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rally mistaken for colic or belly- oftener do so, were the remedies ache.

applied sufficiently early ; but unIt may, however, readily be dis- fortunately, the time for useful extinguished from this affection, by ertion is almost always lost, by a its not being accompanied by draw- trial of temporising applications ; ing up of the legs and thighs ; by and I have but too often the mortirumbling in the bowels; and by the fication to witness only the dishands and feet not being cold, or charge from the ear. When the the pain relieved by remedies ad- ear discharges, the patient is imdressed to these parts. I always mediately relieved ; it falls into a suspect this pain to arise from an sound sleep, and forgets all its sufabscess forming in the ear, when ferings, till again it is obliged to he child throws its head backward go throngh the process a second, ..d forward, and indeed in all di- and even a third time, in the perections, during the paroxysm of riod of two or three months. pain ; when it is found to lie on one Sometimes the abscess heals side easier than the other ; when without the smallest trouble, leavlaudanum procures but temporary ing the ear free from discharge in relief; and when on pressing the the course of a few days; but at ear with the point of the finger other times, the subsequent misplaced externally against the lower chief in the inner cavity of the ear portion, it complains; and above is serious and permanent. The all, when the abscess can be dis- small bones of the ear become decovered by looking into the ear ; tached by suppuration, and are disthis, however, but seldom

happens. charged with the pus which conI have witnessed this affection so stantly flows from the external orifrequently, and have been so often fice of this organ. The discharge alarmed by it, that I always apply generally becomes very offensive, remedies to the ears, when I have both from the matter being consatisfied myself that the pain is not fined, as well as from the caries in the bowels, by the absence of under which the bones are laboring. the symptoms noticed above, nor in When caries takes place, the case the head itself, by the absence of is almost hopeless, and must in a all fever, or derangement of the great measure be abandoned to nastomach.

ture, only paying attention to cleanWhen I suspect the ear to be in liness. fault, and have been called to the It is a matter of primary imporchild in the commencement of pain, tance to keep the parts clean, by I almost invariably order a few frequently washing out the canal, leeches to be applied under the af- first with a weak solution of soap fected ear.

I also direct a little in water, a little warmed, followed laudanum on lint, to be gently in- by equal parts of lime water and troduced into the ear, as occasion milk, and a small portion of the may require. Should it fail to af- tincture of myrrh. My usual preford relief, I advise a blister to be scription for this purpose is as folapplied under the ear, and an ac- lows :- Take of Lime Water and tive dose of jalap and cream of tar- Milk, of each tio teaspoonfuls; tar to be administered.

Tincture of Myrrh, twenty drops ; This plan sometimes succeeds to Tincture of Opium, ten drops. admiration ; and I believe it would Mix.

posite side.

this organ.

This mixture should be prepared others rather than themselves. only as it may be wanted, and gen- Though time, the destroyer of all tly thrown into the ear four or five things, should lay the Mechanics' times a day, by means of a syringe, Institution in the dust, the impulse when the child is lying on the op- which has been communicated to

At night the child the sciences will be felt by disshould lie on the affected side, that tant ages, and perpetuate the gethe matter may escape.

nius, and the philanthropy of its This discharge from the ear is founder. Not satisfied with conalways attended by dulness of hear. tributing munificently to the funds ing ; on this account, it is desirable of the Institute, he has labored that it should be relieved as quick- incessantly in the lectureroom ; ly as possible, lest its continuance taught the laws of mechanical should do irreparable mischief to philosophy to thousands, who but

The mixture of lime for him could have never hoped water and milk, when no serious in- to attain them,-more than all, by jury has been done to the bones of his example, which has been folthe ear, will, if properly persisted lowed in most large towns in the in, very often succeed ; and I am kingdom, he has elicited a spirit informed by a late writer on this of emulation and inquiry, which affection, that a weak solution of cannot fail to be of lasting service the nitrate of silver is a most valu- to science, and the nation at large. able application, after ulceration The plan which we lạtely subhas taken place.

mitted to our readers, of giving I think I have seen advantage popular demonstrations on anatofrom the plaster of Burgundy pitch, my, is about to be reduced to or shoemaker's wax, applied under practice by this real friend of the the affected ear; and I once wito human race, and will assuredly nessed a case of long standing, yield dissipate the prejudices which at to an issue in the arm of the side present exist against the most affected, which was kept discharg; useful, interesting, and humane ing for a year ; it was then suffered of the sciences, without which to heal, which it did without any there is no certainty in physic. subsequent disadvantage.

