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the integuments, and hanging loose. R. Inf. cinch. 3 vij. The whole hand was dreadfully man

Tr. ejusd. 3 i. M. gled; pain very violent. After the

Sumat pil. injury he had a very large quantity Cap. 3 i. quater in die. of brandy given him by his friends

op. gr. iij. ut antea, si dolor redeat. ;

23d. Hand looks much better; was of strong constitution, stout and

the muscular; habits temperate. Pulse

yeast poultice gave him less pain

than formerly, and was continued. pot accelerated.

25th. Thumb removed by cut16th.

ting the integuments by which it R. Hyd. submur.

hung. It was found to have been Pulv. jalap, āā gr. xv. sumat statim. kept alive, and nourished by the colVenesectio ad 3 vj. Appl. foment. lateral vessels from the forefinger papaver, quarta quaq. hora. Post and root of the thumb. alvi solut. si dolor perman.

R. Tr. rhei,
R. Pulv. opii, gr. iv. st. pil.

A quæ, äā 3 i. M.
Diæt. liquid.

26th. Hand much less offensive. 17th. Appl. catapl. communis Took four doses of the rhubarb quart. quaq. hora.

without effect. 18th. Omitt. catapl. et appl. catapl. fario. lini quarta quaq. hora. R. Sol. magnes, sulph. 3 iv. 19th.

Impon. manus in aquæ tepid. mane R. Infus. senn. comp. 3 ij. quarta quaq. et vespere. hora.

27th. Medicine operated well. Omitt. catapl. lini et appl. catapl. Hand less painful. Night comfortpanis.

able. 20th. Mortification taking place. Appl. cerat. simpl. quarta quaq. Wound so offensive as to render it hora. Bene lavet. vulo. pecessary to remove him to a sepa

28th. rate ward; and to use the fumigation Sumat Tr. rhei, of chlorine.

Aq. ää 3 i. M, Statim. Appl. vuln. pulv. carb. Catapl.

Omitt. catapl. cerivisiæ tertia quaq. hora. Cap.

29th. Medicine operated well. vespere opii, gr. iv. ad sextam et octavam horam. To be allowed a

Appears to be mnch easier than forpint of porter in a day.

merly. Hand not offensive. 21st. Took two pills in the night.

Foment. cum tapacet. et absinth. Poultice produced so great pain it . bis in die. Remov. empl. ter in die.

31st. was omitted, and a common poultice

A large piece of loose skin substituted. Bowels costive.

was removed from the hand on the

29th. Hand has a more healthy ap R. Tr. rhei,

pearance. Aq. pur. äā 3 i. M. Repet. quart. quaq. hora, usq. ad

Sumat Tr. rhei, alvi solutiom. Cap. pil. op. vespere,

Aquæ, äā 3 ij. M. ut heri. Appl. pulv. carb. ut antea. After this the wound healed rapidBene foveat.manus cum infus, tanacet. ly under a dressing of resinous ceet absinth. ter in die. Cont. cetera. rate, and bathing twice a day with

22d. In the afternoon violent soap and water. pain in the hand and much bleeding. The fingers are slightly movable. After which he became more easy. The forefinger, which at first it was

Bene lavet. manus aq. et sapon. thought impossible to save, is likely Teget. pars denud. cum linteolo, su- to prove useful to the patient in the pra hoc, appl. catapl. cerivisiæ. absence of the thumb.

The patient, a married woman of left nostril ; that it probably had its

By good management and the of presenting to them this case for great advantages of the Hospital, this their examination and opinion. Prepatient's hand was saved. With the sent, Drs. Welsh, Spooner, Dixwell, common disadvantages of persons in Thompson and Walker ; also the athis situation, he would have lost his tending physician of the Hospital, hapd. If he had been an intemper- Dr. Jackson; and Dr. Buck, who ate man he would have lost his life. had been first consulted by the pa


The board united in opinion that Fungus Hæmatodes of the Antrum. the disease was a malignant fungus

April. 1. An interesting case pre- springing from the antrum maxilare, sented itself at the Hospital this day. whence it had made its way into the 34, living at Malden, applied to Dr. origin in the defective teeth, or some Buck, of that town, about ten days one of them; and that it would tersince; who, finding the case a badminate fatally in a lingering and most one, recommended her to come to painful death. In regard to the prothe Hospital for advice. Dr. War- priety of attempting any thing to save ren, on examining her, found an ob- the patient, there was some differstruction of the left nostril, which ence of opioion.

