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First, Silks and Diamonds veil no finer Mhape, Or plumper thigh, than lurk in humble Crape : And secondly, how innocent a Belle Is she who shows what ware she has to sell ? Not Lady-like, displays a milk-white Breast, I ro - And hides, in facred Sluttishness, the rest.

Our ancient Kings, (and sure those Kings were wise, Who judg’d themselves, and faw with their own eyes) A Wár-horse never for the service chose, But ey'd him round, and stript off all the cloaths ; it's For well they knew, proud Trappings serve to hide A heavy chest, thick neck, or heaving fide. But Fools are ready chaps, agog to buy, Let but a comely fore-hand strike the

eye: No Eagle sharper, ev'ry charm to find,

I 20 To all defects, Ty-y not fo blind :

Nec magis buit, inter niveos viridisque lapillos Sit licet, o Cerinthe, tuo tenerum eft femur, aut crus Rectius : atque etiam melius perfæpe togatæ eft. Adde huc, quod mercem fine fucis geftat ; aperte Quod venale habet, oftendit; neque si quid bonefti eft Jastat habetque palam, quærit quo turpia celet.

Regibus hic mos eft, ubi equos mercantur ; opertos Inspiciunt : ne li facies, ut sape, decora Molli fulta pede eft ; emtorem ducat biantem, Quod pulcbræ clunes, breve quod caput, ardua cervix. Hoc illi rele. Tu corporis optima Lyncei Contemplare oculis ; Hypfaa cecior, villa


Goofe-rump’d, hawk-nos’d, fwan-footed is my Dear ?
They'll praise her Elbow, heel, or Tip o'th? car.
A Lady's Face is all


fee undress'd; (For none but Lady M shows the rest) 125 But if to charms more latent you pretend, What linès encompass, and what works defend ! Dangers on dangers! Obstacles by dozens ! [Cousins ! Spies, Guardian's, Guests, old Women, Aunts, and Could you directly to her Person go,

130 Stays will obstruct above, and Hoops below,' And if the Dame says yes, the Dress says'no. Not thus at N-dh-m's ; your judicious eye May measure there the breast, the hip, the thigh! And will you run to Perils, Sword, and Law, 135 All for a thing you ne'er so much as faw?"

Quæ mala sunt, Speltas. O crus, o brachia ! verum
Depugis, nafuta, brevi latere, ac pede longo eft.

Matrona, præter faciem, nil cernere polis;
Cætera, ni Catia eji, demissa veste tegentis.
Si interdicta petes, vallo circumdata, (nam te

Hoc facit infanum) multæ tibi tum officient res;
Custodes, lectica, ciniflones, parasitæ ;
Ad tálos ftola demisa, & circumdata palla :
Plurima, quæ invideant pure adparere tibi rem.
Altera nil obftat : Cüïs tibi pene videre eft
Ut nudam ; ne crure malo, ne fit pede turpi :
Metiri poffis oculo latus. an tibi mavis

Infidias fieri pretiumque avellier, ante
Quam mercem oftendi?

I 3


“ The Hare once seiz'd, the Hunter hceds no moré “ The little Scut he so pursu'd before ; “ Love follows flying game (as Sucklyn fings) “ And 'tis for that the wanton Boy has wings.” 148 Why let him fing-- but when you're in the wrong, Think ye to cure the mischief with a Song ? Has Nature set no bounds to wild Desire ? No Sense to guide, no Reason to enquire, What solid Happiness, what empty Pride, 145 And what is best indulg'd, or best deny 'd ? If neither Gems adorn, nor silver tip The flowing bowl, will you not wet your lip? When sharp with hunger, fcorn you to be fed Except on Pea-chicks, at the Bedford-head?

150 Or, when a tight neat Girl will serve the turn, In errant pride, continue stiff and burn ?.

Leporem venator at alta " In nive jefletur, pofitum fic tangere nolit :" Cantat, & adponit, meus est amor buic fimilis : nam Transvolat in medio pofita, & fugientia captat." Hiscine verficulis speras tibi poffe dolores, Aique aflus, curasque gravis e pectore tolli ? Nonne, cupidinibus fatuat Natura modum quem, Quid latura, fibi quid fit dolitura negatum, Quærere pins prodeff ; & inane abscindere soldo ? Num, tibi cum faucis urit fitis, aurea quæris Pocula ? num efurien's fasiidis omnia præter Pavonem, rbombumque ? tument tibi cum inguina, num, fi Ancilla aut verna ef præfto puer, impetus in quem Continuo fiat, malis tentigine rumpi ?



Fm a plain Man, whose maxim is profeft,
“ The thing at hand is of all things the best.”
But her who will, and then will not comply, 155
Whose word is, If, Perhaps, and By-and-by,
2-ds! let some Eunuch or Platonic take
So Bart cries, Philosopher and Rake!,
Who asks no more (right reasonable Peer)
Than not to wait too long, nor pay too dear. 160
Give me a willing Nymph! ('tis all I care,)
Extremely clean, and tolerably fair ;
Her shape her own, whatever thape the have,
And just that white and red which Nature gave :
Her I transported touch, transported view, 165
And call her Angel! Goddess ! Montague !
No furious Husband thunders at the door :
No barking dog, no houshould in a roar. ;
From gleaming swords no shrieking Women run;
No wretched Wife cries out, Undone ! undone! 170
Non ego : namque parabilem amo venerem, facilemque.
Illam, Pof paullo, Sed pluris, Si exierit vir,
Gallis banc, Philodemus ait ; fibi, quæ neque magno
Stet pretio, nec cunfetur, cum est jusa venire.
Candida restaque fit; munda hactenus, ut neque longa,
Nec magis alba velit, quam det natura, videri.
Hæc ubi fuppofuit dextro corpus mibi lævum,
llia & Egeria eft : do nomen quodlibet illi.
Nec vereor, ne, dum fufuo, vir rure recurrat ;

Janua frangatur ; latret canis; undique magno
Pulla domus ftrepitu refonet ; ne pallida lecte
Defiliat mulier miferam fe conscia clamet ;



Seiz'd in the fact, and in her Cuckold's pow'r.
She kneels, she weeps, and worse ! resigns her Dow'r:-
Me, naked ine, to Pofts, to Pumps they draw,
To Shame eternal, or eternal Law.

Oh Love ! be deep Tranquility my luck,
No Mistress H--yffi-m near, no Lady B-ck:
For, to be taken, is the dev'l in hell ;
This truthlét L-1, J-ys, O-W tell.

: Bullisi voi

Cruribus bæc.metuat, doti bæc deprexfa,! egomet min
Discinala tunica fugienda eft, ac pede nude ;
Ne nummi pereant, aut puga, aut denique fama.
Deprebendi miserum ej! Fabio vel judice vincami

. 150s 91. * U Ladovoj
i svislis. Did vil

coria: cc ... '0't draudissionibanii poistaan! i ! ! or,


. (برره 1 - نی نی

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