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affected with a feeling as if broken

« 10. The inside of the upper pieces of glass were rolling under eyelid ought daily to be inspected. the eyelids, and evidently secreting If there is any tendency to a rough purulent matter, a solution of lunar and sarcomatous state of the concaustic ; and I have been not a lit- junctiva, it ought to be touched tle amused and pleased at their with the solid sulphate of copper." surprise, when next day they have On this plan, our author has found all the symptoms much abat- treated a number of cases of caed by the use of this application. tarrhal ophthalmia, and with uni

"18. As a collyrium, I am in form success. In no case, if treatthe habit of using a solution of one ed before ulceration took place, did grain of corrosive sublimate in eight' ulcer or opacity succeed.' On the ounces of water.

This being other hand, he has seen many cases made milkwarm, is used thrice a which had been much aggravated, day fór fomenting the eyelids, by by trusting to general treatmentmeans of a linen rag. In mild cases, especially to bleeding—or by the a few drops are thus allowed to use of acetate of lead, or sulphate flow in on the eye ; but, in severe of zinc, as local applications. He cases, in which the discharge is has been led to attribute to these copious and puriform, this colly- salts the detachment of the conrium must be injected over the junctival layer of the corneawhole surface of the conjunctiva, whereas, such superficial ulcera- , and especially into the upper fold tions, treated with the solution of of this membrane, by means of a nitrate of silver, have uniformly syringe ; so that the whole morbid healed without opacity. secretion is removed, and the dis An analogous mode of treatment eased membrane immediately touch- is to be followed in the different ed by the solution.

species of puromucous conjunctivi"9. At bedtime, about the size tis. But these are more severe and of a large pinhead of red precipi- more dangerous diseases than the tate ointment, melted on the end of catarrhal. Mr. M. defers any furthe finger, is to be smeared along ther remarks on these till a future the edges of the eyelids. This oint- opportunity. In the mean time he ment is prepared by levigating 12 has introduced a number of highly grains of red precipitate till they interesting cases, in illustration of become an orangecolored impalpa- the principles of treatment which ble powder, to which one ounce of are laid down in this paper.

For fresh butter is to be added. I have these we must refer the reader to occasionally seen this ointment pre- the Journal of our contemporary pared so carelessly, that crystalline already indicated.---Medico Chiscales of red precipitate were evi- rurgical Review. dent in it to the naked eye. The red precipitate ought to be carefully levigated till it loses the red co Sir,-Your correspondent W. lor, and becomes orange.

Added A. being desirous of ascertaining to the quantity of unctuous sub- a cure for ague, which he says is stance above mentioned, it forms a very prevalent in Herts and goldencolored ointment which keeps Bucks,- I am happy to have an for a great length of time, and is by opportunity to inform him, through far the best of all eyesalves. the medium of your excellent


publication, that the sulphate of ples in the saliva of the dog are quinine, in doses of grains three chiefly mucus and salivary mattimes a day, is an undoubted speci- ter, with a little ozmazome; the fic for this disease. It has cured saline substances are chiefly alme in four instances of the most kaline acetates and phosphates, inveterate attacks, when all other and the carbonate and phosphate remedies failed. It is a very ex- of lime; and the alkali is almost pensive medicine, being, I under- entirely soda. In the sheep the stand, prepared, in France from saliva contains a much larger prospirit of wine, which is very portion of phosphate of soda, which cheap there, compared to the indeed appears to forin the prinprice of this article in this coun- cipal part of the solid contents; try, united with bark. This sub- and it likewise contains the Suljects the article to a heavy im- phocyanate of soda, and no aceport duty, which governmeut tate. In man the impure saliva ought to take off for the benefit contains a proportion of alkaline of the community, the poorer phosphate intermediate between classes in Essex, Kent, Lincoln- that in the dog and that in the shire, and other counties being sheep. The alkali in all the alsubject to this dreadful ma- kaline salts is not soda but potass; lady every year at intervals. I and, as in the sheep, there is here hope you will excuse my writing also a sensible quantity of Sulphoyou so fully, and shall feel much cyanic acid. It appears, thereobliged by an early insertion. fore, that the animal principles I am, sir,

are nearly the same in all, but Your obedient servant, that the salts are different in

Peter Mellish. each.-Journ. of Foreign Med. P.S. A dozen doses took the shivering fits away from me in four days, at three draughts a day. BOSTON, TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1827. Lond. Mech. Magazine.


Dr. Francis LIEBER has arrived in SALIVA.