Dr. Birkbeck has deserved well After ulceration has taken place, of his country, and it therefore we have used the following injec- gives us great pleasure to state, tion with great success :Take of that his likeness is very cleverly Docoction of Quince Seed, six delineated in the engraving before ounces; Oxymel of Acetate of Cop- us, which, though his name will per, four drachms ; Laudanum, one never die from the lips of mechadrachm. Mix.--Gaz. of Health. nics, will give a forcible idea of

the man, ornamenting alike the A Portrait of GEORGE BIRKBECK, room of the artizan, and the cabi

M.D. F.G.S. M.A.S., Presi- nets of the philosopher, and friend dent of the London Mechanics' of science. No one who has seen Institution, and of the Medical the Doctor, could fail to recog. and Chirurgical Society of Lon- nize the fidelity of the copy. The don. London, 1827.

face is richly intellectual; and, Dr. BIRKBECK belongs to a class indeed, the whole contour of the of worthies who seem born for picture is highly creditable to the


artist's talent. It is engraved in before, respectively. The exmezzotinto by Dawe from a periment was repeated in five inpainting by Lane, and its size is stances with strichnia, and in two fourteen by seventeen and a half with prussic acid; and in one case, inches.-Lancet

the doctor, by means of com

pression on the wound, kept the PHYSIOLOGY.

animal alive for nine hours. He The Effect of Compression on Poi- lastly inserted a portion of the soned Wounds.

above poisons in animals of the In a paper lately read to the same species, and in all cases the Academy of Medicine, Dr. Brou- consequence was the immediate illard stated the fact that poisons extinction of life.--Ib. even of the most active class do not produce death, till they have

CANCER IN THE NOSE. been absorbed into the system; T. S., aged 40, was admitted and hence he argues, that by pre into the Hospital of Surgery, Panventing absorption, you obviate ton Square, London, with two ulthe mischief. Dr. Barry applied cers occupying the right and left the cuppingglass to poisoned sides of the nose. These ulcers wounds, and by hindering the cir- covered both alæ, and extended to culation of the poison, prevented a considerable distance over each those phenomena from taking cheek. They had all the characplace, which would necessarily ters of true cancer, having irreguoccur if absorption had been suf- lar very hard jagged edges, and a fered to go on.

Dr. Brouillard polished surface, the adjacent intewas induced to make some expe- guments hard and thickened ; there riments, which were attended was also a copious discharge of thin with complete success. He laid ichor, accompanied by a fetid smell. bare a portion of the cellular sub- He complains of extreme itchiness stance of a rabbit's thigh, and in- in the sore; that on the left being troduced therein three grains of the largest, and at the lower part strichnia; he then tied a ligature nearly coalescing with the one on above the wounded part. Twen- the opposite side. tyone minutes elapsed before the The patient stated, that about animal appeared to be affected four years ago a pimple formed on by the poison ; but, at the end of the left cheek, and after scratchthis time, it was convulsed, and ing the part, the pimple was fresent forth strong cries. Dr. quently removed. One year after Brouillard strongly compressed the commencement of this affection the wound with his hand, and the on the cheek, the patient became symptoms ceased ; nor did they anasarcous in the lower extremities, return for 25 minutes, during but by the use of remedies he rewhich the compression was con- covered. tinued. In six minutes after the About the same time the sore ligature and hand were removed, extended, and bas been extending the convulsions were renewed. ever since. He states, that preThe doctor then alternately ap- vious to the appearance of the pimplied and removed the ligature, ple, as well as since, he has had his and each operation was attended nose several times severely bruised, exactly with the same results as by falling on his face while in a

state of intoxication. About ten night, there is some puffiness about weeks after his admission into this the face ; increased swelling, acHospital, he was attacked with companied by smarting pain at the gout in both knees, for which he edges of the wound. Let him take was bled both generally and local- Infus. Sennæ, 2 ounces ; at 3, P. ly with very marked and decided M., bowels have been opened.-relief.

Take of Pil. colocynth comp., ?; On his admission, 6th of Decem- Calomel, 2 grains. Mix. To be ber last, his lower extremities a taken immediately. second time became edematous, 20. Swelling of the face greatly for which he took the following dimininished ; tongue clean; bowpill :- Take of Mass. pil, hydrarg., els have been opened several times. 12 grains ; Pulv. fol. digital. 4 21. Swelling of the face quite grains. Mix. Formed into a mass, gone ; bowels regular; to have a and divided into 12 pills. One to little broth today. be taken thrice a day.

