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shortly afterwards terminated in every instance wherein its her life. On the other hand, use should be indicated. I could cite several cases to I was fortunate enough to show, that the most nutritive meet with the cases here deand digestible aliment may be tailed, and the results of my rejected by the stomach, if practice have convinced me any inpression against its salu- that acupuncturation, under brity be produced. I remem- certain regulations. and in the bero a case in which, from hands of a skilful surgeon, is a some groundless suspicion, the powerful agent in the practice idea of the food having been of surgery, whilst it conveys to poisoped by copper was intro- the liberal mind, the pleasuraduced, the persons at table ble gratification of affording to became sick, one or two abso- human suffering instantaneous lutely vomited, and the re- relief, by a more expeditious mainder complained of distress and efficacious mode than any in the stomach and bowels. other remedy in such cases

Dr. Paris. hitherto known and employed.

The introduction of the neeACUPUNCTURATION.

dle is seldom felt after touchPuncturing various parts and tex. ing the cutis, and then only tures of the human body with surgi- when, perhaps, it encounters cal needles, is a new resource in a filament of a nerve; the pain, surgery, and already promises to be in this case, is sometimes acute, of immense service. In many cases but it is only momentary, and it has not only been unattended with immediate relief is the result, any danger, but without occasioning at least I have found it so. I much or any pain, has afforded spee- have never ventured beyond dy and permanent relief, in chronic simply introducing the instruand many painful diseases, when ment, nor have I ventured other means had failed.

near the trunks or the larger We gladly place before the reader branches of nerves. I confess the following striking testimony in that with all my zeal for the favor of this operation. It is taken remedy, I should not like to from the Gazette of Health, and the risk the pricking of either with Lancet, published in Londoo.

an acupuncture needle; neither Having witnessed the in- have I ventured to apply galstantaneous, and, I may add, vanism as an auxiliary; my astonishing effect of Acupunc- cases prove successful without turation as a remedial means, its aid, and I therefore leave in the first case that came un- that part of the subject to der my notice, I resolved to more experienced surgeons give the operation a fair trial than myself


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Case 1.—Mr. A. W. aged 'est astonishment at what he 50, a very corpulent subject, termed the “ magical effect of of about eighteen stone weight the needles”!! was violently attacked by lum Six hours after the enemy bago ; after undergoing the made a faint attack, but was ordeal of bleeding, purging, instantly repulsed by one neeand embrocations without re- dle, and the patient left in lief, on learning that I possess- quiet possession of the field, ed the means of affording him which he has enjoyed uninterimmediate ease, sent for me rupted ever since. to come to him immediately, CASE 2.-I was called to a and bring my "needles” with poor woman, who had been I found the

poor fellow confined to her bed three days writhing with pain, beneath by a severe attack of lumbathree blankets and a thick go, suffering the most acute counterpane, under which he agony on the slightest movehad been kept until he was ment; the pain was referred bathed in perspiration. The to the back, on which she had seat of the pain was precisely lain since the attack. over the whole of the sacrum, With some difficulty and and extended to the alæ ischii. suffering she was turned on I introduced three needles into her face, and, on examination, the part, to the bone, immedi- the seat of the disease was asately over the centre of it, certained to be in the lower each two inches apart; the third of the longissimi dorsi. pain was instantly transferred I introduced three needles, an to the left gluteus. I suffered inch deep, into these muscles, the needles to remain half a two into the right and one into minute, and then inserted them the left. The first needle was into that fleshy muscle, three- scarcely felt; the second occafourths of an inch deep, where. sioned acute pain, which exthe enemy had made a stand. cited a piercing cry; the seveTwo needles routed him thence rity of the pain, however, subinto the biceps, whence he sided entirely in a few seconds, finally posted himself in the and the third needle was passgastrocnemii in the line of at- ed insensibly; the distance obtack. One needle ultimately served in this case was the expelled him from this last po- same as in the last, namely, an sition, and freed my patient inch.

In less than four minfrom all pain. The operation utes the needles were withlasted about five minutes. Mr. drawn, the patient no longer W. then got up and dressed experiencing any inconvenihimself, expressing the great- ence, save stiffness from hay

ing laid so long on her back. Three needles introduced, Though perfectly freed from as in the former case, perpain, it was enough to excite a formed a cure, and in five minsmile to witness the woman's utes the old man became again scepticism on the success of erect, and could stoop to the the operation; she could ground, which delighted him scarcely credit the evidence of exceedingly. He walked out her senses, for when desired a very different being to what to turn on her back she obey- he was when he entered, and ed with hesitation and doubt, departed, leaving me his blessdreading lest she should en- ing. counter the pain.” She,

CASE 4.-This old man, a however, at length succeeded, few days after, met another in not only in turning, but sat up the same plight, whom he rein bed, to the great joy of her- commended to me for relief. self and her anxious husband, The operation was performed who witnessed the operation, on him in the same manner as and its happy effects, in breath- his predecessor, and with the less expectation. It was very like result. He also left me gratifying to see the


his blessing! creature sit up; her counte I was sent for to another nance beamed with delight, old man,

70 equalled only by her astonish- fected in the same manner. ment and grateful thanks for I succeeded with him in an the 6 wonderful cure" I had equal ratio with the others, wrought in her!

and left him to pursue his avoI saw her the next day up cations as a laboring gardener. and about, attending to her In all these three cases, the family of six infant children. attacks were occasioned by The pains had not returned. cold, from getting wet.