Boston to take charge of the gym In a late work by Professors nasium in Washington Garden, and Tiedeman and Gmelin, of the University of Heidelberg, are

to open a swimming school. This detailed several interesting ex- gentleman is a pupil of Jahn. In periments, tending to show the conducting a school for swimming, nature of the secretion from the he teaches the system of General salivary glands, in man and other Pruel, which is now adopted as a animals. These

experiments part of the military education of the were made with pure saliva from Prussian army. This system is also the salivary duct of the sheep and

practised in many of the great cities dog, and with the impure saliva of man collected sometimes dur- of Europe. A complete course of ing its natural flow, sometimes instruction in natation, theoretical during the stimulation of the ducts and practical, may be acquired by an by tobacco smoke. From these attentive pupil in three or four weeks, it appears that the organic princi- without the least risk of any kind.


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PRECAUTIONS AGAINST INTEM their thirst for ardent spirit, should

PERANCE. From the account of the prisons fice. This is the least which a 80

be immediately dismissed from ofin this Commonwealth, lately published by order of the General ber and moral community ought to Court, we extract the following :

be satisfied with. Jail in Taunton County of Bris. Two ERRORS. - In the last No. of tol." It appears that Dr. L this paper, p. 90, fifth line from botthe physician of the prison, who has tom, the word paripatetic should be a salary of fisty dollars a year, is in peripatetic; and in p. 94, line 2, sethe habit of giving certificates to 'cond column, enlarges should be enprisoners to have rum, sometimes to hances. the amount of a pint a day, if they can pay for it. There is a retail

DICTIONARY. store standing on the County land, Amaurosis, a disease of the eye, near the yard, and belonging to the attended with a diminution or loss of keeper, and is rented by him to J. sight. It is also called gutta serena. R who keeps the retail store; It is attended with no visible injury the rum bought by the prisoners is of the organ. purchased of R.”

Aneurism, a preternatural or mor

bid dilatation of an artery, or bloodWho is the Sheriff of Bristol

vessel going from the heart. County ? The Doctor we know.

Antiphlogistic remedies are those He deserves to have his name ex which lessen heat and inflammation ; hibited in letters of gold, for his cooling remedies. kindness to the poor prisoners, suf Chemosis, inflammation of the confering under the severe regulations junctive membrane of the eye, in of the laws which prohibit the use which the white of the eye is disof ardent spirit in prisons except in tended with blood and raised above cases of sickness.

the margio of the transparent cornea. The Court of Sessions must


Coagulum, a clot of blood; coagula, take of the credit of the Doctor, plural. inasmuch as they have discovered

Collyrium, an eyewater. their regard to suffering humanity which distinguish one disease from

Diagnosis, the signs or symptoms in selecting him for the office and

another. appointing his salary.-Salem Gaz.

Diaphragm, the large, strong, musThis is the first time we have cular expansion, which separates the known the physician of a prison to thorax or chest from the abdomen. issue his certificates to the prisoners certain portions of the intestinal canal.

Duodenum and colon are names of to enable them to buy spirit. What Engorgement, from the French, need has the inmate of a jail of rum? congestion, an undue fulness of the on what principles of duty or good vessels of a part from plethora or obmorals can a physician or a Court of


Epistaris, a bleeding from the nose. Sessions, or any other court, permit

Fascia, a tendinous expansion, sent him to have it? We rejoice to see off to bind parts together like a banı. these facts published. The subject Meninges, the membranes enclosought to be investigated, and every ing the brain. officer, medical, municipal, or judi

Ophthalmia, inflammation of the

eye. cial, who is capable of aiding the in

Sclerotica, the outer coat of the temperate in the gratification of eye, white, deose and tenacious.

Hriends and the public

, that he has


ADVERTISEMENTS. improvements, than the heavy, cumber

some, oldfashioned ones. This foundaRETAIL DRUG STORE. tion of tranquillity and repose,-this illus

tration of neatness, taste and economy, ENRY WHITE would in form his

may be seen at all hours of the day, as

above. now established himself as a retail drug

April 24. gist, at No. 188, Washington Street, opposite the Marlboro' Hotel, where Physi

JOSEPH KIDDER, 70, Court St., cians and Families may depend on the most strict and personal attention to their Drugs and Medicines of the best orders.—No Medicines will be put up un- quality. Confining himself principally to less of the first quality.

the retail business, every attention will N. B. Medicines delivered at any hour be given to meet the wishes of Physicians of the night.

and others in the preparation and delivery

of medicines. Prescriptions will receive GREAT TRUSS MANUFACTORY. constant personal attention. P. WHITWELL, Druggist, corner

Rochelle and Soda Powders carefully J.

of Milk and Kilby Streets, has at prepared as above. his employment one of the first artists and Also, constantly for sale, Black Curmost ingenious mechanics in the United rant Wine, prepared by Mr. Pomeroy. States, for the purpose of manufacturing Trusses. At this great depository may

ATHENEUM: be found every sort of Truss, manufactur- OR, SPIRIT OF THE ENGLISH MAGAZINES. ed either in Europe or America, made in

