Five Acres and Independence

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How to Find Your Food Safety and Life Satisfaction

When you plan an auto trip, you wisely consult a road map to discover the safest, most direct and pleasantest way to your destination. When you are actually on your way, you follow the signs and obey the signal lights, especially at the cross-roads, the branches and through the cities. Often you may have the choice of several routes and often you may be in a quandary, but by consulting the map and obeying the signs, you ultimately reach your goal.

This book aims to be a "road map" which traces some of the best routes along which you and your family may travel to happy, prosperous and interesting lives. It not only indicates the safest routes but, what is even more important, it particularly warns against blind alleys and side roads that lead to disappointment if not disaster. In this respect it differs from the usual rural life book which depicts only the pleasant features of farming. So for this reason, if for no other, it should be of signal service to you, especially if it prevents your making the serious mistakes commonly made by people who move from the cities and towns to the country.

(From the Author's Preface)

This classic bestseller became that way because of it's very practical and honest appraisal of how a person can get from crowded, noisy, dangerous city life to a peaceful, calm, satisfaction-filled lifestyle in a rural or even suburban setting.

This is the streamlined edition, which is designed to be more affordable and take up less space in your pocket or backpack.

Everyone who has ever dreamed of getting back to the soil will enjoy Maurice G. Kains' practical and easy-to-understand descriptions (and an overall view) of what small-scale farming means.

A perpetual classic, countless readers of Five Acres and Independence have come away with new inspiration for projects to begin and moved closer to the fulfillment of their dreams of independence on a small farm.

Whether it all starts with some flowerboxes outside your apartment window, a small back yard in a subdivision, or your few acres (even a vacant lot next door or down the street) you can start today with getting healthier food for you and your family, plus the satisfaction of being self-sufficient.

Many methods and farming techniques, have changed since 1940 when Kains revised his book. And it's suggested you also seek out Extension and other experts for the latest methods and materials. The basic down-to-earth advice and the methods of farming the small-scale, sustainable farm are still essentially the same.

This book has helped innumerable small farmers attain their dreams, and it continues today as an outstanding resource for any and all who want to begin or continue their farming adventure.

Whether you already own a suitable place or are still looking, Five Acres and Independence will help you learn to evaluate land for both its total economic and its specific agricultural possibilities.

There are suggestions for specific crops with methods of deciding what is best for your land and purposes and techniques for making each of them pay. There are suggestions for animals for the small-scale farmer and means of working them into your overall farm design.

And there are suggestions for keeping your small farm in top production condition, methods of continually increasing the value of your farm, methods of marketing your produce and of accurately investing in improvements -- virtually everything a small-scale farmer needs to know to make his venture economically sound.

You can get on the road to food safety and a better life.

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