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Yet starves herself, so little her own friend,
And thirsts and hungers only at one end :
A Self-Tormentor, worse than in the Play) 25
The Wretch, whose Av’rice drove his Son away.
But why all this? I'll tell ye,


Theme :
“ Women and Fools are always in extreme.
Rufa’s at either end a Common-shore,
Sweet Moll and Jack are Civet-Cat and Boar: 30
Nothing in nature is so lewd as Peg,
Yet, for the world, she would not fhew her leg!
While bashful Jenny, ev'n at Morning-prayer,
Spreads her Fore-buttocks to the navel bare.
But diff'rent Taste in diff'rent men prevails, 35
And one is fir'd by beads, and one by tails ;
Some feel no flames but at the Court or Ball,
And others hunt white Aprons in the Mall.


Yupiter, exclamat, fimul atque axdivit ? " At in se
« Pro quæftu fumtum facit bic." Vix credere pollis
Quam fibi non fit amicus: ita ut Pater ille, Terenti
Fabula quem miferum gnato vixiffe fugato
Inducit, non se pejus cruciaverit atque bic.

Si quis nunc querat, Quo res hæc pertinet ? Il'us:
“ Dum vitant stulti vitia, in contraria currunt.
Malchinus tunicis demisis ambulat: eft qui
Inguen ad obscænum subductis ufque facetus:
Pasiillos Rufillus olet, Gargonius bircum.
Nil medium eft : funt qui nolint terigile, wifi illas,
Quarum fubfuta talos tegat instita vefte :
Contra alius nullanı, nifs olente in fornice flanter.



My Lord of Ln, chancing to remark A noted Dean much busy'd in the Park, “ Proceed (he cry'd) proceed, my rev'rend Brother, 'Tis Fornicatio fimplex, and no other : “ Better than lust for Boys, with Pope and Turk, 6 Or others

puses, like


Lord of May no suc. "zise (cries Jmas) e'er be mine! 45 j--s, who bows at H-b-w's hoary Shrine. All you,

who think the City ne'er can thrive,
Till ev'ry Cuckold-maker's flea'd alive ;
Attend, while I their Miseries explain,
And pity men of Pleasure still in pain !

Survey the pangs they beat, the risques they run,
Where the most lucky are but laft undone.
See ! wretched Monsieur Alies to save his throat,
And quits his Mistress, Money, Ring, and Note!

Quidam notus homo cum exiret fornice; Maste
Virtute efto, inquit fententia dia Catonis,
Nam fimul ac venas inflavit tetra libido,
Huc juvenes æquum ei descendere, non alienas
« Permolere uxores.

--Nolim laudarier, inquit,
Sic me, mirator cunni Cupiennius albi,

Audire est operæ pretium, procedere regte
Qui mæchos non voltis, ut omni parte laborent,
Utque illis multo corrupta dolore voluptas,
Atque hæc rara, cadat dura inter fæpe pericla.
Hic se præcipitem tecto dedit : ille flagellis
Ad mortem cæfus: fugiens bic decidet acrem
Pradonum in turbam: dedit hic pro corpore nimimos :


See good Sir George of ragged Livery ftript, Ś
By worthier Footmen pist upon and whipt!
Plunder'd by Thieves, (or Lawyers, which is worse)
One bleeds in Person, and one ' bleeds in purse ;
This meets a blanket, and that meets a cudgel
And all applaud the justice- All, but Budgel.

60 How much more safe, dear Countrymen! his State, Who trades in Frigates of the second rate ? And yet

some care of Swft should be had ; ! Nothing so mean for which he can't run mad ; His Wit confirms him but a save the more,

65 And makes a Princess whom he found a Whore : The Youth might save much trouble and expence, Were he a Dupe of only common Sense. But here's his point; A Wench (he cries) for me! “ I never touch a Dame of Quality.

70 To Palmer's bed no Actress comes amiss, He courts the whole Perfonæ Dramatis :

Hunc perminxerunt calones ; quin etiam illud
Accidit, ut cuidam teftis, caudamque falacem
Demeterent ferro. Jure omnes. Galba negabat.

Tutior at quanto merx est in clase secunda!
Libertinarum dico: Sallustius in qua
Non minus infanit, quam qui mecbatur : at hicfi,
Qua res, qua ratio fuaderet, quaque modeste
Munifico ese licet, vellet bonus atque benignus
Effe; daret quantum fatis effet, nec sibi damno
Dedecorique foret. verum boc fe ample&titur ano,
Hoc amat & laudat : Matronam nullam ego tango.

Ut quondam Marfæus amator Originis, ille
Qui patrium mimæ donat fundumque laremque,



He too can fay, “With Wives I never fin.”
But Singing-Girls and Mimicks draw him in.
Sure, worthy Sir, the diff'rence is not great,

75 With whom you lose your

Credit and Estate? This, or that person, what avails to sun ? What's wrong is wrong, wherever it be done : The ease, fupport, and lustre of your life, Destroy'd alike with Strumpet, Maid, or Wife. 80

What push'd poor Ellis on th' Imperial Whore?
'Twas but to be where CHARLES had been before.
The fatal Steel unjustly was apply'd,
When not his Luft offended, but his Pride ;
Too hard a Penance for defeated fin,
Himself shut out, and Jacob Hall let in.

Suppose that honest part that rules us all,
Should rise, and say, - Sir Robert! or Sir Paul!

Nil fuerit mi, inquit, cum uxoribus umquam alienis,
Verum eft cum mimis, eft cum meretricibus : unde
Fama malum gravius, quam res, trabit. an tibi abunde
Perfonam fatis eft, non illud, quicquid ubique
Oficit, citare ? bonam deperdere famam,
Rem patris oblimare, malum eft ubicumque. quid inter
Ej in matrona, ancilla, peccefne togeta ?

Villius in Faujia Sulle gener, boc mifer uno
Nomine deceptus, panas dedit usque, fuperque
Quam fatis eft; pugnis cafus, ferroque

pelitus, Exclufus fore, cum Longarenus forei intus. Huic si, mutonis verbis, mala tanta vident's

56 Did

“ Did I demand, in my most vigʻrous hour, •“ A Thing descended from the Conqueror ? 90 “ Or when my pulse beat highest, ask for any “ Such Nicety, as Lady, or Lord Fanny What would

answer ? could


have the face, When the poor Suff'rer humbly mourn’d his case, To cry,

Hath not indulgent Nature spread a feast, And giv'n enough for Man, enough for Beast ? But Man corrupt, perverse in all his ways, In search of Vanities, from Nature ftrays : Yea, tho' the blessing's more than he can use, Shuns the permitted, the forbid pursues ! Weigh well the Caufe from whence these Evils spring, 'Tis in thyself, and not in God's good thing : Then, left repentance punifh fuch a life, Never, ah, never ! kiss thy Neighbour's Wife. 105



Diceret bec animus : Quid vis tibi ? numquid ego a tt
Magno prognatum depofco confule cunnum,
Velatumque ftola, mea cum conferbuit ira?
Quid responderet ? Magno patre nata puella eft.

At quanto meliora monet, pugnantiaque iftis
Dives opis natura fua ! ut fi modo recte
Dispensare velis, ac non fugienda petendis

Tuo vitio, rerumne labores,
Nil referre putas? quare, ne pæniteat te,
Define matronas fettarier : unde laboris
Plus baurire mali eft, quam ex re decerpere fructus.


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