Synopsis of the Neuroptera of North America: With a List of the South American Species

Smithsonian Institution, 1862 - 347 Seiten

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Seite 295 - An examination of a large number of specimens in the collection of the late Dr. Harris, in that of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and in my own, has shown me that this butterfly also enjoys a wide geographical range, extending from Texas on the southwest, Missouri on the west, and the mouth of the Red River of the North on the northwest, as far as Connecticut, and the southern Atlantic States on the east.
Seite 90 - The butterfly is brown, the fore wings are brown with a transverse semi-transparent band across the middle, and a few spots towards the tip of a honey-yellow color ; hind wings with a short rounded tail on the hind angles, and a broad silvery band across the middle of the under side. The wings expand from 2 to 2* inches.
Seite xi - Keating's Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, etc., under the Command of SH Long.
Seite 14 - Figured on pi. 3, C. fig. 1, of Boisd. Spec. Gen. " Wings brilliant citron yellow; primaries with a black border at the extremity, rather wide, ending squarely at the internal angle, showing near the middle a rather deep quadrangular sinus; the outer edge slightly sinuate, and whitish ; secondaries, with the middle of the exterior edge prolonged to a prominent angle, in the form of a tail; a black border of moderate width, a little dentated on its internal side, not reaching the internal angle; costal...
Seite 127 - Body yellow olive, underneath pale yellow. Antennae black ; fore wings reddish-brown, hyaline in the disk, with the hyaline part half divided towards the base, with a costal bar ; covered with yellow olive hairs at the base underneath the costa, the posterior margin and the nervures are dark ferruginous ; there is also a yellow stripe on the inner side of the base...
Seite 225 - ... on the top of the eleventh ring. The head, and the two little retractile warts on the ninth and tenth rings are coral red; there is a narrow black or brownish stripe along the top of the back, and a wider dusky stripe on each side of the body.
Seite 15 - Asclepias, &c., is whitish violet, with transverse stripes of a deeper colo'r; a transverse band of reddish brown, on each ring, divided in its length by a narrow yellow band. Along the feet a longitudinal band of yellow citron. Long, fleshy processes, of brown purple, disposed in pairs on the second, fifth, and eleventh rings.
Seite 307 - Secondaries light reddish-brown, greyish along the hind margin ; abdominal margin and base dark grey ; near the hind margin and parallel to it is a series of six black dots, sometimes obsolete, usually with white pupil and broad yellow iris ; near the base two irregular pale brown spots, and midway between the base and the hind margin a sinuous, interrupted ray of same color, extending nearly across the wing. Female like the male.
Seite 201 - In preparing for its transformation, it selects a leaf and covers the upper surface of it with a yellowish-brown silk, extending this coating over the footstalk of the leaf and attaching it firmly to the branch. It next draws the edges of the leaf together, thus covering itself with a mantle, in which it spins a strong cocoon. It soon assumes the pupa form, in which state it remains suspended with the leaf during the winter and is disclosed the next summer. United States. 3. A.
Seite x - ... insulated fossil ought not to be considered an objection to its being a native of America, since every newly discovered species would be liable to the same difficulty. He considered it as decidedly belonging to the narrow-toothed group, and thought it probable that other portions of a skeleton might hereafter be found in the southern parts of the United States. The President said he had taken every opportunity to call the attention of Paleontologists in this country and in Europe to this specimen,...

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