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threefifths of the right thigh, most moral artery.

Mr. Travers gave considerable on the inner side, his opinion that it was either difrising on each side of the femur, fused aneurism, or a tumor of the leaving a central depression, as malignant fungoid species. if confined by the attachments of Sept. 2d.--Take half an ounce the fascia to the ridges running of castor oil immediately. from the linea aspera to the con A probe introduced at the opendyles. The integuments cover- ings passed freely in every direcing the tumor are very much dis- tion, and, when withdrawn, was colored and desquamating; and at followed by a sanious discharge the upper and inner part are two unmixed with pus. In the evensmall openings, from which a sa- ing, at least a pint of darkcolored nious fluid is discharged. The blood escaped from the openings; foot and leg are much swollen but further hemorrhage was reaand edematous, and the cuticle dily suppressed. This occurpeels off as if the skin had suffer- rence led to the determination of ed from an attack of erysipelas. operating early. The man's countenance is pallid 3d.-Doubts being still enterand haggard, and his lips are per- tained as to the nature of the tufectly bloodless.

mor, it was resolved to puncture To the inquiries made concern- it, and, if blood only escaped from ing the origin of the disease, he the aperture, to proceed to amgave very confused and incohe- putate immediately. A scalpel rent replies, from which the fol- was therefore plunged into the lowing account was collected :— centre of the swelling, and, the About nine weeks since, he was finger being introduced at the engaged in mowing grass, and, his opening, a quantity of grumous shoes being unsound, he took cold; blood was discharged. The linh his feet inflamed, and a number was then amputated, Mr. Key of red spots appeared on his legs. commanding the artery at the A few days after this, while sit- groin. Flaps were formed from ting before the fire, he felt some- the outer and inner sides of the thing give way and trickle down thigh, and the bone sawn through his right thigh, and, but for im- immediately below the trochanter mediate support, would have fall- minor. The femoral, profunda, en to the ground. The swelling and superior perforating arteries then began : he is certain it took required ligatures. Not more place from below upwards, but is than one or two ounces of arterial not quite clear whether the leg blood were lost during the operaor thigh was first swollen. When tion. The flaps, when brought asked as to pulsation, he at first together, formed a tolerably even said there was none; but after- line of union, about nine inches wards corrected himself. There long. is at this sime no fluctuation in On examination, the tumor was the tumor, but a sufficient degree found to consist of coagulated of elasticity to throw considera- blood diffused among the muscles ble doubt on the nature of the of the thigh, which were much case ; some supposing it to be an discolored and partially organized. abscess following erysipelas, oth- In one part of the tumor suppuraers diffused aneurism of the fe- tion had commenced. In the cen

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tre of the popliteal space was an By the aid of compresses, the si-
opening in the artery, half an inch nus is nearly obliterated.
long, of an elliptical oval shape, 28th. Wound rather indolent,
the edges being rounded off by though much progress has been
ulceration. No traces of an an- made ; general health not quite
eurismal sac could be found. so good. —Take sulphate of qui-

Sept. 4th.—Passed a bad night. nine two grains, in one ounce of
Extreme restlessness, and spasm

infusion of roses three times a of the stump ; fever; furred day. Apply the sulphate of zinc tongue ; quick, small pulse; fre- lotion to the wound. quent vomiting ; cough rather October 3d.-Wound healed, troublesome. The effervescing except at the space left for the saline draught, with five drops of escape of pus from the sinus; tincture of opium, every 'four here cicatrization is rapidly prohours.

ceeding. The above unpleasant symp

15th.-Wooden leg. A few toms soon subsided, leaving him days afterwards he left the hosin a state of great debility. pital quite well, and able to use

From his wife, who visited the his wooden leg with tolerable adhospital today, we learned that, vantage. while sitting in his chair, on the

The above was a case of much first attack of the disease, he interest. In the case of bursten cried out, felt great pain, and fell artery or aneurismal sac, which down fainting. The thigh sud- becomes in reality a blood tumor, denly swelled enormously, so as amputation is commonly the only to render it necessary to cut off resource. Gangrene of the entire his clothes. She described the limb vould, I imagine, be the inpulsation by raising and depressing evitable result of applying a ligaher hand quickly. After two or ture on the main artery of a limb three days, the pulsation ceased laden with such a mass of unoras the swelling increased. ganizable coagulum and disorganwound partially

ized 7th.-The wound

structure. But, if this dressed : the upper third

has course were resolved on, the united by adhesion ; healthy sup

best practice would be to lay puration in moderate quantity.

