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pretenders to relinquish their loose, and the roots are in a high trade of bleeding, drawing ask any professional man what he

state of inflammation. Now I would teeth, and setting of bones, we would accomplish in cutting off a hope the man who suffered tooth in this state ? Would he refrom the ignorance of the duce the inflammation ? or, would he druggist, will discharge his not be more likely to increase it?

The treatment, in a case like this, duty to the public by prose- is simple, and almost universally salcuting him.-Ibid.

utary. In the first place, till the

tooth in question with gold; then From the Providence Journal. scarify the gum in the region of the

tooth, and allow it to bleed freely; From what has been said, relative lastly, brush the tooth and gums in a to this branch of surgery, in some of brisk and rough manner, and by so our late papers, I conceive it highly doing you barden the gum, and deadincumbent op me to offer a few re- en that sensitiveness in the tooth be. marks, by way of caution and advice, fore experienced. to those who may be too ready to If the nerve is exposed, it is as have any experiments, however ab- easily destroyed before, as after, cutsurd or dangerous, performed on ting off the tooth, by merely placing them, in the hope of instant relief in the cavity of the decayed tooth, from the tantalizing pain of a tooth- a small piece of caustic. if this will ache. That this department of med. have no effect, we must have reical science owes much to ingenious course to extracting. Mr Fay admechanical invention, for its present mits that it is sometimes necessary state of perfection, is a fact not to to extract; and it will be seen that be denied ; yet this fact augurs but this is the point at which that praca poorly that every invention, because tice must be followed. it may boast considerable ingenuity An artificial grinder! a mere im. in its maker, should, of course, be possibility ; do dentist will undertake an improvement in the science. to set them; or, if they do, they are

The effect of Mr Fay's method of worse than useless; for it is not pos. curing the toothache, by cutting the sible to make them perform the of looth off below the gum, has been fice of mastication but for a very too often, unintentionally, manifested short period; then they will soon in this country, by the ignorance of work loose, and you are compelled quacks, in their selecting improper to take them out. instruments, when called on to ex I have now only to speak of Mr tract a tooth, and to their surprise Fay's last, and, apparently, most and confusion, it was broken at the powerful, reason for amputating teeth : neck. What is the state of the pa- ihat is, the support they offer to the tient at this unhappy accident? It adjoining teeth. This is, in fact, the is seldom the case that he can expe- most plausible of all; but it is only rience relief till, the remaining roots necessary to say, that, provided the are removed ; and the facility of operation should succeed, those completing the operation is not up roots, if not obliged to be dug out, frequently out of the power of the will of themselves, very shortly presumptuous operator.

drop from their sockets. Wheo a tooth is slightly decayed, In relation to the curved and and exposed to the air, the patient is straight cutting forceps, for which liable to take cold, if I may use the Mr Hay has obtained the medal, I word, in the tooth; and in this case would beg leave to state that Dr the jaws swell, the tooth appears Flagg, of Boston, was the inventor of


these articles ; and some three years in due season by the 'domerous joursince made patterns in wood of the pals which are issued for this pursa ne, and obtained them from Lon- pose; but when communications on don; they are approved and lectured subjects of this nature are first preon by Dr Warren, of Boston, not in- sented to us through the medium of deed for the purpose of cutting off newspapers, they ought not to be teeth, but in various other surgical received without much caution, partioperations, as in erostosis, a morbid cularly when, as in the present case, enlargement, or hard tumor of a they are likely to lead to hazardous bone, &c. These forceps may be and mischievous experiments in a seep at my office by those who may branch of surgery in which there is feel interested in the subject. For. as much quackery as in any other. ceps, for the purpose of extracting Every anatomist,” even if he teeth perpendicularly, have been in- has not been in London, beside knowvented by a very ingenious mecha. ing that "there is in the middle of nic in Boston, but as it compels us each tooth a little cavity in which to make a fulcrum of the tooth ante- the fine branches of nerves passing rior to that which is to be extracted, through the roots of the teeth are we are extremely likely to fracture, expanded,” knows also that the exor otherwise injure a sound tooth; posure of this perrous expansion of its inutility, it is hoped, will be suffi- the root of a tooth, will give as acute ciently obvious.

suffering as in this little cavity."

And every well informed surgeon From the Boston Daily Advertiser.

and experienced dentist knows, tbat

it is not merely by the exposure of NEW SURGICAL OPERATION.

this cavity by caries that the pain in Mr Hale-I saw in the Advertiser the teeth is occasioned, but by the of Friday last, a paragraph from a inflammation of the membrane by London paper, giving an account of which the roots of the teeth are con

* New Surgical Operation," by Mr Dected with their sockets; and that Fay, an American, for curing tooth- by cutting off the carious crown of a ache without extracting the tooth, tooth with this cavity and its nervous which consists in cutting off the ca- expansion, be is more likely to leave rious crown of the tooth with a pair the quivering and lacerated nerves of sharp forceps,* and of leaving the hanging from the open channels in sound roots in the jaw. This is stated the roots, than to destroy or extract to be a perfectly salotary and pain. them by such an operation. He less operation.