CASE 3.-An old man, 70 Case 6.-A gentleman of years of age, came into my strong muscular fibre, applied * surgery, his body bent immov- to me on account of a severe ably to almost a right angle, and distressing pain in the and walked, or rather bobbled, right hypochondrium, which with difficulty; 1 at first attri- affected his respiration. As buted his appearance to the the affection seemed purely infirmity of years, but was sur- muscular, I introduced two prised to learn from him, that needles over the region of the he had come nearly a mile right hepatic lobe; the second “ to be relieved by my nee needle entered beyond the dles." He wus suffering un- muscle into the peritoneal cavder a severe attack of lumba- ity. The patient felt a very go in the longissimi dorsi. acute pain for a moment, which

years of

age, af:

rather alarmed me; I, howe- troduced into the muscle, perver, suffered the instrument to formed a cure in three minremain about twenty seconds, utes. She raised her arm to when it was withdrawn, and her head, and turned it about all pain ceased. No unpleasant in every way in wonder and symptom has since occurred. astonishment, at the sudden

I know, if we are to credit and effectual relief she had so the statements to that effect unexpectedly received. in the French Journals, that This brief detail will, I trust, the abdominal cavity, in fact, recommend acupuncturation to almost all the cavities have the timid practitioner, with a been pierced, not excepting success equal to my own. As the pericardium, nay, even respects the modus operandi, the heart has come in for its I have proceeded in every share; but this is nothing in case according to the recoman age of miracles; but-ver- mendation of Mr. Churchill, in bum sat.

his useful little work on acuThe wife of the last men- puncturation, to which I beg tioned gentleman complained to refer the readers of the of a pain in her shoulder, Lancet for further information which prevented her from us- on the subject. I may just ob ing the arm.

I found the sub- serve, that the cases on which scapularis muscle affected ; a I so successfully operated were needle was passed obliquely all simple local rheumatism ; up to the hilt, under the pos- in only one case did blood isterior inferior angle of the sue from the punctures made scapula, and into the muscle; by the needles, and that but a a sharp pain was felt; an in- small drop. I shall not here stant after the patient declared hazard an hypothesis of the herself quite well, and moved modus operandi of acupunctuher arm about with perfect ration, on the animal economy; ease. The needle was with- but, at the same time, I am drawn at the end of half a free to confess myself sceptical minute; no further inconve- on the creed, that its effects nience was felt.

are produced by the escape of Case 8.—A lady applied to air from the cellular memme, suffering under violent pain brane through the punctures in the deltoid, which had de- made by the needles! This prived her of appetite and rest conclusion is not proved, neithree days and nights. She ther do I believe it can be. had used embrocations without The very form of the instruhaving received any benefit ment is a barrier to the escape from them. Two needles in- of air, and, moreover, the cure

is often performed before the walking ;-his general health needles are withdrawn, and fre- was good. quently by causing acute pain He stated, that about two in the act of introducing them. years ago, while cleaning a These are premises that war- window, he fell down and hit rant a very different conclusion his leg against a board, a splinin the rationale of the effect ter of which penetrated the of acupuncture, than the es- calf of his leg to the depth of cape of air ; but what that con- half an inch. The piece of clusion is I know not, but I wood was taken out, and most believe it to depend on some acute pain followed, - which, of those mysterious operations however, went off in a few of nature that will ever be be- days. Eighteen months after yond the reach of human ken, the accident, the pain in the and which by consequence con- leg returned, and continued stitute the ne plus ultra of phy- for several months, notwithsiological research. This may standing the frequent applicabe considered a gratuitous as- tion of leeches, and severe and sumption, but is, nevertheless, repeated blistering. The acutrue.—MR. WANSBROUGH, of puncturation needle was introFulham.

duced into the substance of The experienced surgeon, the muscles of the calf, to the Mr. Wardrope, has lately pub- extent of an inch and a half at lished the following case, in two different places, and alwhich acupuncturation was lowed to remain for a few misuccessfully employed under nutes ; immediately after the his direction, at the hospital of application he felt relief, and Surgery, in Panton Square. he remained nearly free from

J. T., by trade a carpenter, pain for eight days, when, afforty years of age, complained ter a long walk, the pain reof a constant acute pain in the turned ; the acupuncturation calf of the left leg, often ex- was again performed with tending from the knee to the complete relief, and the pafoot. The pain was increased tient has not since experienced towards evening; and on tak- a return of the pain. ing exercise, frequently accom A Dr. Moscelle states, that panied by slight involuntary he has had recourse to acucontractions of the muscles. puncturation in two cases of The skin was of its natural tic douloureux, which had reappearance, with the excep- sisted all the remedies that tion of a small cicatrix on the have been recommended for back part of the calf, He this distressing malady, with felt much inconvenience in complete success.

In both

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