open the tumor by incision, clear 9th.-Take decoction of cin

out the coagula, and tie the artechona with the tincture three ry above and below the rupture, chona with the tincture three as in the old operation for aneu

, times a day; and of red wine three

rism. ounces a day.--A sinus is forming at the inner side of the stump. Injuries of the Head.Reaction

14th.—The two lower liga- is taking place in Europe against tures came away. The stump the noli tangere doctrine, in regard is healthy, and healing rapidly ; to the treatment of these injuries. health improving; has a tolerable Many instances of slight depresappetite; bowels regular.-Mut- sion of the cranium, though there tonchop three times a week; Por- had been no symptoms of comter one pound daily.

pression, have ultimately produc18th.—The last ligature came ed irritation and inflammation of away. Wound healing rapidly. the meninges. We ought not,

therefore, in all cases, to with- Monro, of Edinburgh. It was hold the trephine because there occasioned by a tumor. The paare no symptoms of compression. tient had evinced no degree of The secondary symptoms which weakness, palsy, or numbness of occur after some days, are those the limbs, and could walk within of irritation and inflammation, a day or two of his death. This and then the operation is too proves that the aorta may be tied late.

in man, without a fatal result

from the withholding of blood Seeondary Abscesses resulting from the lower extremities. from Surgical Operations. In the French Hospitals the attention of Diffuse Inflammation of the Celthe profession has recently been lular Membrane, according to Mr. called to inflammations and sup- Earl, of Bartholomew's Hospital, purations, occurring in parts re- has been heretofore improperly mote from the seat of disease, termed phlegmonous and edemafollowing operations or injuries, tous erysipelas. It is an acute and and produced by them. They rapidly spreading phlogosis of the occur with astonishing suddenness cellular tissue, terminating in in the pleura, peritoneum, arach- suppuration and sloughing ; the noid, pericardium, after amputa- whole integuments of an extretions, &c. when there has follow- mity being often involved in one ed copious or unhealthy suppura- sloughing abscess. We have wittion. They also occur in those nessed the same form of disease, cases in which a specific poison, in which large portions of the as from wounds in dissecting, has dead tissue together with great produced peculiar action in a quantities of dark pus were dis

illconditioned pus. charged from beneath the skin, These cases are ascribed to the excavating the parts. Mr. Earl, absorption of peccant secretions in addition to the usual treatment, in the part, which being conveyed recommends in the onset of the into the circulation, assimilate to disease to incise the parts freely themselves some part of the flu- down to the muscles. This is ids, which are then precipitated undoubtedly correct. on the parts named above. Symptoms are, shivering, followed by Operation for relief of Compressfever ; shrunk features ; impeded ed Medulla, occasioned by fracture respiration ; pulse small and irre- of the spine.—Mr. Tyrrell, of St. gular, but not very quick; tongue Thomas's, in a case requiring this moist and not coated; often se- bold operation, proceeded in the vere pain in the part primarily following manner;—The muscles diseased. Treatment.--Bleeding having been dissected from over hurtful ; purgation salutary ; also the vertebræ, and being kept blisters and other counterirri- apart by flat books, Mr. T. distants ; opium, pro re nata ; solicit- covered that the inferior articuing suppuration in the first disease, lar processes of the twelfth dorNearly all of these cases, howe- sal were thrown forwards beyond ver, are fatal.

those of the first lumbar. The

arch of the twelfth dorsal comObliteration of the Aorta has pressed the spinal marrow; this been observed complete by Dr. he removed with great caution,

part, and


using alternately the Hey's saw every two hours, till the flow of and strong curved forceps. No urine be increased.-Edin. Med. injury was done to the spinal mar- and Surg. Journ. row by the operation ; but it had previously sustained so much as

Dr. Bigelow, in his Flora Bostonithat the operation availed nothing, ensis, 2d edition, describes five speand the patient died.

cies of the equisetum, hippuris, or horsetail, which are found in this

neighborhood. A physician, now in On the Diuretic Properties of the New York, informed us last autumn, Equisetum.-The various species that this plant was a safe and effecof Equisetum have been recom- tual diuretic; we tried it in one inmended by Professor LENHOSSEK, of Vienna, as a very power-stance, and found it to be so. What ful and specific diuretic, which species was then used, we cannot at neither oppresses the digestive this moment determine. Dr. R. organs, nor induces any bad con- Hooper, in his medical dictionary, sequences in the vascular or says that this plant “ possesses astrinnervous system, and is therefore preferable to squill, digitalis, colgent qualities, and is frequently used chicum, and other diuretic reme

by the common people as tea in di. dies, whose unpleasant conse

arrhæas and hemorrhages.