knows, also, that when “in a moReal improvements in surgery are ment the upper part of the tooth generally brought before the public snaps off," as in this "new surgical

operation," it cannot "in an instant A set of forceps exactly answering the description given of Mr Fay's were or

permanently relieve all pain,” but dered by an eminent surgeon in this city that in most cases the unfortunate more than two years ago, for the purpose subject is obliged to draw his breath of performing operations in the mouth and with torture, till the nerves shall be about the jaws, and in deep seated cases destroyed by some powerful caustic, of diseased bone. They were made in London, by drawings sent for the purpose,

or by the violence of an inflamma. which were taken from the rough instru- tion, which is most commonly folments invented and used here in the early lowed by ulceration, and often by part of the year 1824.-They were not caries of the jaw. There are few, indeed for cutting off the teeth, for the who have ever had the crown of a teeth cannot be cut off as the other softer tooth cut off, as it frequently is, by bones may be, but merely made to fracture and divide by the pressure of the for the unskilful application of the key ceps at any particular part. F. J. or forceps, who cannot bear solemn


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testimony to the truth of these as

From Silliman's Journal. sertions.

It is not denied that the roots of ALKALINE DIGESTIVE PASTILS, CONteeth wbich are left in the jaw in

TAINING BICARBONATE OF SODA. this way, do in a few instances, after

M. D'ARCET. a considerable length of tirre, become

Having been obliged, three years comparatively easy, only giving pain ago, to make an almost daily use of occasionally; but in these cases there pastils of magnesia, I was afraid that is a constant effort of nature to cast the frequent employment of this subthem out, and this is sooner or later stance would contribute to favor the effected according to circumstances. formation of urinary calculus, and I -They in most instances previously thought of substituting carbonate of become troublesome, and have to be soda. lo 1822, I made a series of extracted; and their use, either in experiments, which gave me such masticating the food, or in preserving good results that I decided, from that the sockets of the other teeth, is nee time, on taking no more magnesia Yer so great as to be worth consider for the correction of an impaired diing, and seldom sufficient to counter- gestion, and from the month of Sepbalance the troubles which attend tember, in that year, I employed onthem and the evils wbich are liable ly pure carbonate of soda. These to occur.

pastils instantly destroyed the acidity It may be important bere to add occasioned by bad digestion, and faa remark in reference to Mr Fay's vored perfectly the functions of the other improvement, for whicb, with stomach; but they had the inconvethat above mentioned, it is stated that nience of being too strongly alkaline, he has " received the large silver and having a disagreeable taste. I medal from the Society of Arts,” nevertheless made use of them, with, namely, his improved forceps for much success, till the middle of June, the perpendicular extraction of 1824, when I repaired, for the first teeth.

time, to the waters of Vichy. I knew There is a prevailing popular be. that these mineral waters were dilief, that if the teeth could be drawn gestive, and I soop found that a glass, perpendicularly from their sockets, taken after a meal, was sufficient to the operation would be more safe promote digestion, and even to reand 'less pairful than by the common store it when disturbed. Having ve. mode approved by the most skilful rified the goodness of this remedy, operators of the day. A knowledge during my first visit at Vichy, and of the existence of this opinion has knowing that the bicarbonate of soenabled, and still continues to enable da is the active principle of these quacks and pretenders to entrap and waters, and that this salt has a taste torture those who are not too well much less alkaline than that of carinformed. The opinion however is bonate of soda, I thought of substiao erroneous one, and the principle tuting the former for the latter, in a false one.

Whatever instruments, the pastils I made use of. therefore, are made to operate in a the receipt for these pastils to M. manner to effect this purpose, must Regpayld, wbo began to offer them be worse than useless, and all efforts to the public in the month of Januato bring them into common use must ry, 1825. The use of them having be attended with unnecessary hazard rapidly spread, and obtaining from and suffering; as has been fully prov- them myself the best effects, I took ed by numerous ingenious efforts for the receipt to Vichy, in the month the last half century, not a few of of June last

. M. Batillar, apothecawhich have been made in our own ry of the thermal establishment, country.

manufactured large quantities of

I gave

them, and he now prepares, daily, carbonic acid, a common brewer's five kilogrammes, or 5000 pastils. vat or fermenting tub, might answer The receipt has been communicated as good a porpose, and be used as 10 those who have asked for it, and cheaply as a natural spring. A sothe alkalioe digestive pastils, pre- lution of the common carbonate of pared with bicarbonate of soda, are soda, suspended in a broad vessel found in the shops of the first apothe- over the fermenting liquors, would caries of Paris, Lyons, &c.

doubtless become thoroughly charg. The following is the receipt, as ! ed with the gaseous acid. Frequent have given it: I invite the apotheca- agitation would greatly expedite it. ries, who may avail themselves of It is further observed by M. D'Arit, to vary it as they may thiok cet, that a glass of the water of Vie proper.

chy, two decilitres, contains 1 gramme Take bicarbonate of soda, dry and of bicarbonate of soda, equal to the pure, in fine powder, 5 grammes. quantity contained in 20 of the pasVery white sugar, in fine powder, tils. The patients at Vichy com95 grammes. Mucilage of gom adra- monly take 5. glasses of water every ganth,* prepared with water-mq. s. morning, besides a bath during the essential oil of peppermint, pure and day in the same water. Supposing, fresh, two or three drops.