FOR JULY 1, 1827, the most elegant style, and warranted to UST published by John Cotton, 184 accomplish every object which a good Washington St. corner of Franklin St. Truss can effect. To medical men it is

CONTENTS.-Woman's Love. A Fairy needless to state the important advan- Tale-The Bridal of St. Omer. A Tale tages which arise from having the instru- The Smugglers--Kindred Hearts-The ment well adapted to the part to be re Old Warrior's Grave--May-Day-The lieved. Here the patient, if unable to suit himself with ihose on hand, may for May, 1827—Breathings of Spring-A

Grumbling Traveller-London Fashions have one made agreeably to the exact Lion Hunt-The Borderer's Leap-Promeasurement of his body.

cess of Burnish Gilding-Preparations for French Elastic Catheters.

a New Voyage of Discovery-Economical Just received, from France, a few gross mode of Cutting Cauliflowers—Alraschid of the most approved Catheters, used by Method of Cutting Glass-Extraordinathe first physicians and surgeons in the

ry Murder-Mr. Gurney's New Steam French metropolis ; they are sold at a Carriage-Waverley-Bleaching Strawvery low rate.

Duke de la Rochefoucault-Iron Bridge Bay Rum.

at Paris–Marking Ink-Compression of A few dozen bottles of this excellent Water, &c. embrocation in cases of hysterical and nervous affections, &c.


published, A MILITARY JOURNAL Liquid Opodeldoc.


TIONARY WAR, from 1775 to 1783 : ADAMS' PATENT, SWELLED BEAM actions of this period; with numerous

describing interesting events and TransBEDSTEAD.

Historical Facts and Anecdotes, from the Made at 422, Washinglon St. Boston.

Original Manuscript. To which is added T has neither screw nor lacing, and an Appendix, containing Biographical

may be taken down or put up in one Sketches, of several General Officers. minute. It gives the luxury of a sacking By JAMES TAACHER, M. D. late Surgeon as tight as a drumhead. The price of in the American Army. Second Edition, this bedstead is no greater, with all its Revised and Corrected.

Also, Whitwell's Original and Genuine COTT


Published weekly, by John Cotton, at 184, Washington St. corner of Franklin St., -The price of this paper will vary with the time of payment. If paid on subscribing, or within 3 months after, the price will be 3 dollars per annum ; il paid after 3 months but within the year, it will be $ 3,50 ; but if not paid within the year, it will be 4 dollars. No paper to be discontinued till arrearages are paid.--All communications must be addressed, posipaid, to John G. Coffin.--Advertisements, 1 dollar a square.




VOL. 5.

TUESDAY, JULY 24, 1827.

NO. 10.

From the Philadelphia Monthly Journal of On examining the contents of Medicine and Surgery.

the thorax, the capacity of which INJURIES FROM DRESS.

had thus been encroached on, it Remarks on the Injuries resulting was found that the subject had

from Confinement of the Chest by been the victim of pulmonary con

Dress. By N. R. Smith, M.D. sumption, one of the most imporIn January last, the body of a tant predisposing causes of which, young female, an unfortunate vic- we know to be a confined chest. tim of vice, was brought into the It cannot be doubted, therefore, anatomical hall of Jefferson Col- that the fatal disease, in this inlege, for dissection. On expos- stance, had been aggravated, and ing the chest, a remarkable de- might have been provoked, by formity presented itself, occa- the habit of dress. sioned by distortion of the breast The above instance of artificial bone. About two inches from the malconformation, will by no means top of the sternum, where the appear incredible to those who first piece of this bone joins the know how susceptible is the husecond, was an indentation nearly man form, in early life, of being an inch in depth, immediately moulded to almost any configuraabove which the bone abruptly tion, and that without the infliction protruded, so as to form an of much pain on the individual. obvious tumor between the Even the shape of the head, the breasts. The ribs, also, attach- most rigid part of our bodies, is, ed to the protuberant piece of in some parts of the world, brought sternum, were of course more under the plastic dominion of fasharched than those below, giving ion. We have the fashion of flat to the whole upper part of the heads on the Rocky Mountainschest a more free expansion than round heads among the turbaned belonged to the lower. The pit Turks, and long heads among the in the sternum was precisely Macrocephali. Indeed, there is where the extremity of the busk, scarcely any part of the form that or corset board, is usually worn. fastidious man has not attempted This, together with the confined to amend, as if believing that naaspect of the lower part of the ture's journeymen had made us, chest, instantly suggested, to eve- and not made us well. I know ry one who saw it, the cause, not which would appear the most which unquestionably was the ridiculous in the eyes of the othwearing of the tightly laced cor- er, the waspwaisted lady of our set before the form of the indivi- own country, or the Chinese belle, dual had been fully developed. with a foot no bigger than a Man

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