Titanica: The Disaster of the Century in Poetry, Song, and Prose

Steven Biel
W. W. Norton & Company, 1998 - 202 Seiten

Since the Titanic sank, socialists and chauvinists, Christians and reformers, anarchists, conservatives, and pitchmen have all drawn on the power of the century's worst disaster to move their audiences, in sermons, editorials, poems, songs, and ads. Now Steven Biel, author of the acclaimed Down with the Old Canoe, has gathered some of the most telling of our culture's responses to the unparalleled tragedy, creating an invaluable sourcebook for anyone who wants to discover first-hand what people made of it, both then and now. Biel is today's best-known authority on the place of the Titanic in American culture, and this book's unique appeal inviting both the generally curious reader to browse its pages, and rewarding Titanic buffs with many authentic gems makes it a standout in the Titanic literature.

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Steven Biel is the executive director of the Mahindra Humanities Center and a senior lecturer on history and literature at Harvard University.

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