which is not the case that the The bicarbonate of soda and the water of the bath is not absorbed, it sugar are to be put into a very dry is certain that a drinker at Vichy, bottle, and thoroughly shaken, so as takes in a few hours as much bi. to mix the powders well together. carb. of soda as if he had taken 100 They are then poured out and well pastils in the same time; but the exmixed with the gum mucilage and perience of many ages bas proved oil of peppermint on a marble slab, that the waters of Vichy are salutaand converted into pastils or drops, ry to the health. The physician of so that after being dried in the air, the place, M. Lucas, has never or by a stove, each may weigh about known that those of his patients who a gramme, Having a slight attrac- have returned the most frequently tion for moisture, they should be have ever been troubled with dispreserved in bottles well stopped, or eases of the urinary passages; and kept in a dry place.

it is proved, on the contrary, that Note by the Translator.-By the the use of the waters reestablishes advice of the discreet author of the the digestive functions, and repro: above article, the carbonic acid disa doces in the system, an energy which engaged from the fountains of Vichy, has surpassed all expectation. is employed in saturating the alka These considerations are advanced lies, and thus preparing, almost witb- to prove the harmlessness of using inout expense, the bicarbonate of so- cidentally, alkaline remedies, not da. Some of the best shops of Paris taken fasting, but when an acid disare now supplied with the bicarbon- engaged in the stomach is ready to ate from that quarter. The copi- Deutralize the small quantities of alous emision of gas from the waters kali which the pastils contain. of Ballston and Saratoga might easi Experience has shown that a feely be employed for the same pur. ble digestion may be easily remedied pose, and in all probability the alka. by taking only one or two of the pas. line pastils of D’Arcet be rendered tils, and ibat it is seldom necessary as fashionable and useful there as at to have recourse to a third, and that Vichy. But for the purpose of obe when the object is simply to facilitaining the alkali well charged with tate the functions of the stomach, the

pastils have many advantages over * Tragacanth?--Ed.

The water of Vichy, taken as it comes

from the springs. Not only very generally, especially those whose painful indigestions, when they ac- avocation consists in part in public tually occur, may be remedied by speaking; and we understand that these powders, but their occurrence the manner io which it is treated, is may be prevented, by taking before. entirely original. hand one or more of the pastils, and From a gentleman who has devotallowing the stomach to receive ed many years to studies of a similar food, which, without this aid, would character, and who has bad an opdisturb its functions. The author portunity of inspecting the manustates, that in his own case, the re. script, we learn that Dr Rusb bas, medy has well established his diges, among other things, done for Elocutive powers, and that he now seldom tion what Guido did for Music. He has recourse to the pastils, and can bas invented a scale by which the take, without their aid, food, which intonations of the human voice can for two years past, he could scarcely be measured, both as regards degrees have digested. In one instance which and quantity, and their proper adapfell under his notice, a female, who tation to the expression of various had suffered for five hours, from a passions and sentiments, easily and violent iodigestion, was promptly re- correctly ascertained. The work lieved by taking a pastil every tive being stated to be original both in minutes. The first she took afford- manner and matter, a complete idea ed some relief, aod eleven were suf. of its character cannot, of course, be ficient completely to reestablish ber acquired without a perusal: and we digestion, although these eleven con. know not how to communicate the tained no more alkali than half a impression we received from the glass of the water of Vichy. gentleman who gave us the descrip

I will add, says M. D'Arcet, that tion but by a comparison with the in using these pastils, when one is familiar subject of music, wbich we fatigued with a slow and painful di- bave selected, only requesting the, gestion, relief is more promptly ob- reader to bear in mind that wbateva tained, than by employing pure or er there is of difference between song carbonated magnesia. The actiou and speech must be strictly noticed they produce is so prompt and com- in a philosophical disquisition of the plete, that it appears purely chemi: subject. As the components of speech cal. He recommends the employ, are all, in the course of the work, meat of them as soon as it is per resolved into their elements, a physceived that the stomach bas become iological analysis of the functions of debilitated, for there is every advan- the vocal and articulatory organs was tage in adopting the remedy before necessary. This forms the basis of the evil has become aggravated.-- the work, and has been, as we are Rev. Encych, Jan. 1826.

informed, made in, strict accordance

with the rules of inductive philosoPHILOSOPHY OF SPEECH.

phy.-Philadelphia Gazette. Mr James Maxwell, of Philadel i phia, has in the press, and will shortly publish, a work entitled “ Philos The London Mechanics' Magazine OPHY OF THE HUMAN Voice, by JAMES gives the following instruction for Rush, M. D. A notice of this forth. brewing “on a small scale." coming work has appeared in one or " The art of brewing is exactly sitwo of the papers, but not full enough milar to the process of making tea. to convey to the general reader an Put a handful of walt into a teapot, idea of its character. The subject then fill it with water, the first time is one which is calculated to interest rather under boiling heat. After it not only physicians, but literary men has stood some time, pour off the li


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