January 10. No alteration of Operation.--Today, Mr. Ward- importance has taken place in the rop made the incisions, considera- state of the patient, sufficiently inbly beyond what appeared to be teresting to continue a report ; of the limits of the disease ; leaving late the wound has begun rapidly to such a portion of sound integu- fill up by healthy granulations, and ments as was likely to ensure the there is every reason to conclude success of the operation. Consi- that the object of the operation in derable hemorrhage took place dur- producing a cure has been coming the performance of this opera- pletely accomplished.-Ib. tion, but only one vessel was tied. A small piece of lint moistened with From the Franklin Journal. water, was the only dressing ap- ON THE EFFECT OF HEAT, IN FAplied to the wound.

CILITATING THE CUTTING OF A Immediately after the operation, RAZOR. the patient became extremely faint, MR. EDITOR.-It has been asked was put to bed, and two grains of in several of the English Mechaopium administered. At 4, P.M., nics' Magazines, “Why does a complained of thirst, with stiffness razor cut best after dipping in hot in the wound. To be kept on tea water ?” to which I have seen no and water gruel.

satisfactory answer, though many 18. At 10, A. M., has passed a attempts have been made. One pretty comfortable night, but com- considers. the edge of a razor as plains of headache ; pulse 90, soft-toothed like a saw, and the exer than on the preceding day ; pansion of the steel by heat, to tongue white, thirst increased ; has have some unaccountable effect had no alvine evacuation during the on these teeth. Another, found last 24 hours. Take of Infus. Sen- that the heat of a coal of fire

2 ounces ; to be repeated every would do as well as that of hot three hours, till the bowels are water; and another pretends to freely opened.

discredit the fact altogether. 9, P. M. The bowels have May not this question be partialbeen opened twice, headache near- ly answered, by asking another, ly gone, pain in the wound increased. Why does a hot knife cut butter

19. Has passed an indifferent easier than a cold one?


Let any one shave with a cold by accident in a dark, dry place, yet razor and examine it before wip- it was full ef vegetation, affording a ing, he will perceive a wall of strong illustration of the vital power waxlike matter along the edge, of some plants. which limits its free action to a mere line, similar to the edge of

The celebrated physician, Dumou. a double iron plane; this wall is Lin, being surrounded in his last momade soft by heat, and is removed ments by the most distinguished of

his profession in Paris, who vied by each succeeding cut. A razor, with each other in their expressions then, in addition to its property of of regret at bis situation, "Gentlecutting the beard freely, requires men," said he,“ do not regret me that of discharging the adhesive so much,--I leave behind me three matter scraped up from the skin ; great physicians.” On their pressthis last property is very conve- ing him to name them, each supposniently acquired, by dipping in ing he might be of the number, he hot water. Yours, &c.

added, “water, erercise, and diet," 10 COGITATOR.

the no small discomfiture of his dis.

appointed brethren. Remarks by the Editor.-We have long been convinced, that Io New York last week, a female, the cause assigned by Cogitator is being told by the clerk of the court the true one, and have repeatedly to hold up her right hand to plead given a similar solution. We to an indictment, insisted that that have also met with the same ex was wrong, “she was left handed!'' planation in one of the English At the same court, an Englishman, journals, probably in the London who was indicted for an assault, Mechanics' Magazine. In order pleaded his own cause, but not hava to test its truth, we have shaved ing learned our republican ways, he with a cold razor, which, during lords and gentlemen of the jury!"

began in the English fashion :-“ My the operation, was repeatedly dipped into cold water, and wiped

Mr. Gilbert Burns, brother of on a napkin, and are certain, that Scotland's inmortal poet, and whose the keeping of the edge clean in letters stamped him, if not a man of this way was advantageous. With genius, at least one of a strong and respect to those who have doubt- reasoning mind, died on the 8th of ed the correctness of the opinion, April, at Grant's Braes, aged 67 years. that warmth facilitates the cutting of a razor, we think that they Precepts are of great weight, and have neither tender chins, nor stift a few useful ones at hand do more beards; otherwise, their doubts towards a happy life than whole vowould have been removed with lumes of cautions that we know not

where to find. -Seneca. the removal of the latter.

The American Farmer.-The “Es.

say on Dress No. I.," in a late A branch of the Cotyledon cocci- number of this paper, was taken nea was presented to Professor Gaz- from the Boston Medical Intelli. zari in Jan. 1824. Though it had gencer, into which it was copied from been separated from the mother ihe London " Literary Gazette," and branch more than sixteen months, for which due credit was given. The during which time it bad been concluding remark was made by the wrapped up in a paper, and set aside Editor of this paper.



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