The quences are so well known. It is same virtues are also attributed to particularly serviceable in serous all the species, which are directaccumulations from debility, or ed indiscriminately. after exanthematic fevers, and is contraindicated in inflammatory

Carbonate of Iron maintains its states of the system. All the reputation in the treatment of species of Equisetum possess a

neuralgic affections. Two cases directly diuretic virtue the Ar are reported in the Lancet, in

which it was successful. vense, Variegatum, Ramosum, and Palustra, act more mildly ; Digitalis has recently been embut the Hyemale and Limosum ployed with marked success in act more powerfully, and are more cases of epilepsy, we presume apt to induce bloody urine. The those in which there was vascudry plant is also preferable to the lar excitement with determinarecent, which is more active. It tion to the head. In one case it has been sometimes given in pow. was given to a boy nine years of der, but the decoction answers age, who had been rendered alwell in every case, as it is not most idiotic by the disease. By offensive either in smell or taste, the long continued use of tinct. and children take it readily sweet digitalis his fits become more mild ened. Two or three drachms of and less frequent. It was used the dried herb are to be boiled in in another case of a young man of a pint of spring or river water for 18, who had hourly attacks of a quarter of an hour, and of the swimmings in the head, with viodecoction a snoonful or two may lent palpitations, and bloated counbe given to children, according to tenance. From being confined altheir age, and adults may take most constantly to his bed, from half a cupful, or a whole cupful, danger of falling when up, he was

cured by of a grain of digitalis tive minds of those who follow given once in four hours; we have her steps too closely." ourselves recently used it with We are happy to announce that marked advantage in an alarming Mr. Togno will complete the epistaxis with cerebral engorge - translation for the press. His ment.

critical knowledge of the English Acetate of Lead as a Sedative in and French, and his sufficient acCancer.-A number of females, quaintance with medical phraseaffected with incurable and most ology, assure us that it will be painful cancers of the rectum orwell done.-- Phil. Monthly Journ. uterus, have had their sufferings of Medicine and Surgery. greatly mitigated by warm baths, Extract of a letter from Miss Franin each of which was dissolved an ounce of acetate of lead.

ces Wright to a friend in Emetics.— The value of long

New England, dated Nashoba, continued vomiting, in the treat: “A long and severe illness has

West Tennessee, May 11, 1827. ment of amaurosis, is confirmed by a remarkable case of cure

involved me in debt to all my which occurred in the Hospital correspondents. I have lately of Florence.

returned from an excursion up the river; my health continues

feeble, and I am on the eve of a MINOR ARTICLES. Mr. J. Togno, of this city, has yoyage to Europe with a view to favored us with the perusal of a its recovery. I leave this place few pages translated from the in charge of my associate TrusPathological Anatomy of Xavier tees, with full confidence in the Bichat. This was the last labor similarity of their views to my of that lamented anatomist, and own, and of their perseverance though it was not prepared for and integrity. I remark with the press by his own hand, it hay. pleasure the progress of liberal ing been recorded by one of his opinions throughout the United pupils, as delivered in his lec- States. In this reform NewEnge tures, nevertheless it has on it land appears the most prominent. the seal of his genius, which can- Receive my best wishes for the not be counterfeited. It will be success of your labors and of those highly valued by the profession. of all the friends of human inAn interesting biographical me- provement.” moir by M. Boisseau is prefixed.

May the contemplated voyage reIn relation to the character of the store this interesting womao to work, he observes, that a sketch health, and may the benevolent anfrom the hand of a Raphael is not ticipations and generous efforts of without its value.

berself and associates be fully realThe following beautiful allu

ized and rewarded. sion to the premature death of Bichat we cannot forbear to

At Richmond, Virginia, on the 1st quote ;—"But Nature, some of May, there " delicious times, seems to take pleasure in strawberries” and “sweet cherries** putting boundaries to the progress in the market, -op the same day of human intellect, and condemns there was a light fall of snow, and to premature death the inquisi- fires were agreeable.


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