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Teach me to feel another's Woe ;

To hide the Fault I see ; That Mercy I to others show,

That Merey fhow to me.

Mean tho' I am, not wholly so

Since quickened by thy Breath, Oh lead me wherefoe'er I go,

Thro' this day's Life or Death :

This day, be Bread and Peace my Lot:

All else beneath the Sun,
Thou know'st if best bestow'd or not,

And let Thy Will be done.

To Thee, whofe Temple is all Space,

Whose Altar, Earth, Sea, Skies ! One Chorus let all Being raise !

All Nature's Incence rise !

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Page 30. line 2. for The read Who.
Pag. 32. lin. 10. for abroad r. a-board.
Pag. 80. lin. 14. for Pelus r. Peleus'.
Pag. 85. lin. 1. for to r. two, lin. 8. for Cooper r.

Pag. 97. lin. 6. after Grecian Form, put the Parenthe-


Pag. 112. lin. 13. No so, dele fo.
Pag. 132. verf. 120. for paper r. foarper.
Pag. 141. verf. 32. for Poll r. Pole.

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