, on debate and exmemorial of the physicians of the planation, unanimously accepted; Boston Dispensary on the subject that the report of the Association of vaccination, ask leave to report, made to the chairman of this ComThat they have given to the red to for illustration and support

mittee may be confidently refersubject a consideration in some of the measures herewith recomdegree proportioned to its high mended; that any order on the importance.

matter by the Association in their It appears, that during the last reply last mentioned is designedly year in the city of Baltimore omitted, because it manifestly rethere died of smallpox two per- lates to a general good for the sons, in Philadelphia three, in whole Commonwealth rather than New York fiftyeight, and in our for this city, and it may be preown city none, but that in Janua- sumed that the wisdom of the ry last one died here of this dis- Legislature will make due proviease who had just before arrived sion for a general vaccine Institufrom New York; that your Com- tion; that, in conclusion, the Committee, after a private delibera- mittee recommend to the City

Council the following resolutions sures as they may deem expefor their adoption. All of which dient to obtain an Act of the Leis respectfully submitted by gislature by which the municipal

JEREMIAH S. Boles, Chairman. authority of any town or city in

Resolved, that it is not expe- the Commonwealth, or its school dient, at the present time, to have Committee may be empowered recourse to a general vaccination, to make it a condition of admisand that it is desirable to adopt sion into its public schools, that means for preventing in all future children shall exhibit satisfactory time the necessity of such a sud- evidence of having undergone the den measure.

cowpock. Resolved, that the Mayor, any In the board of Alderman, member of the City Council, or March 13th, 1827, Read and acOverseer of the Poor, on applica- cepted, and thereon ordered, that tion from any inhabitant of Boston Alderman Savage, with such as to enjoy the advantage of gratui- the Common Council may join, tous vaccination for him or her- be a Committee, to carry the self or his or her child, may at same into effect. Sent down for his discretion issue to such per- concurrence. son a certificate addressed to any

JOSIAH QUINCY, Mayor. member of the Boston Medical

In Common Council, March 19, Association in the form and of the import following:

1827. Read and concurred, and

Messrs. Parker of Ward No. 10, This may certify, that in my and Bradford, are joined. judgment vaccination free of ex

JOHN R. ADAN, President. pense is to be afforded to A. B., an inhabitant of this city, inas

This is good medical police so far as much as the payment of the us- it goes; it only remains for the Legisual fee would be a hardship or an lature to sanction and complete it, and inconvenience to the bearer.

for the Commonwealth to adopt and To C. D. Signed, J. Q.

execute it. It is the first adequate Boston, 1827.

and effectual measure of security we Resolved, That on the annual have ever enacted against the intronotifications distributed for warn- duction of smallpox since Edward ing the citizens to attend meet- Jenner announced the Vaccine Preings in their several wards to vote for Governor &c. on the first ventive, or Benjamin Jenner misMonday of April, there shall be named the disease kine or kind-pock, printed information, that any per- instead of cowpock, as one compound son, to whom the payment of the word, without the hyphen. usual fee for vaccination is a hardship or an inconvenience may

VACCINATION. apply to the Mayor, or any mem In other countries of Europe ber of the City Council or Over- general vaccination is ordered by seer of the Poor for a certificate government : no one who has not to entitle him to the benefit free had cowpock or smallpox can be of expense.

confirmed, put to school, apprenResolved, That a Committee ticed, or married. Smallpox inbe appointed to take' such mea. oculation is prohibited; if it ap

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