On the one side, was produced by a tumor evidently it was said that all operations for the of a red color, occupying the middle relief of this disease had been hitherpart of the middle meatus, or passage to unsuccessful; that the patient of the nostril. From this tumor would be exposed to the additional blood issued sometimes, and also a suffering of a severe operation, withconstant discharge of very offensive out any prospect of its succeeding ; matter. She has sometimes severe and that thus the result would be pains in the cheek bone, left ear and discreditable to the Hospital and to

The vision of the left eye the operator. On the other hand, it is slightly affected, and the function was urged, that if no operations were of the left ear very much impaired. attempted but those which had beAbove the two incisor teeth of the fore succeeded, no improvements left side are two apertures in the would be made in surgery; that the bone, through which matter is dis- cases in which the operation had charged. The teeth of the upper failed were, so far as the experience jaw on the left side are all of them of the surgeons present extended, or in a decaying state, and the front so far as they had read, such as had teeth broken, from weakness. The been allowed to reach a more adpatient suffers great distress at pe- vanced stage than this; that the disriods.

ease in this case being at present of About twenty years ago she had a

an extent comparatively small, and lung fever, which injured her consti- having its probable origin in one of tution; and the teeth of the upper the roots of the molar teeth, might jaw, on the left side especially, have possibly be eradicated by removing been bad ever since. About a year the bone from which it sprung; that ago she began to feel an uneasiness the antrum could be opened from the in that part of the face, and some face, and then the maxillary bone months since the bone above the under the antrum cut away to such front teeth ulcerated. It is a few extent as the seat of the disease weeks only since her attention was night require ; that the arteries indistinctly called to the left nostril. volved in this operation were not

The board of Consulting Physi- large, and might be secured without cians having a meeting at the Hospi- difficulty, or if it was necessary to tal, Dr. Warreu took ihe opportunity involve large arteries, the carotid

left eye.






NO. 26.


medy had been employed, unBelieving that many persons in der the direction of our most Boston and the vicinity, are suffering skilful physicians, in vain from a variety of complaints, for and at last he concluded to which this bath would prove a plea. submit to it as an unavoidable, sant and safe remedy, we are bapps incurable evil, with as much in being able to offer some evidence patience as possible. About of the correctness of this opinion ; six years since, while laboring and first in Erysipelas.

under a violent attack of in E. R. had been exceedingly flammation, he, at the request afflicted with Erysipelas for of a friend, applied Goulard's thirtyfive years. The disease extract to the face, which in generally inade its appearance about half an hour occasioned three or four times a year ; a complete translation of the always in the severest part of disease from the skin to the summer and of winter, and at internal organs. He instanthese times very violently ; só taneously became deadly pale, that he was confined to the had a very violent and universal house, and sometimes to the rigor, which continued half ap bed from a month to six weeks. hour; at the expiration of this It was generally confined to time the pulse was scarcely the face and hands, but not un- perceptible, and we thought frequently extended itself over he was dying ;-he, however, the whole surface of the skin. recovered under the remedies It usually assumed the form of employed, but never afterpustular erysipelas,was ac- ward enjoyed bis usual health. companied with an almost in- He was costive, dyspeptic and supportable itching, and much languid.

The erysipelatous pain. Perhaps po human be- affection never made its aping ever was a greater martyr pearance perfectly as before; to this disease. During three but at the seasons in which it and four months of every year formerly did, he was a very he was in constant suffering, sick man. I have seen him and sometimes sick, more or at such times for a month and less, all the year. Every re- six wecks, suffering from acute,

severe pains in the stomach der all medical treatment, and and bowels,* shooting to the as the vapor bath appeared to back, and this suffering with- be an appropriate remedy, I out the slightest intermission, recommended it. At the time night or day; the power of he used it, he had a violent the stomach entirely suspend- erysipelas about the face, of ed during the whole time, so the pustular kind, and was that a teacupful of beeftea, suffering exceedingly with itchduring the day, occasioned vio- ing pain of the face, and the lent distress :--the erysipela- internal disorder. The effects tous inflammation sometimes of the bath were singularly appeared partially about the beneficial. A few hours after face, but more frequently there he came out, the scabs on the was no appearance of it at all. face dropped off, the itching The duration of these severe was entirely relieved, the insufferings was about as long ternal pains subsided, and in as the attacks of erysipelas the course of the night, a usually had been—from four mild erysipelatous inflammato six weeks, when they grad- tion came out over the surface ually left him in pretty good of the body, unaccompanied health, during an interval of with the itching usually attentwo or three months;—his ap- dant on the disease. He used petite and digestion tolerable, the bath twice more in the bowels regular, and strength week, and no more. He has moderately good, but never never been troubled with the quite so well as he formerly internal symptoms since, and was, when not laboring under has grown fat and healthy. It his constitutional disease. may be well to add, that after

Things went on in this way the third application of the bath six years, each attack seeming a great number of large painmore and more violent. I conful biles broke out on his body. sidered it erythematous or ery

Another fact of importance sipelatous inflammation of the in this case is, that he has since mucous membrane of the bow- been very little troubled with els and stomach, accompanied his St. Anthony. It has with diseased liver, all' being peared very mildly twice only, the consequence of retroces- í believe, and lasted but a few sion of the disease of the skin; days. The vapor bath on one and as it seemed to be daily of these occasions relieved it growing worse and worse un entirely. The other attacks

have been so mild, that he * Pains as violent as are occasioned by has not thought it worth his the passage of a gallstone through the

while to use the bath.

It has ap


I have since been in the At the period of their pubhabit of recommending all my lication, want of experience patients, laboring under ery- prevented me from entering sipelas, to use the vapor bath, on the present part of the suband so far as I know, it has ject with so much satisfactory been uniformly successful. information as has been since Boston, Nov. 1826.

afforded me by a residence at

Brighton, during many years, As we shall have occasion to avail and at the time when the use ourselves of the work of Dr. Gibney, of the Vapor Bath has considin order to diffuse a knowledge of erably increased in general steambathing, we shall now intro- estimation. duce the author and his book to the

A daily inspection of its powpublic, by giving the title, preface, ers and its influence on the vaand introduction of bis treatise, that riety of diseases that present his principles and conclusions, which

themselves in so populous a are of great value in the use of this seabathing place, has confirmremedy, may thus be the better uned me in the conviction of the derstood, and more justly estimated.

advantages arising from it; A Treatise on the Properties and, in most instances, of its

and Medical Application of superiority over the usual the Vapor Bath, in its differ- mode of bathing. From this ent Varieties, and their Ef experience, I am of opinion, fects, in various Species of that it should be considered, diseased Action. By J. GIB- in most circumstances, as a NEY, M. D. of the University much more powerful agent of Edin. ; resident Physician than the common fluid bath, at Brighton, and senior Phy- under any degree of heat ; and sician to the Sussex co. Hosp., hence, to obviate the abuses and General Seabathing In- which but too commonly arise firmary.

from temerity or inexperience, Preface.--An inquiry re more prudence and circumspecting the use and influence spection will be required in its of different baths, in disease, administration; and, like all having occupied my attention other means of an active chafor some years past, I am in- racter, used for the removal duced to publish the result of of disease, respecting which my experience on the nature there may be a doubt or diffiand effects of the VAPOR BATH, culty, whatever facts we posas a continuation of my Obser- sess

' should be made as genevations on Baths in general, rally known as possible. which have been for some time

With this design principally before the public.

in view, the following compi

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